Which is the Best Website Performance Measure?

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For every webmaster, web speed is always the top concern to bring the best experience to visitors as page speed is a measure of the speed at which the website's content is loaded until users visit the website.

Your website load speed depends on many things: server location, server configuration, host optimization, size of the website, the technology used to build websites, number of image files, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

Website Performance Measure

How to find the best website performance measure

Before looking for ways to reduce load times, you need to know what causes the problem and what problems need to be optimized. So, in this article, I will introduce to you the best website performance measure

Tools for Website Loading Speed Test 

If you find some signs of poor website performance such as low website traffic, it’s time to run a website speed test. This will figure out whether your page is loading slowly and causing those issues. Here are some of the most reliable website speed test tools that you should take into consideration:

Google PageSpeed Insights software

PageSpeed Insights is known as a detailed website performance test free provided by Google. According to leading web experts, this software is capable of optimizing search engines on Google and measuring performance. Based on the criteria developed by Google, it tests the most objective and accurate website speed.

Website Performance Measure

Which is the Best Website Performance Measure?

 It’s not really a true page speed testing tool, and it doesn’t provide a lot of data or suggestions on how to fix problems like other tools on the list. But it will be helpful when it comes to checking how Google evaluates your page speed if you want to get a high rank on their search platform.


Another great website performance measure you may consider is MySpeed.

It gives you a good overview of how your site performs, reveals why it's slow, and suggests optimization. The website has a set of features and options to make optimizing your website a cinch.

Your website’s performance is unstable over time. By using this tool, you are able to test your page on a schedule and keep track of it. This will help you find the problems on your website’s time and find solutions to resolve them before your visitors complain, or you lose revenue.

This tool is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is type your web address in, wait a few seconds, and the results will be displayed from both mobile and desktop versions of your website.

Website Performance Measure

Website Performance Measure You Should Try

GTmetrix software

Another website performance test free should not be ignored on the top list is GTmetrix. This website speed test software helps analyze the performance of your websites easily and quickly. The tool is incredibly easy to use. You just put your URL in and hit “Analyze.” The tool will automatically test your website. Scores will be broken down by type, making it easier for you to determine whether issues are due to your CSS, Javascript, or server environment.

Dot-Com Tool 

The Dot-Com is a website performance measure that allows you to test the speed of your website quickly by real browser functionality from about  24 locations all over the world.

With this tool, you can also see how different your loads time are between locations through water graphs, giving an insight into how different users at different places in the world are experiencing your website. 

If you want to analyze how different users in different locations experience your website, then this tool is definitely a great choice. 

Website Performance Measure

Most Reliable Website Performance Measure

Dareboost software

Despite being a website performance test free, Dareboost does a great job of tracking web performance and analyzing websites on all factors such as page load time, SEO factors, page quality, and security.

Dareboost's special feature is the ability to provide customers with rich information for each of more than 100 test scores. 

The tool allows you to test your website performance on desktop vs mobile, Firefox vs Chrome, and five different locations. Besides speed, reports also give SEO recommendations, accessibility for better web performance.

Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test

This is a great website performance measure with some additional features that you won't find in other tools.

Pingdom allows you to test their webpage speed from any of four different testing locations. The tool also gives performance insights that include a specific list of issues to address. 

Website Performance Measure

Free Website Performance Measure

The waterfall also gives users no difficulty to read, and the data is broken down in a way that makes it easier to skim and dig deeper into the details. Apart from a client-facing report, this tool also gives developers information that is specific enough to know how poor website performance is and resolve problems.


Another reliable website performance test free is WebPageTest. The tool allows users to create custom settings for each test. People from different locations can use different web browsers to run a website speed test, letting you know how your site performs on them. 

Also, users can perform multiple runs with WebPageTest to know whether your website’s page speed is performing consistently.  You can get a wealth of information to consider thanks to this tool.

However, WebPageTest is both open source and free, so the results and diagnostics aren’t very user-friendly. 

SEO Site Checkup

As mentioned above, page speed is an incredibly important factor to consider when Google ranks your website. By using SEO Site Checkup, you can address page speed while you’re looking into other search engine optimization factors. 

Website Performance Measure

Most effective website performance measure

Many people opt for SEO Site Checkup as a great website performance measure because it takes a holistic approach to your website’s health looks at factors impacting performance, user experience as well as search rankings. SEO Site Checkup not only provides easy-to-read reports but also points you towards easy-to-fix issues.

Using SEO Site Checkup, you’ll be better able to determine where to spend resources and time on website performance improvement. 

Site 24 x 7

In addition to HTML, Javascript, and CSS, your server environment or your host could also have a direct impact on your page speed. The Site 24 x 7 Webpage Analyzer tool is designed specifically to determine server environment performance and provide an easy-to-read waterfall graph that displays what loads on your webpage.

Although as not robust as many of the other tools on this list, this tool is integrated with other system administrators, making it a good website performance measure.


Slow page load time can cause your web to rank low in the SERP. There are tons of website speed test tools out there that give you a good sense of your website performance. We have compiled the 9 most accurate ones. Hope the above tools can help you optimize your website effectively and quickly improve rankings on Google. Good luck!

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