Understanding Wave Broadband Internet Speed Test & Ways to Improve Slow Speeds

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Is your Wave Internet speed as strong as promised by the ISP? Well, just because your ISP advertises certain WiFi speeds doesn’t mean you’re actually getting what you’re paying for.

A Wave broadband internet speed test can give you the answer whether you're getting the most bang for your buck with your ISP.

If your broadband isn't as fast as it should be, there are possible ways you can use to speed up your connection, and these can really make a huge difference.


Broadband speed test is important

How to run a Wave broadband internet speed test?

Fortunately, there is a wide range of free websites that enable you to run a speed internet check. One of the most well-known is Speedtest.net, which offers comprehensive reports of your internet hookup to every corner of the world. An internet speed test conducted on this website will give you detailed information on upload transfer rate, download transfer rate and ping rate.

Another popular website I use to broadband internet speed test is Gospeedcheck.com, which offers the most accurate results of broadband speed. I aslo use this tool to test my internet speed xfinity Just go to the site, place your domain into the field and see the results in no time. It doesn’t matter if you are new to web development as the results displayed are easy to read and understand.

Wave broadband internet speed test

Wave broadband internet speed test

To ensure the most accurate results, you should connect your device to your router using a high-quality cable. Any tests you run over wifi are supposed not to reflect the actual speed as wifi connections are slower and less reliable than ethernet connections.

For a wireless speed test, position yourself as close to your router as possible. Also, you should also make sure everything is free of internet connection while running the test.

If you also want to run morris broadband internet speed test, rise broadband internet speed test, buckeye broadband internet speed test, atlantic broadband internet speed test, bend broadband internet speed test, consider using Gospeedcheck.com too.

What do the broadband speed test results show? 

You’ve done performing a speed test and now it’s time to see what the results tell about. The response time, the latency of your broadband connection, as well as your download and upload speeds. Yes, these are exactly what you can expect to get from a  broadband internet speed test.

Broadband speed test

Broadband speed test

  • The response time (Ping), measured in milliseconds (ms), refers to how long it takes to get a response after a request has been sent out. If you are an online game lover, you must get yourself familiar with this term. The lower the ping, the more responsive your connection is. 

  • Ping, measured in milliseconds, is the time it takes for data or a request to travel from the source to the destination.

  • The download speed presents the amount of time spent on transferring files and data from the internet to your device, while the upload speed shows the reverse. Download speeds are usually more preferred because most tasks require you to download data.

Bear in mind that the internet speed test free results only represent a snapshot of your broadband connection at the time you perform the test. In order to have a more accurate picture, you should run repeated tests within a single week in peak time (From 8 pm to 10 pm) and during off-peak times. 

By running more than one test at varying periods, you can establish a baseline and have the ability to readily identify connectivity issues between you and your ISP.

It’s also important to note that your results will vary depending on the server, the internet, computer's configuration, etc. The type of connection you use is obviously one of the biggest factors. 

Therefore, don’t be quick to blame ISP for all the bad things you get. Instead, try to find some ways for the best results. For example, you can always try running tests at different times of day or restarting your device before you run a test.


The broadband speed test Wave

Why speed test results doesn’t match what you pay for?

My friend, David, has paid for 70Mbps but see how many he got? Only 1Mbps. 

Is there anything wrong with his wifi router? 

No. Actually, it is impossible to check the speed of your broadband using wifi. When you pay for broadband service from an  ISP, they are only responsible for distributed service to your premises.

If you spend on a service with an up to certain speed, it only guarantees that at least 10% of people using that service get that speed. The majority will get less. There are many reasons causing broadband speeds to reduce, including the distance from the Internet service provider, the quality of the wiring, the number of joints in the wiring, the faceplate, and the time as well. 

How to speed test broadband

How to speed test broadband

For example, if you run a speed test at midnight, the speed is often faster than at midday. That really makes sense because fewer clients use a single shared Internet connection at the same time.

It’s sad but true that even when it delivers on its promises, your Wifi speed can also be affected. For instance, other Wifi networks that operate on the same Wifi channel strongly interfere with your network or your router may be placed in a bad spot, causing the signal not to cover all parts of your house.

Your broadband speeds are slow. What should you do?

If your speed test results are not strong as promised by your broadband provider, then they are probably in breach of contract. In such cases, we suggest you should first do some troubleshooting steps to make internet speed fast such as giving your router/modem a reset, fixing your wifi signal, moving closer to your router, or turning off bandwidth-hogging apps.

Wave speed test internet

Wave speed test internet

If they don’t work, you need to call your internet service provider (ISP) and provide evidence of your internet speeds.

By doing this, you can keep track of interruptions, and to regularly use the speed check online tool to have a clearer picture of your service. 

How fast should my speed be? 

To upload photos, videos, or stream videos in standard definition, you need at least  3 Mbps. We highly suggest using a good mbps for internet of 7 Mbps if you want to stream video on one device in HD. How about streaming video in HD on multiple devices, guess how many?

At least 13 Mbps is recommended. For online gaming, you really need 20-25Mbps, which will also enable you to stream Ultra HD, and those are the kinds of speeds that only fibre broadband deals can provide.


That’s all you need to know about speed. We hope this post on “Wave Broadband Internet Speed Test” will clear all your confusion. Is there anything we missed? Please share your thoughts by dropping a comment below. Thanks!

Rating:5.0 - 50Votes
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