What is a good ping on a speed test result?

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Ping is one of the primary results in an internet speed test. Together with upload and download speed, the ping rate plays an important role in the experience of internet users. So what is ping? How much ping is good? Why is it important? And how to improve the ping rate?… You will find the answers to all of these questions in this article, right below here. So, if you are looking for the answers to the questions related to ping, then here they are.

Ping rate is one of 3 primary measures in a speed test result

What is ping?

Ping is a term relating to speed tests that is used to find out how quickly a data signal travels from one device to another one in a network.

Ping is important for checking the time it takes for a packet of data to be transmitted from your device, go across Internet connections and nodes, then reach another device on the other side, and finally get back to your device. This data is used to determine how speedily the connection is to the other computer or any devices and how fast a particular data transfer can be completed.

The ping rate or also referred to as latency is measured in millisecond, abbreviated in ms (1ms is one-thousandth of a second). Ping rate or latency corresponds to delay time on the Internet. The higher the ping rate, the more data transfer delays you might experience while you are online. In contrast, a fast ping or low ping rate means a more responsive connection. A ping of 20ms is better than a ping of 100ms, for example.

How ping/latency affects web browsing

Do you notice that when you click a link on a webpage, the new web page does not load instantly? There will be a small delay between your click and the webpage loading which is called “latency”.

Your device has to request the new webpage and have it sent back to you. It takes a small amount of time for every packet of data to travel between your device and the server. Ping rate on speed test results lets you measure this latency.

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Ping rate on speed test results lets you measure this latency

How ping/latency affects online gaming

Ping is something very important in online games. Playing a game with a ping rate of 20ms means that you have very low latency and the actions you take will appear to take place in the game almost instantly. But if you join an online game with a high ping rate such as 200ms, actions you take will be noticeably delayed. As a result, you won’t be able to keep up with other gamers.

Speed test results - How much ping is good?

Ping rate affects the responsiveness of the Internet. Even if the connection has extremely fast download speeds, it can still take a moment for your PC or your device to completely reach out and request a web page - and the download speeds only come into play just after the request has been made. Particularly, low ping times are totally important to those playing fast-paced online games where timing everything and every millisecond can make the difference.

A good ping rate is relative. It depends on what you are doing online and the server you are connecting to. While good ping may be a must for a smooth online gaming experience, it does not matter that much when you use browsing a web page, for example. Generally speaking, a ping rate that lowers than 50ms is considered really good. But if it is more than 150ms, you start having problems with games, and probably other services as well.

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Ping rate on speed test results let you know if the connection is strong enough for gaming

More specifically, according to techterms.com, here are some types of ping rates suggesting how much ping is good and how much is acceptable when you are doing things online.

•       Ping rate < 30 ms: it’s considered excellent ping and ideal for online gaming

•       30 to 50 ms: it is average ping, still acceptable for online gaming

•       50 to 100 ms: it is somewhat slow ping time that isn’t too noticeable for web browsing but when it comes to online gaming, especially fast-paced online gaming, this ping rate may draw bad effects.

•       100 ms to 500 ms: it is considered slow ping that minimally affects web browsing, but creates noticeable lag in online gaming.

•       Ping rate < 500 ms: the pings of 0.5 second or more add a noticeable delay to almost every request. It typically happens when the physical distance of the source and destination is too far or even in different parts of the world.

You can easily check the latency or ping time of your internet connection by running some speed tests. To ensure the accuracy of the test results, you should perform multiple tests on different devices and at different times of the day, then compare the results you have to see if there are any big differences between them. You should also perform the test on different testing tools if you want you to compare the test results produced by different speed test tools. 

There are so many speed test (https://gospeedcheck.com/) tools out there for you to choose. With some Google searches, you can quickly find popular online testing sites as well as speed test solutions, then follow their instruction to start your test and get the speed results, including the ping rate.

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Is zero ms of ping possible?

The lower the ping rate, the better. Almost every of us wants to have the lowest ping possible when you are using the internet, right? And the ping of 0 ms is something so perfect, which means that our devices can communicate instantly with a remote server.

However, the packets of data take time to travel due to the laws of physics. Even if your data travels totally over fiber-optic cables, it can’t travel faster than the speed of light. So, it is almost impossible to get a ping rate of 0 ms unless you host your own speed test server.

As we mentioned above, a ping rate of less than 30 ms is quite ideal for most of our online activities. We expect a low ping rate but it doesn’t need to be as low as 0 ms to make sure your perfect internet experience.


That’s all for today’s article. We hope that you gained useful information about ping and latency as well as how much a good ping on a speed test is. If that’s the case, please look forward to seeing our upcoming articles!

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