India Internet: How to Fix Slow Internet Speed on Laptop?

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If you are an office worker or a business owner living in Mumbai, you may familiarize yourself with slow internet and know how this impacts your productivity. According to 

Mint’s 2020 report, Internet speed in Mumbai was much slower than other major cities in the world, with download speeds around 85% slower on average. So why did the internet go down? Let’s find the answer. 

why did the internet go down

Why did the internet go down? 

Internet connection in Mumbai

Imagine on a particular morning, you find that your Gmail account isn’t loading on your laptop. The error message subsequently pops up saying: No internet.

This is just one of many frustrating cases caused by the Internet slowing down. 

Why did the internet slow down?

The report showed that the average download speed in Mumbai on mobile dropped by about 30% during the first few days of the lockdown in March, but recovered in April 2020.

A lot of internet usage in India in general and Mumbai, in particular, has been driven by work from home policies during the lockdown. A Morgan Stanley report showed that the demand of employees for the internet has increased significantly, with video and web conferencing apps such as Zoom experiencing an upsurge in downloads. 

The number of Per Sensor Tower app downloads in India for Zoom Cloud Meetings increased by 14.1 million from March to April in 2020. 

why did the internet go down

India Internet: How to Fix Slow Internet Speed on Laptop?

Why did the Internet go down?

There are a bunch of reasons for poor internet performance, including network congestion during the lockdown, spyware, and viruses. 

Network congestion

Why did the internet go down today? Well, with all the disruptions caused by the coronavirus, including the fact that a lot of Indian people shift to working from home, it's easy to blame every blip for the pandemic. When there are too many people accessing a network at once, in a particular area, your connection may gridlock or deteriorate. This is the easiest type of internet outage to solve. Network congestion happens mostly in dorms, public libraries, and wireless networks.

Check your internet speed regularly with MySpeed, which offers a free speed test, you can get track of your internet performance over time.

Spyware & viruses

Why did the internet go down? This could be due to spyware, which can slow down your system by interfering with your browser and monopolizing your Internet connection. If multiple spyware programs are running at one time, it can cause connectivity loss. To get your Internet back, we highly recommend running an antispyware program to eliminate all spyware threats.

why did the internet go down

Why did the internet go down? The question solved


Your home network can be hacked. There are a number of ways hackers can gain access to your network.

One popular method is to guess the password. It sounds simple enough, but routers usually come with a default password pre-installed that the manufacturer uses for all devices. A hacker can easily look up the default password associated with a certain type of router and use it to access a multitude of devices.

Hackers can also exploit security flaws in the router's firmware. Since firmware is not updated too often, hackers have plenty of time to detect and exploit security vulnerabilities before they are patched.

Power cut

Why did the internet go down today? A power cut could be responsible for internet outages. Electric utilities always try to keep their customers powered by using auto-redirection technology to reroute power if something goes wrong. However, some power outages can leave homes and businesses in the dark for hours.

Deliberate shutdowns

Internet shutdowns can even be deliberate sometimes. According to a comparative global analysis Access Now, India had the highest number of internet shutdowns in 2020 (at least 109 times). 

India imposed punitive internet shutdowns in Jammu and Kashmir beginning in August 2019. Residents in these states frequently experienced a shortage of reliable and accessible internet in 2020.

why did the internet go down

Why did the internet go down and how to fix it

A failed link to your service provider

Why did the internet go down? Internet shutdown could be because the link between your device and the server is interrupted. There are many factors that affect failed links to your service provider, including storms, downed wires, or even animals.

Speed fluctuation from the Internet provider

Another cause of internet outages is because the lines from your provider are not as optimized as they should be. You may be paying for a specified rate, but what you actually get is much slower, which can result in service interruption. 

Equipment failure 

Your equipment can be susceptible to frying if you don’t properly ground your equipment and protect it from surges. Equipment failure can also be caused by lockups and overloads. To quickly solve this issue, you should update and well configure hardware. 

Operation error

Operation errors can happen when you have an improperly installed internet connection, whether it’s incorrect IP addresses or an incorrectly configured firewall.

Those are just some of the major reasons for connectivity failure and internet outages. These issues also come with many solutions.

How slow the internet affects your productivity?

Slow internet can hurt your business. Perception is everything and one of the most common ways consumers will value your business is their Internet user experience. Even if you think your business's internet connection is good, there are plenty of reasons to upgrade your internet speed. In fact, faster connectivity could be key to taking your business to the next level. If you’re asking the question “why did the Internet slow down”, you are probably aware of how slow the internet affects your productivity. 

why did the internet go down

Solved: Why did the internet go down

Here are several common ways in which slow internet speed negatively affect your business:

Your Apps Work Slower 

More and more of the work we do every day is moving to the cloud. From simple office collaboration tools to complicated ones, we depend on various cloud-based tools for more efficiency and effectiveness. That means slow connection can interrupt the completion of tasks. 

Slow Internet is Hurting Your Customer Service

Nothing is more frustrating than when you’re trying to help a customer resolve an issue as quickly as possible, then the internet connection suddenly goes down. 

Although it is possible to use a mobile phone to do the heavy lifting, businesses are looking for fast and stable connectivity to better serve their customers than ever before. 

A good connection will enable many things like screen sharing, streaming video from a customer’s phone, or other digital forms of service.

Your Payment Process Gets Slowly

Customers probably don’t want to wait long to pay for something they’ve purchased. Speeding up your internet can reduce IP terminal processing time to 3 seconds, compared to 25 seconds for traditional dial-up processing. 

How to fix slow internet speed on Laptop

why did the internet go down

Why did the internet go down suddenly?

We’ve figured out “why did the internet go down”, now it’s time to take a look at how to solve slow internet. 

What would you do if your internet connection goes down?

Cry in the mirror?

Yell at your Internet provider?

Or ask God “Why does this happen?”

Here are some tips you can take if the internet goes down.

1. What you need to do first is to check your modem. Most issues can be solved by resetting your modem. Unplug it and wait for thirty seconds to plug it back in.

2. Restart your laptop. This will give it a break to work more efficiently.

3. Make sure you paid the bill for the Internet plat that you registered. If you did not, it could be that your ISP cut your connection.

4. Check internet outage using a speed test tool, to see whether you’re getting what you paid for. After knowing “why did the internet slow down, you should run a speed test. is popular for checking download speed, upload speed, and ping. With the capability of saving all the test results, the test allows you to keep track of your Internet connection. 

5.  Give your hardware the universal fix

Before you go cursing your internet provider, one of the best ways to solve slow internet. give your modem and router a quick reset (i.e., turn them off and on again) and see if that helps. Check the other computers in your house to see if their internet is slow, too. If the problem only happens on one computer, the problem is that computer, not your router or modem.

6. Know your hardware’s limitations 

You’ve experienced slow internet? Why did the internet slow down today? 

You’re paying for a super-fast internet plan and have an awesome wireless-ac router, but if you’re connecting to it with an older laptop, your internet speeds can be slow. 

why did the internet go down

Internet in India: Why did the internet go down

If possible, get a great router with two-stream wireless-ac at least to have better connections. It might be doing the best it can, but it just can’t go any faster. 

Invest in a Back-up Generator

This solution is especially practical for those with large businesses in areas that frequently lose power. For example, if the internet cut could mean a business loss, it may be a worthwhile investment.


We’ve completely solved the question “Why did the internet slow down” and the effects of slow internet connection on your business as well as how to fix slow internet speed on laptop. If you find that your Internet access is slow at times, try those simple fixes above. Good luck!

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