Best Internet Speed Test App for iPhone to Check Your Connection

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A slow internet connection can be frustrating for a lot of users.

To figure out the reasons behind the problem and troubleshoot it, it’s best to run a speed test.

There are many free services that allow you to check how fast your network is, here I will introduce to you the list of best internet speed test app for iPhone.

Best free speed test tools

You are probably no stranger to the situation when you are streaming a movie and it starts to buffer. The first thing you should do is look at your internet connection – are you still connected to the Internet?

free speed testHow to run a free speed test?

If yes, you then visit a random website and see if it loads slowly. The next step is to start internet speed testing on that website before giving the ISP customer service a call to report the problem.

Which is the best internet speed test iPhone app? Take at the list below and pick one that you find best suited.


Fast is a speed test tool to check and troubleshoot your internet-related problems. The simple steps you need to do is open the browser on your device and proceed to the website. 

Best internet speed test app

Best internet speed test app

Its analyzer will then be launched automatically to test your internet speed. After finishing, the test will display the download speed, upload speed as well as latency of the network. This is also a cool internet speed test app for windows 10 mac internet speed test app and an internet speed test app for android.

Speedtest by Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla is also one of the few players that supports gigabit speeds.

Before doing a speed test, you can pick between a multi-connection and a single connection, as well as modify the server. When you're on the server page, you can swipe a few servers to the right to designate them as favorites, and the automatic picker will prioritize those servers.

Internet speed checker app

Internet speed checker apps

Aside from extra features such as analytics, themes, and speed test units, among others, the software also functions as a VPN service provider. Only the premium edition has access to this feature. If you’re looking for a mac internet speed test app or internet speed test app for pc, try this.


Looking for a great internet speed test app iPhone? Consider MySpeed. Trusted by millions of people all over the world for its accuracy and reliability, the app measures your Internet connection’s maximum speed by downloading files and recording the time to complete the process.


Free speed test on

The results give you a good sense of how good your Internet connection’s overall performance is. One of the most amazing features of this website is its ability to save data of all tests, making it easier for you to keep track of your Internet and make some relevant comparisons. What’s more? You can share your results with others on social media for your own purposes. It is a free speed test for wifi and wired network, and even cellular. 


As a basic speed test app with a simple interface, SpeedSmart computes latency, download speed, and upload speed. Using this app, you’ll be able to select the default server, or you can refuse location service to select a different server from the available possibilities.


Best internet speed test app

Best internet speed test app

When you tap on the info icon in the top left corner, the app displays certain facts by default. You may monitor average latency, download and upload speed for your ISP, Wi-Fi, Mobile Network, and a week and month history. You can also see previous results by swiping right on any result to see details.


SpeedChecker will provide you with more information than simply your average download and upload speed. You may get the average download time for specific tasks such as songs, TV shows, and movies in various formats.

Internet speed test app 

Internet speed test app 

To run an internet speed test free, tap on the 'Start test' button. Swipe left when the results appear to see the various result windows. A connection quality result indicates if your connection is suitable for online activity.

The option to select the nearest server is available in the free version. 

Is the speed test reliable?

One of the first ways to diagnose our internet speed problems is by checking our connection. Fortunately, there are a lot of sites that help us with that, but how accurate are free speed test tools? And are they reliable enough that you can use those test results to complain about your slow Internet connection to your ISP?

The answer is YES and NO.

Well, the speed test sites are not an exact science, but an indicator of your speed.

The test results are affected not only by these sites but also other factors such as your devices, the ways you conduct a test, the test time, the distance between you and the router, etc. 

To get the most accurate views of how good your network is, you avoid some mistakes while running the test, run multiple tests on multiple sites. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough.

Don’t panic if the speed you get is not exactly what you pay for as this is a common problem. However, you should aim to get about 70% or 80% of that speed. Anything below that, you should call your ISP to check your lines!

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Interpret speed test results

The speed you get should be approximately close to the numbers registered in your ISP’s service plan. However, there is no surprise if your free speed test shows that download speed is faster than upload speed because most online activity consists of downloads. 

Upload speed comes into play when your business does a lot of video conferencing.


Noted that speed tests won’t tell you your 100% accurate internet speed, but a close approximation. So, run multiple tests as the results can vary depending on different factors such as your location or network congestion. 

Free speed test for website

Interpret the results of a free speed test

Why free speed test sites show different speed results?

There are three main reasons behind the differences in speed test results:

  1. While you run a speed test, your network is actively serving all the devices in your house. Too many devices connected to your network can lead to wrong results. For example, you’re testing your connection while others are downloading game updates on the PS4 or streaming a full HD movie.

  2. Your bandwidth could be throttled by ISP. Put it simply, they give priority to light tasks such as web browsing, but lower priority to activities that take a lot of bandwidth like games.

  3. Each free speed test is designed with its own algorithm (server load, number of connections at the time of testing, network distance, size of data to upload/ download, etc). Thus, it makes sense that the two testing sites provide different results. 


Found your best internet speed test app for iPhone yet?  If yes, it’s worth noting that test results can vary depending on the location, time, and device used to test. Consider running tests in different places, at different times, on different devices, and via both wired for the most accurate results.

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