The internet speed test: Is the result right or wrong?

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What is an internet speed test?

The internet speed test operation is based on 3 parameters: download speed, upload speed and ping. These numbers will show us how fast your internet connection is, it does work effectively whether or not. 

Download speed refers to how many megabits of data per second it takes to download data from a server in the form of images, videos, text and more. Understanding simply, the download speed is how fast you can pull data from the server to you. Activities such as downloading a film, ebook, listening to music or watching video on Youtube also require download data. 


Test the download speed

Otherwise, upload speed refers to how many megabits of data per second you can send information from your computer to another device or server on the internet. It is easily explained that the upload speed is how fast you send data from you to others. For example, sending big files or calling video to chat are basic activities using upload data. 

Ping is a unit to measure how long your computer device responds after you have sent a request. It checks the connection between two computers or devices on a network. The ping time is measured in milliseconds (ms). The value of ping will be high if that other computer is far away or the network is busy.

Factors impact speed test result

The speed test measures speed between your devices ( PC, laptop, mobile phone) and a test server, and gets the resource from your internet connection. Therefore, there are some objective factors impacting on the internet speed results. That is also the reason why you see the different results from other devices and test servers.

Which device you are using to test

The first factor must be commented on is which type of device you use to apply internet speed test, the version of the operating system. Each device such as phones, tablets, PCs, etc… has different Wi-Fi and cellular radio capabilities. Even different versions of smart phones also have different capabilities. For example, Iphone X will connect Wifi faster and stronger than Iphone 7. This means that you can take a speed test website result on a device and different results on another device in spite of using the same internet service provider. Comparing a personal computer to laptop is the same conclusion due to unique processing design. 

The internet speed test: Is the result right or wrong?

Different devices give different speed test results

In addition, some old versions of devices can not reflect all status of the internet because their operating systems are not compatible with recent technological development. Taking the example of Iphone X and Iphone 7 again, there is sometimes the iphone 7 can not connect to Wifi but iphone X still surfs the internet fast and smoothly. Therefore, some devices are not able to measure full speed of internet service and then it makes the internet speed test result have some errors.  

Geographic location

Geographic location can also affect the website test result, the Speed test servers may perform differently. In general, when a server is closer to you, you will take the fast speed and have a good internet experience. It is familiar with the fact that online gamers often play on a gaming server in your country (or even, on the side of the country) which will significantly lower the ping. From that, it is recommended that you should test a variety of test servers to complete your internet speed picture in the most accurate way.


Geographic location can also affect the website test result, the Speed test servers may perform differently

Besides, the internet is the worldwide network and Speed test has the world’s largest testing server network, which means that you can check the internet speed test of a server near your geographic location or somewhere in the world and choose the best server for you. 

However, other speed check services use different servers in different locations, so differences in speeds between testing services are not uncommon.

Different Browsers

Different browsers can also bring different speed test wifi results. Browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet explorer, etc have its unique capabilities. This is also the same rules of which device you are using for speed check online. The results when testing on Google Chrome browser are often said to be lower than that of FireFox or Safari. 

Furthermore, before clicking “Go” on the internet speed test homepage, you need to turn off or finish all downloading or uploading file, streaming or software updates. The reason is that these activities take the internet data while testing and what the test result reflects is not the truth. Therefore, make sure that there are no background activities occurring when applying for a speed check website. 


Make sure that there are no background activities occurring when applying for a speed test

VPN (a virtual private network) is also needed to be not active. If VPN is still active, the speed will be the speed of the VPN connection you are using. It will not be the real speed of your internet package you have paid for monthly, not the result you are wanting to know. 


There are three basic factors affecting the internet speed test which you can consider to avoid or accept it as a small error. The different devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC or laptops can bring various test results. The second factor is commented geographic location. The test will perform differently when you open some speed check online servers in others places in your country or in the world. Speed result is also different but not common.Finally, using one device but trying to test internet connection on some browser like Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, you will also see the difference. With those information shared, hope you understand somehow the internet speed test operating way and the test result.

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