Test Wifi Speed Online. Why and How?

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It just takes you seconds to test wifi speed online but what this brings about can go the extra mile. By doing this, you can know whether the network connection you are using is at the correct speed as committed by the provider, as well as to ensure you have a smooth experience in browsing the Internet. So how to check your Internet connection? Keep reading and follow the step-by-step guide we’re going to provide.

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Why should you run an internet speed test?

There is no denying that access to the internet has become a daily job of many people these days. Because of the increasing number of Internet users, internet service providers offer different packages for users to run a speed check wifi.

However, some providers, for the sake of revenue, may use old copper connections while others provide you with state-of-the-art fiber connectivity. These, combined with other factors, could negatively affect latency, packet loss, and bandwidth quality.

Test wifi speed online

Test wifi speed online. Why and How?

Depending on which task you are performing to know if you need higher quality service (VoIP, video conferencing, or mission-critical applications).

A common issue is that after registering for the installation of the internet for the first time, you get the fast speed of Internet access but later on, the internet is slow, the network flickers sometimes without knowing the reasons behind it.

You would not be able to determine whether the slow Internet connection is due to a transmission error or not until you perform a speed check of your internet speed. It’s time to test wifi speed online. This not only helps you know whether the quality of the network connection is worth what you’re paying per month but also gives you the data to refer to when you need to find a supplier.

After running the test, if you find that the actual usage speed is correct with the speed recorded on the network contract, you can use the service with complete peace of mind.

If the actual speed is much slower, you know what to do next? 

Yes, the best way is to contact your network provider to ensure your benefits.

test wifi speed online

Why is running a speed check for the internet important? 

2. Guide to check the network speed using Gospeedcheck.com

Internet speed is the behind story. In conventional speed tests, throughput is measured while the Internet quality of your connection is often ignored. But, the advent of speed testing tools online helps in dispelling this limitation.

You might find it not difficult to find the most accurate speed test tools as they are available online. But we highly recommend Gospeedcheck.com, which is a website that helps test wifi speed online on any device they are using with ease.

Running a speed check wifi on this website, you will get accurate results of the upload speed, download speed, and ping parameters.

These metrics let you know whether your actual Internet speed matches with what is committed by the network provider or not to have proper changes for the best speed performance. 


Easy ways to check the network speed using Gospeedcheck.com

2.1 The advantages of testing internet speed via Gospeedcheck.com

Apart from accurate internet speed test results, Gospeedcheck.com also has many other outstanding advantages as follows: 

  • Free of charge: Every internet user can access this website on their device to test wifi speed online.

  • Simple and easy to use: Designed with a simple interface, the website makes it easy for users to check their network speed.

  • Be able to test the internet connection speed from a wide range of network providers.

  • Extremely fast testing speed and full display of upload, download data, and ping metrics. 

  • Speed test wifi results are displayed visually and easily.

  • Self-detection of server along with the geographical location.

  • The record of different test results for further comparison

2.2 How to check the network speed via Gospeedcheck.com

Step 1: Access the address https://gospeedcheck.com. Next, click on the Go button to start running speed checks for internet.

Step 2: Once the test is done, you will see the results of download speed, upload speed, and ping as below:

Speed check for internet

Figure 1: Test wifi speed online on Gospeedcheck.com

A speed test will first test the download speed, next is to test the upload speed.

Now Click on the “Results” button at the bottom right, you’ll see the history of the test that you have done with the specific information of the time, dates, and key metrics. How awesome!

Speed check for internet

 Click on “Settings” if you want to know the speed test results of o specific time and date.

Speed check for internet

  • Important: During you test wifi speed online, make sure that no programs on the computer are using the Internet or that there is another computer on the local network using the internet connection. This will help you ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.

Compare internet speed test results

As shown in the second picture above, you are using the Hanoi-Viettel network. The result of PING is 122ms, Download 78.724Mbps / 5.250 Mbps upload. 

Based on this, please compare with the speed of the package you subscribe to the network. If the download speed has just been checked on Gospeedcheck.com is different from the amount that you spend, do not worry too much. You should check again as follows:

  • Time to check wifi speed: We highly recommend you test from 10 pm onwards as the number of users at this time will be less, the results should be more accurate.

  • Distance from your device to server: The further the distance is, the less speed will be compared with the maximum speed of the subscribed package.

Normally, most Internet providers guarantee to provide an “up to” download and upload speed, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always get 100% speed (unless you use a channel line own Leased Line). Therefore, the speed of return via Gospeedcheck is not too different from the registered package.

If you run a wifi speed test multiple times and the return parameters such as Ping, Download, Upload are much lower than the package registered, your internet connection is having a slow problem. The possible reason could derive from your service provider, but it is not the only contributor to the slow connection. There are many other reasons affecting your speed you may not know.


We have shared the reasons why internet users need to test wifi speed online regularly as well as the internet speed test website gospeedcheck.com to help you do this effectively. After getting the actual measurement results, you will be able to diagnose the problems that your internet system is facing. If the transmission line is the cause, you can employ the methods mentioned above or call your network provider for support.