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It’s no secret that finding the most reliable website for Internet speed tests can sometimes be daunting as there are a bunch in the market. But don’t worry! We’re going to clear up your worries by rounding up here 6 of the Best Internet Speed Test Sites.

6 Best Internet Speed Testing Sites

Checking Internet speed is nothing short of important to know if your Internet connection is good or not. That’s where speed test sites come in, which do exactly what you might expect without any cost. Here are the best picks you should consider.

1. Speedtest.Net 

Speedtest.net, owned by Ookla, is one of the most popular websites for testing internet connection. Having a bunch of servers based throughout the country, it gives you not only accurate speed tests but also an easier experience by suggesting the closest ones to you when you switch.

Another feature that should not be ignored is its ability to keep records and previous data for comparison, as well as use a database to learn about stats regarding connections from across the world. 

This enables professionals or home users to predict trends and patterns in the next time. More interestingly, you can also share these results with others if needed.

However, some of the ads popping up on the site might interfere with getting a precise result, especially for those with an extremely slow connection to start with. Should this site be listed as one of the Best Internet Speed Test Sites?


  • Unbiased and free

  • Gain global reputation

  • Perform a ping test

  • Server choices


  • Ads on site

website speed test

Speed check online with the best internet speed test sites

2. Gospeedcheck.com - The best internet speed test

Want to know how fast your internet speed is? Wonder if your internet speed is strong enough to play your favorite game. Don’t worry! Just go for Gospeedcheck. Gospeedcheck.com is one of the Best Internet Speed Test Sites. With MySpeed, you can check the Internet anytime, anywhere without any app download. 

Regardless of the device you use, MySpeed gives you a clear picture of how your site is loading. It measures metrics like ping, download speed, and upload speed. MySpeed has been highly appreciated by hundred of users worldwide due to its reliability and accuracy. Plus, an easy-to-use design is also a plus point of this tool. Using this tool, you should not be annoyed by ads or pop-ups. The only drawback of this tool is it has a slightly cluttered interface, which can distract users from the task at hand.


  • Free

  • Easy to use and read the date

  • Equipped with many advanced features

  • High accuracy


  • Slightly clutter interface


Gospeedcheck.com - One of the best internet speed  test sites

3. Speedof.me - Speed test sites for internet

If you’re an online game lover and pay much attention to how efficient your network is, then Speedof.me is the best fit. Unlike other internet speed test sites, Speedof.me displays the test results in a chart over time, making it easier for you to see your total speeds as well as the consistency of your connection. Having said that, it’s a little bit harder to immediately see and interpret your results compared to others.

It is also worth noting that the mobile version was very different in this regard, with more immediately accessible information. 

Speedof.me is also a great option for a quick speed check online as it can work on most devices without using an app and utilizing HTML5 to perform the test. This can be considered one of the most standout features of the side compared to others.

However, this site does not have as many servers as the rest on the list, making it impossible to keep a record of how they display information. 


  • HTML5 used for Mobile and Desktop

  • Free

  • Graphic representation of data


  • Ads 

  • Slightly Cluttered Interface

website speed test

Speed check online test

4. TestMy.net - Best internet speed testing site

One of the most comprehensive options when it comes to the best internet Speed Test Sites that should not be overlooked is Testmy.net. 

It runs on HTML5 and PHP rather than Flash or Java to explore your speed, meaning that you can use it on different devices without having to make any changes in your browser. 

Coming with no unnecessary distraction, this independent and trustworthy provider does exactly what you might expect from a speed test site. It shows you the exact information about where your test is carried out. 

Another noticeable feature is that you can also save records by creating an account and then check back to see if modifications work or if the time of day matters for your connection. However, as complained by some users, sometimes it’s a little bit hard to read the results, but not hard to understand. Thus, if you look for a site that gives you a glance at what you're working on within a given area, then this site should not be your first choice. 


  • Use HTML5 to run its tests instead of Flash or Java

  • Easy-to-read data 

  • Results can be saved for later check

  • Not affiliated with an ISP


  • Not nearly as graphically captivating as other sites

5. Xfinity Speed Test 

Another cool website for Internet speed tests is Xfinity Speed Test. There are some common reasons that users should go for the Xfinity Speed Test. Firstly, there are no distractions or pop-ups littering the screen. You must be also impressed by its sleek design and modern graphics in both mobile and desktop versions.

While produced by Comcast, the tool does not have any bias. Data generated is accurate and consistent. 

Xfinity Speed Test also has other amazing features such as the ability to change the host location if you know something different, providing some tips for accurate results. Plus, you can also change the protocol if needed. All in all, it's a great tool for speed check online and optimizing connections. 


  • No ads on the site

  • Testing location selection

  • Support for Both IPv6 and IPv4

  • Offer test Results Sharing

  • Easy-to-use

  • Test runs on a secure https Protocol


  • Little data on the IP Address used

  • No graphical presentation

  • Stop while switching between tabs 

speed test website

Best Internet Speed Test Sites for Speed Check Online

6. Google Fiber Speedtest

Google Fiber Speedtest is part of Google Fiber services and the fastest speed tests (10 to 15 seconds for the full test). When the test is finished, you will get the information about the download, upload speeds, and ping as well. 

For those who want a clean and minimalist user interface, Google Fiber Speedtest is exactly a great choice. Another advantage of this site is that it is free of cluttered ads and easy to use. It won’t take you much effort to start the test and read the results given. All you need to do is click the play button and wait for the results to appear in the speedometer in the middle of the screen. But most importantly, this site gives you a link to learn more about what affects speeds, and what to do to improve internet speed. 

However,  this test is not an independent service provider and lacks some advanced features and options. While it isn’t perfect, it’s worth being named in the list of the best Internet speed test sites.


  • Perform a ping test

  • User-friendly Interface

  • No Ads

  • Free


  • Not an independent service provider

  • A lack of advanced features 

What should you look at when choosing a site for speed check online?

  • Ease-of-Use: 

Probably you don't want to spend hours just learning how to test your internet speed, right? So, consider the site that can solve your problem with no much time and effort.

  • Accuracy: 

This may be the most important factor when it comes to a speed test site. If a site does not give precise results, there's no point in using it. To have the best speed test results, it’s crucial to look at factors that affect the best internet speed sites. it’s also crucial to look at factors that affect the results of a speed test.

  • Commitment to Testing Real Conditions: 

A useful site is one that can accurately simulate common situations such as streaming or downloading a movie, not just optimized conditions. 

  • A Simple Design: 

Your test results can be affected by a complicated design with any additional tools, especially if your connection is slow. Thus, choose a site that is simple, yet effective. 

  • A Wide Server Range: 

Avoid the website for internet speed test that has servers in one region as the results will be skewed by region. Instead, choose a site that has servers across the country for an accurate result interpretation.


That’s it! Those are 6 of the best Internet speed test sites that we found in the market. Each of them has some positives and negatives, but all come at no cost so you can choose whichever you want. If you know of any other useful tools to test internet speed, leave your thoughts in the comments.

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