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Regular internet speed testing will help you know if your internet speed connection is fast and true to your provider’s claims and avoid any Interference and delays with the tasks you’re doing on the web. 

Being aware of how important a speed test is, I periodically test my internet speed mediacom to make sure everything is just fine. 

This article will discuss the importance of speed tests and how to check Internet performance based on my experience.

Test my Internet speed Mediacom

Test my Internet speed Mediacom

Why it’s important to test my internet speed

Before diving into how to test internet speed, take a look at the reasons why I need to speed test my internet. Below are the three main ones. 

To know if the speeds you’re getting is worth it

Your internet provider gives a specific internet speed for each monthly Internet package. 

So, now that you’re getting what you’ve paid for, internet speed tests should be done to make sure that your internet service provider is telling the truth about the subscription’s internet speed.

Mediacom test my internet speed

Mediacom test my internet speed

For example, your provider promises to deliver a 10 Mbps internet connection speed. But when you browse the internet, upload images on your social media, it loads very slowly. 

When you test your connection, it only shows 6 Mbps, which means there must be a problem with your router or your internet provider exaggerates the real internet speed for the subscription package. 

I run my internet speed test periodically and try some troubleshooting ways. 

If the connection is still slow after you’ve jumped through hoops, it’s time to ask your internet service provider for the reason and solution.

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To find the best internet provider 

The increasing demand for a high-speed connection makes Internet services severer in the marketplace today. Almost they give you a one-month trial for their service.

As a wise user, you should run internet speed tests as a way to identify who has the fastest internet connection service and distinguish who the most reliable.

How to test your internet speed?

How to test your internet speed?

However, there is also a case that some tend to give a very fast internet connection speed during their trial period to attract people to subscribe to their service, so you should be also vigilant about this.  

To know who is using your wifi

Your slow Internet can be caused by others accessing your network without your consent. 

They could guess or hack your wifi passwords or use innovative tricks and methods to bypass a wi-fi passcode.

Running a speed test will help you identify who, apart from your family, are getting the benefits of your network. 

So, it’s important to secure your password by putting a combination of symbols, numbers, and lowercase and uppercase letters.

How to test my internet speed?

There are many sites that offer free speed testing. is one of the most popular sites that tells you how fast your connection is. 

Whether broadband, fiber, 4G vs 5G, the speed test from can test your connection. 

This will let you know if your provider is giving the speed as they promised. 

Knowing the test results will help spot the problem with your connection, optimize your connection, and get the most out of your online experience. 

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to check my internet speed: 

  • Step 1: Access to

  • Step 2: Click the “Go” button

After pressing “Go”, a speedometer will appear and it will measure the download speed of data from the computer to the selected server and the speed of sending data in the opposite direction (this is the upload and download process). 

It will take a few minutes or a few seconds depending on your connection speed.

Test my internet speed spectrum on

Test my internet speed spectrum on

  • Step 3: View the result of the network speed test

When the test is complete, the results will be displayed with the upload, download, and Ping. 

The download value indicates how fast your WiFi can transfer data to your computer while the upload tells how quickly you can transfer files from your computer. Pings refer to the response delay. 

The lower ping, the smoother your  Internet experience is. 

After finishing the first test, you can also retry the connection speed to that server by clicking the “Go” again.

All in all, by testing my Internet speed regularly, I can know how good my connection is and will be able to take some measures accordingly if those Mbps do not meet my needs.

***Note: During the measurement of the connection speed, you must ensure that no program in progress or any computer on the local network (if any) uses the Internet connection for the most accurate results. 

In addition, you should also perform multiple tests on multiple servers in different locations to get a comprehensive view of your connection.

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How to check your internet speed

How to check your internet speed

How I Speed Up My Internet

After I test my Internet connection and I find that my internet connection is slower than what the ISP advertised, I try some DIY tricks on how to check internet speed on iPad:

  1. Close non-essential applications

  2. Clear browser's cache

  3. Switch to an ethernet connection

  4. Switch to Phone call mode from Computer audio

  5. Check for laptop updates and restart

Next, I contact my internet service provider and see if they find the culprit of my slow connection and provide possible solutions. 

If not, I’ll consider upgrading my plan to one with better speed.

These tips are also practical for those who are wondering how to improve PS4 internet speed, how to improve Time Warner cable internet speed, or how to improve internet upload speed.


So I’ve just introduced the guide on “how I test my internet speed Mediacom”. Regular internet speed testing is important because this will reveal your actual internet speed. Make running speed tests a habit to avoid any disturbance and delays with the tasks you’re doing on the web. 

Rating:5.0 - 50Votes
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