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Everyone wants a fast Internet connection. In fact, it is now a fundamental right for the citizens of various countries. However, you may not get what you paid for. There could be a considerable difference between the download speed claimed by your ISP and what you get during practical usage. To test that, you need some websites to check Internet speed.

Everyone wants a fast internet connection

If your need is merely surfing the web, it’s hard to guess whether you’re getting what you paid for. Many websites will work just fine, even with a poor internet connection. In contrast, you will clearly see the difference when playing online games or watching videos on the internet. With internet speed testing services, you can measure the actual download and upload speeds you’re getting on your device.

As mentioned above, there could be a considerable difference between the download speed claimed by your ISP and what you get during practical usage. You should consider that different factors can affect your internet speed. It can be either your fault or your ISP’s fault. Internet testing services are an excellent method to test your connection and troubleshoot it.

How to use the speed tests to analyze your network

Find the most optimal places for WiFi router

Find the most optimal places for WiFi router

There are several ways to test your internet connection. Such as:

  • Take multiple tests during the day. You will see that the download speed will differ at different time frames. Therefore, you can schedule your big download for higher performance.

  • Take multiple tests at various places in the house. You can find the area with the strongest WiFi signal with that method. You can make it your workplace or reposition your router to a more optimal location.

  • Take two internet speed tests before and after changing internet settings. With that, you can see which setting can help you achieve a better speed.

Best websites to check internet speed

Do you want to use free Internet speed tests? If so, these are the best websites for you. They are free, reliable, and easy to use. Of course, you can not expect many advanced features from a free Internet speed test website. However, if you are an average user, they are the perfect solution.

Note: Before you do the speed test, make sure no other app or device is consuming your internet bandwidth to get the best results.




If I want to test my Internet speed free, I will choose MySpeed. At the moment, MySpeed is the best website to check Internet speed. It is fast, free, and offers many test servers for you to choose from. Also, from my point of view, the sleek design is a plus.

Speedtest by Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla is the earliest internet speed tester website. That’s why it always shows up on the top page of a google search. Speedtest by Ookla is also free; however, you will have to encounter many ads on the website. 

Fast by Netflix

Fast by Netflix

Fast by Netflix

Fast.com is a perfect speed test website for a minimalist. When you connect to the website, the speed test will run automatically. You don’t have to choose a server, and you don’t even have to click on the GO button. With Fast.com, you can forget cluttered UIs and focus only on your test results.

Simple design is a blessing, but sometimes it is also a curse. Fast.com can only measure your download speed and nothing else. If you want to measure your upload speed, you must visit other websites to check internet speed.


There are many websites to check Internet speed on the market. However, not all of them are equal, and you have to choose the best one. If you are looking for other Internet tips and tricks, please visit our blog - MySpeed.

Rating:4.7 - 50Votes
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