What is wave 2 wifi? What are wave 2 key features and advantages?

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Wave 2 wifi has emerged in the market in recent times. It is known as a new technology that features better properties than wave 1. What is wave 2 wifi? How beneficial is it in the digital technology industry? Let’s dive into this article!

What Is Wave 2 Wifi? 

Wifi Definition 

What is wifi? It is a network technology that uses radio waves with frequency bands to transmit high-speed data over near distances. All smart clients use Wifi from a wireless router for a reliable and stable internet connection. 

It is supported on almost all modern smartphones and tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. 

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               What is a wifi card?

What is wifi?

What is wifi?

Wave 2 Wifi Definition 

What is wifi 2? It is the second wave of wifi network gadgets. It is based on the 802.11ac standard. Wave 2 was the first to introduce multi-user (MU) MIMO. 

This means that multiple antennas can be used to serve various client devices. It also has wider channels. As a result, Wave 2 offers more bandwidth and better connection. Thus, it plays a role as a wifi assist. What is wifi assist? It is a new feature that provides smooth Internet access and stable and fast speed when connecting to Wi-Fi.  

What is wave 2 wifi?

What is wave 2 wifi?

Wave 2 Key Features

Wider Channel Bonding

Wave 2 supports 160MHz adjacent and non-adjacent channel bonding. A 160MHz channel can include two non-overlapping 80MHz channels. Channel bonding allows for flexible combinations of channels.

Wider channel bonding provides higher channel bandwidth. It restricts some interference and improves the use of scattered channels.

Wider channel bonding-main feature of wave 2

Wider channel bonding-main feature of wave 2


MU-MIMO is a great feature of 802.11ac Wave 2 based on explicit transmit beamforming (TxBF). It asks the STAs to support explicit TxBF. 

This is because if the AP is sending data to different users at the same frequency, the signal will interfere with users who are not the target recipients of the signal. 

MU-MIMO applies TxBF to identify channels and uses feedback-based precoding technology to reduce interference.

Wave 2 features MU-MIMO

Wave 2 features MU-MIMO

Wave 2 Advantages

Faster Speed 

Wave 2 has a faster access speed. A wifi speed test with wave 2 shows more than 4.5 times the maximum speed of wave 1 of 1.3 Gbps. Also, wave 2 has 4 spatial streams compared to 3 streams in wave 1, and the device's speed is proportional to the number of spatial streams. 

This also proves wave 2's speed is faster. Higher speeds mean users can process large files and access data better. This improves performance and eliminates lag.

Wave 2 boosts Internet access faster

Wave 2 boosts Internet access faster

Greater Bandwidth

Wave 2 Wireless supports additional bonding channels using 160 MHz in the same bandwidth. Greater bandwidth means more devices are supported with higher overall performance. The more channels there are, the more clients can access the Internet.

Greater Device Support

Wave 2 has MU-MIMO (Multi-User MIMO) feature, suitable for various mobile devices. It can use a wireless connection to support dozens of devices that require a broadband connection. Additionally, these devices can more easily connect to and disconnect from wireless networks.

Wave 2 support various devices

Wave 2 support various devices

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Now, you got an answer to the question “What is wave 2 wifi?”. With wider channel bonding and MU-MIMO features, wave 2 is beneficial to smart device users. It has a significant contribution to developing the wireless network in modern technology.  


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