What is a good ping speed for gaming? Is 0 ping good or bad?

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Measured in milliseconds (ms), ping time or latency lets us know how much time it takes for a data packet to travel to a receiver and then for the receiver to respond. That’s “what is ping ms”? 

In online gaming, good ping is very crucial for smooth gaming experiences. So, why is ping important for gaming? What is a fast ping speed? Is 0 ping good or bad? Right below here are the answers to all of these questions. Let’s check out right now!

Good internet ping

Good internet ping

Why is ping important for online gaming?

A good ping extremely matters to successful online gaming. Gaming experiences on a high ping and a low ping latency can be massively different. 

Higher pings in gaming mean more time it takes to send and receive signals from a game server. A player with high ping is likely to encounter more lag in the communication with the game. Input delays as well as other server glitches can occur as a result of high ping latency in gaming.

Conversely, a lower ping means a faster reaction time, allowing gamers to better engage in the game, especially when it comes to games requiring fast reaction. In short, the better the ping number, the faster the connection, the smoother the gaming experience, and the more advantages the players can expect over their competitors. 

Lower pings are always better

Lower pings are always better

What is a good ping speed for gaming?

So, what is a fast ping for your online gaming? Well, it’s hard to tell exactly since it depends on the gaming console and the type of game you play. But for sure, the lower ping in your ping speed test, the better the connection.

For example, the ping rate of less than 100 ms is considered playable for role-playing games (RPGs), while it’s too high for FPS (first-person shooter) games. The good ping for FPS games should be less than 20 ms.

In general, the ping speed of 40 ms - 60 ms or lower is what online gamers prefer, while ping rates higher than 100 ms can cause noticeable delays in many games, according to xtrium.com. And ping latency of more than 170 ms is likely to stop your gaming experience. 

Fast ping latency

Fast ping latency

Is 0 ping good or bad?

For gaming or any other activities that require fast reaction time, the lower the ping, the better. And 0 ms ping is just like a perfect ping number. 

Zero pings are nothing but the best scenario since it means absolutely no time delay between the transmitter and the receiver, no time delay between request and response. In gaming, zero ping means your device can communicate instantly with a remote server. That’s the best of the best ping rate. 

But, one more important question here is “Is 0ms ping possible?”. For a short answer, well, data takes time to travel, and due to the laws of physics, it’s not possible to have zero ping (0 ms ping) between your device and a remote server. 

Zero ping

Zero ping

Closing thoughts

A good ping is so crucial for your smooth gaming experiences. Without a good ping, high chances are that you will encounter lag during the games. Though different games require different ping rates, try to aim for the lowest possible ping so that you can enjoy the game seamlessly. And that’s all for this blog post; hope you found it helpful.

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