Top 10 best internet speed test apps

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The speed test app is not too strange to people because there are currently 4.39 billion internet users in the world. With so many people online, it makes sense that the internet becomes sluggish at times. It’s helpful to know what your data speed is so you can address the issue, improve the speed. The Internet speed test app helps you get a clear picture of the download and the upload data transmission speed in bandwidth as well as ping speed. Among hundreds of speed test apps for Android and iPhone, 10 best apps below you can trust and download.

1. Speedtest

Taking up the first position of the top 10 best internet speed test applications, Speedtest by Ookla provides you with an easy speed test result to understand your current internet connection situation. From the result, you know the download, upload speed of your internet with its ping time delay. 


Speedtest by Ookla takes up the 1st position in the top 10 best speed test app

Besides, a further feature of Speedtest is keeping track. You create an account and Ookla will keep a track of your search results, which you may later use to compare the current speed to determine if it has improved or if it is needed to replace. Also, this speed test app lets you verify and troubleshoot the promised internet speed on your device.

2. SpeedSmart



Speed Smart is also one of the most popular speed test apps for Android and IOS operating systems

Speed Smart is also one of the most popular speed test apps for Android and IOS operating systems. With just a touch and wait no more than 30 seconds, you could get the most accurate download, upload, ping results on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. You can trust the results because it utilizes HTML5 instead of Flash or Java, which also makes it faster. Furthermore, you can also share these results on social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Many users prefer to use Speed Smart for the reason that it is somewhat a user-friendly design. People who do not know too much about internet connection, still can use and understand the results. You can also check the entire history of the test to compare the current and previous speeds.

3. MySpeed

Although MySpeed has joined the speed test app market, it still takes up users’ hearts. This app is dedicatedly designed to determine whether you’re getting the promised speed for your download and upload or not. Comparing the results to standard speed, you can know with the current internet connection, you can do what. If your internet network is tested at 20 - 30 Mbps, you can watch Youtube, Facebook videos smoothly and not laggy at all. 


Although MySpeed has joined the speed test app market, it still takes up users’ hearts

Not only does this app test your internet speeds quickly with just a few seconds; it also troubleshoots slow or unresponsive internet and helps improve sluggish internet. Moreover, with a friendly - user design, just touch the “Go” button, you run the speed test program. It is suitable for even people who are not good at the internet. This app can be installed from Android devices and iPhones. 


4. FAST:

Are you crazy about the Breaking Bad movie, Marriage Story movie - the hottest movies on Netflix recently? Watching films on Netflix is perfect, however, it will be a bad experience if while watching, the internet connection is sluggish or congested, the movie is sometimes interrupted. Do you want to know your internet connection fast enough for streaming, watching movies? That’s why FAST was developed. Netflix created the FAST speed test app in order to help ensure your devices can easily stream whatever you are watching.


Netflix created the FAST speed test app in order to help ensure your devices can easily stream whatever you are watching

FAST speed test app is compatible with Android, IOS platforms so that you can easily search it on AppStore or CH Play to install. It means that you will know your download speed, upload speed, latency, your current location, IP address as well as your internet service provider with its server location at any time, anywhere if you want. 

5. V-SPEED Speed Test :

Another app that belongs to the top 10 best speed test app is the V-Speed speed test, which will tell you whether you get the promised internet speed or not. 


V-Speed speed test app will tell you whether you get the promised internet speed or not

Being one of the best speed test apps for Android and iPhone, this app helps you measure internet connection speed with its modern and intuitive interface. With V-SPEED, you can always test the download and upload speed and find out the delay in ping time. Also, the speed test app provides you basic information about your connection like IP address, carrier, etc. 

Most users like V-Speed due to its speed. It is quick to bring in the test results, users do not need to wait too long. Apart from the 3-speed test results of download/upload and ping, V-Speed also provides a lot more useful information. Nearly 800 million reviews are written on AppStore and CH Play with highly recommended and good responses. 

6. Bandwidth Place 

It’s not easy to pick one out of the best speed test mobile app out there. So what makes us list Bandwidth Place? Well, this speed test works well on any device, anywhere. Download Bandwidth Place and you can easily get access to this site on any device that has an internet connection to see how fast your download and upload speeds are running.


Bandwidth Place is a well-designed and easy-to-use speed test app

This app is a well-designed and easy-to-use internet speed test website thanks to an HTML5-based network speed test site. Bandwidth Place does anything that can achieve results accurately and is light enough to run on a large number of devices. It offers a lovely uncluttered page that has been around for over 15 years now.

Server selection is accomplished by either the lowest available ping or by using a specific location and server allowing viewing distance that alters latency and network speeds. In addition to providing information on Internet speed, Bandwidth Place also provides information on broadband services and more comprehensive connection options.

7. Speedtest Master 

Designed specifically as a speed test mobile app for iPhones, this app shows accurate results within 30 seconds. With just one tap, you can test your internet connection for 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, DSL, ADSL, and Wi-Fi.

speed test app

iPhone screenshots of Speedtest Master - speed test app on App Store

Apart from testing the internet performance based on 3 parameters: ping, download, and upload speed, this app also diagnoses network automatically when bad connection. Ping speed measures your network stability, therefore, the result can tell you the internet is good or not, is it suitable for doing heavy-based- internet activities like watching streaming movies on Netflix, playing video games, etc. Also, this app detects which devices are using your wifi and then avoids someone trying to steal your network. The detailed speed test information and Real-time graphs show connection status which helps you have a whole picture of your network connection. 

9. Speedcheck 

Not only does this speed test app measure your internet speed but also troubleshoots internet problems and helps improve sluggish internet. Use this app to test your connection on Android, iPhone, or on the web.

speed test app

Use this speed test app to check your connection on Android, iPhone, or on the web

What’s interesting about the site version is that it has a guide on how to interpret your speed test results. So don’t worry if you are new to web development or confused how to find the problem. You can open the Speedcheck app to easily run an internet speed test and measure your internet performance by taking a free cellular or wifi speed test. Especially, you are able to schedule periodic speed tests to monitor your internet speed continually thanks to the automatic check feature. 

Besides, to make the test result easier to understand the app gives you a simple overview of how important internet services like email, web surfing, gaming, video streaming or chatting will perform for you. 

9. Internet Health Test

Internet Health Test (IHT) is a great option for your mobile phone whilst out and about. This friendly-designed application provides you with all the basic information you really need about Internet speed testing. Not only does it give you your upload and download speeds, but also shows jitter (Jitter is the variation in the time between data packets arriving, caused by network congestion, or route changes). If you are looking for as much information as possible gathered from a complete and multiple-step checking process, IHT is the best choice for you. 


speed test app

Internet Health Test is a great option for your speed test app

Once authorized, Internet Health Test will start its five-step process and scrutinize your Internet connection. It does take a little longer than others but it makes five different tests and it's ad-free. This is a big advantage of this speed test app. Moreover, you can share the test on social networks or email them to yourself ( or someone else) for future records. This might come in handy for IT professionals.

10. Network Analyzer App

Network Analyzer App is one of the best internet speed test apps. Not only does it let you test your iPhone’s Internet connection but also scan VPNs, Wake-on-LAN for corporate use, and a lot more. Moreover, it can help you diagnose various problems in your wifi network setup and detect various issues on remote servers.speed test app

Network Analyzer App is one of the best internet speed test app

Network Analyzer provides a wide range of tools that can help you diagnose various problems in your network connection setup, Internet connectivity as well as to detect various issues on remote servers. 

Apart from the feature of checking internet performance, it is equipped with a fast wifi device discovery tool, including all the LAN device's addresses, manufacturers, and names. Further, the Network Analyzer app contains standard net diagnostic tools such as ping, traceroute, port scanner, DNS lookup, and whois. Finally, it shows all neighboring wi-fi networks together with additional information details such as signal strength and router manufacturer to help you discover the best channel for a wireless router. Everything works with both IPv4 and IPv6.


To sum up, a speed test app for your smartphone not only reveals the bandwidth but also helps you check the internet connection and its strength in a specific area. Running the speed check website to know your current internet speed. From that, you can be confident to do based - internet activities like watching movies on Netflix, youtube, playing online heavy games like PUBG, PlayStation, etc. Moreover, thanks to the speed test mobile, you can make a decision that your internet connection needs to be upgraded or you need to replace a new router. Now that you have read the top 10 best internet speed test apps for Android and iPhone, it is time for you to install one of them and check your internet. .

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