Tweens and Teens will Soon Access Youtube with Supervised Account

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YouTube will launch a beta version that gives tweens and teens access to their kids' youtube account via a supervised account set up by their parent.

This new setting will be released in the coming months and will act as a middleman between the video site's YouTube Kids settings and its main site.

Working with parents and experts all over the world, YouTube developed the supervised account concept, which will offer three-tier content settings: Explore, Explore More, and Most of YouTube.

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Youtube to allow Tweens and Teens Access it with Supervised Account

 Explore: Features a wide range of videos suitable for viewers aged 9+ such as vlogs, tutorials, news, educational content. This content setting is for children ready to move from Youtube kids.

Explore More: Includes content suitable for those aged 13+, a large variety of videos, and also live streams in the same categories as “Explore.”

Most of YouTube: Contains almost all videos on YouTube (age-restricted content not included). Moreover, it also has sensitive topics appropriate for older teens.

The latter was created for parents who believe their children are ready to explore YouTube videos. It will decide available videos by using uses user input, machine learning, and human reviews.

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Tweens and Teens will Soon Access Youtube with Supervised Account

The account setting allows parents to monitor their child’s watch, search history, use screen timers, and other features. Children will have a similar experience as they have on the regular YouTube, but are restricted to some features. 

In particular, YouTube serves neither personalized ads nor ads in certain categories. Moreover,  features like in-app purchases, creation, and comments will also be disabled. 

Youtube will work with parents and experts to introduce these features “in age-appropriate and parent-controlled approach.”

As of now, the supervised account is introduced in early beta for families under the age of consent. Feedback will help refine the features before expanding them to a wider audience. 

Over the years, Youtube has made great efforts in protecting families and kids on YouTube. These include launching a dedicated kids app, restricting features, and improving age restrictions. 

YouTube has been a platform for people over 13. In 2015, YouTube Kids were created as a safer destination for kids to explore their interests while providing parental controls. But Youtube’s products were not fully meeting the diverse needs of tweens and teens. As children grow up, they become more curious about the work and want actively find new ways to learn. 

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