How to use speed check network connection

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In the process of using internet connection at home, many people always wonder how much internet speed is being used. Is it correct as stated by the network provider in its plan to use? To know this, we will share with you the easiest way to test the speed check network connection. So it will be easy for you to check the speed of a good wifi network, measure the wifi speed and adjust in a more reasonable way.

How does speed check network connection performance? 

Speed check network connection method is based on 3 measurement factors:

  • Ping Rate (ms): The time it takes for a data packet to send information to a client or receive a response.

  • Download Speed (Mbps): How fast you can download files, data or anything on the internet

  • Upload speed (Mbps): How fast you send data from your computer to the other server or other computer.


Speed check network connection method is based on 3 measurement factors: ping, download and upload speed

Steps to run speed check network connection 

Method 1: Check by Command Prompt:

Open Command Prompt by opening up the search box and writing cmd and opening it up.


After the Command Prompt opens, enter the following correctly: "ping" (remove the quotes) and enter.


You just need to note the parameters:

  • bytes = 32 The default size of the packet when sending is 32 bytes.

  • time: the timeout (delay) of the packet.

  • TTL (Time to Live): if the operating system is Windows, the largest TTL is 128, Linux, Unix operating system, the maximum TTL is 64. Each time passing through a router, the TTL will be subtracted 1. From the ping command You can know what operating system that host is running, through how many routers.

  • Lost: If this value is 0, your bandwidth will not be squeezed by the carrier.

Method 2: Using speed up network connection website: Myspeed

Step 1: You visit

Step 2: Press GO to start testing.

speed check network connection

Step 3: Then the software will process and test ping speed first and then the download and upload speed. After the test is complete, it will return the final result of the 3 parameters.


With just 3 simple steps, you can run the speed check network connection test to check internet speed. 

Steps to speed up network connection

After knowing how to use speed check network connection, if the result test is good, the speed of 3 parameters are as fast as promised, it will be perfect. If not, you can try to take these below action in order to speed up network connection. 

Update firmware for the router

First of all, updating your route will help fix old firmware errors, and keep your router running at its best. To update the firmware of the router, it's very simple, you just need to search Google to find out how to guide you.

Different router brands will have their own methods of updating, so when searching you should include the name of the router you are using. Updating the router expands the ability of internet transfering.

You can have a good internet experience at different places in your house even not closer to the router. 

Internet package upgrade

Upgrading internet speed is a must when the demand for your family increases more than before due to work and study at home. The old packages are really not enough to meet the needs, so it is important to upgrade the internet plan to make your wifi more smoothly, to meet the current usage needs.

For example, you are paying money for 50Mbps monthly for 2 members. However, in the Covid pandemic, people work and study remotely. Two kids must study at home. Therefore, you need to change the internet package to 100 or 120 Mbps to ensure stable speed for online working and study. 

Change the location of the router indoors


Change the location of the router indoors to improve speed check network connection result 

The location to the router will also have a little effect on the wireless network of your network. Doors and walls can sometimes affect internet transfering. Therefore, you should keep the wifi in the middle of the house and there are few obstructions, because this is the best location so that every location in your house can get the best wifi. The router should also be kept away from TV electronics, refrigerators, and metal objects that will contaminate your wifi.

Buy more devices to increase wifi such as WIFI extender

Buying more wifi transmitters is essential if your house has a large area and many floors. You can use wifi hotspots to create more wifi hotspots indoors. WIFI extender is also one of effective solutions to speed up internet connection. Some wifi extenders you can consider to install are TP-Link RE220 WiFi Extender, Netgear WiFi Range Extender EX3700, Linksys RE6350, D-Link DAP-1620. 

For instance, D-Link DAP-1620 has an average speed of 104Mbps in the bedroom during evening hours. It allows users to stream HD video, browse the web and make video calls on the extender's network without any issue. However, network speeds were inconsistent though -- and much slower in daytime hours, with a bigger dropoff than TP-Link (

Turn off other unnecessary Internet-connected devices

There are too many users that can slow down your Internet, so can many devices. If you are watching streaming movies on Netflix on your smart TV, but your phones, tablets, and computers are also running and connected to the Internet, this may interfere with the speed of your connection. Turn off anything you don't use to free up some of that internet speed.


Now, you have already known how to use speed check network connection. With the above methods of speed check network connection, it makes it easy to know if the home network you are using is correct with the cable company provided or not. In addition, you also know how to increase the internet speed. Let’s use MySpeed to check the most secure and effective network!

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