Should I Enable MoCA Xfinity to Improve My Internet? [ANSWERED]

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Should I enable MoCA Xfinity is such a common question.

Your Internet connection is impacted by two variables: the router's performance and the available speeds. 

There's no denying that one of the most annoying things you might encounter is slow Internet.

In this article, which serves as a MoCA on Xfinity router how-to, we'll go over both what is MoCA and should MoCA be enabled on Xfinity.

Let’s discover the truth!

How to enable MoCA on Xfinity router?

How to enable MoCA on Xfinity router?

What is MoCA Xfinity?

MoCA stands for Multimedia over Coax Alliance, which enables you to utilize existing coaxial wires in many older homes and structures.

These lines are used by MoCA network Xfinity to offer a dependable, high-speed wired network connection.

You need to make sure that channels don't run out of bandwidth as more and more gadgets rely on your wifi connection.

Any network must, of course, have both coverage and reliability in areas where fiber cannot be used.

What is MoCA network Xfinity?

What is MoCA network Xfinity?

Why should I use MoCA on your router?

MoCA is not required to be used on your router. But if it's already there, you've already made some progress. 

There are numerous justifications for enabling MoCA on your router, including:

  • MoCA establishes a wired connection and ensures consistent stability and dependability of your Internet connection.

  • Every time you connect, MoCA offers a lightning-quick, reliable Internet connection.

  • Due to MoCA's ability to speed up your Internet, video streaming is improved.

  • Online gaming is improved by MoCA's reduction of lag and latency.

  • MoCA is simple to set up and plug and play.

  • The MoCA is safe.

By offering a physical connection to which your WiFi Extender may connect, MoCA technology can improve the WiFi that already exists in your home, improving speed, connectivity, and overall experience.

Why should you use MoCA on a router?

Why should you use MoCA on a router?

Should I enable MoCA on Xfinity router?

Comcast Corporation is the manufacturer of the Xfinity router.

This company, which provides both Internet access and cable television from a single cable TV connection, is well-known for its high-speed cable television Internet.

But why should you make the Xfinity router MoCa-enabled? 

You should enable this option on your Xfinity router for a number of reasons, including:

Should I enable MoCA on my router?

Should I enable MoCA on my router?

Stable Internet network

One of MoCA's biggest advantages is that it offers a more dependable and steady Internet connection.

You'll never have a slow Internet connection because the majority of MoCA adapters can provide output speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps.

Stable Internet network

Stable Internet network

Wireless and wired

You can get both wired and wireless Internet connections with MoCA adapters.

By turning on this function, you can use your Xfinity router and ethernet without losing any speed.

Wireless and wired

Wireless and wired

Reduce latency and lag

The next reason for your question of “Should I enable MoCA on my Xfinity router” is that it can help reduce lag and latency.

As previously established, MoCA offers Internet speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps.

MoCA adapters lessen latency and lag in online gaming because of this rock-solid, super-fast Internet connection.

Network latency

Network latency

Enhance security

Last but not least, Xfinity MoCA also makes your Internet connection more secure. 

You can easily set up this feature, which guards against Internet cyber attacks.

While some routers include a "MoCA Enable" feature, some routers could need MoCA adapters to increase their Internet coverage range.

The real question is, how can I enable MoCA on the Xfinity router, given that you are aware of the advantages of MoCA.

Enhance Security

Enhance Security

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How to enable MoCA Xfinity?

Now you know the reason why should I enable MoCA on my Xfinity network.

But how to enable it?

If you encounter a signal drop or sluggish Internet speed, you should first run a Wifi speed test before finding a solution.

After that, you can consider using MoCA network Xfinity, which is a helpful tool.

It's easy to turn on this feature on the Xfinity router. 

To effectively enable MoCA on the Xfinity router, there are a few procedures you must take.

Here is a detailed, step-by-step tutorial for using MoCA with an Xfinity router:

3 steps to enable MoCA on a Xfinity router

3 steps to enable MoCA on a Xfinity router

Activate MoCA feature

Before moving on, you must have a cable Internet connection in order to use MoCA adapters.

The majority of routers now in use have a "MoCA Enable" feature. 

You can use this function to convert your router into a MoCA Adapter.

To activate the MoCA feature on your Xfinity router, follow these steps:

  • Access your Xfinity gateway MoCA (

  • Click "Connections" on the left side of the screen. 

  • Then, pick the "MoCa" tag. 

  • On the right side, select "Enable." 

  • Finally, click "Save."

You may enable "MoCa Enable" on your Xfinity with the help of these five easy steps.

Active MoCA feature

Active MoCA feature

After setup, you can connect other MoCA adapters to your router to use it as a MoCA adaptor.

By turning on the "MoCA Enable" function on the Xfinity router, neither your Internet connection nor your previously saved settings will be lost.

This functionality just enables you to connect additional MoCA adapters to your router; you may still use your device as a router without it.

Connect MoCA adapters

It's time to attach additional MoCA adapters to the Xfinity router after successfully using the "MoCa Enable" feature to increase your Internet coverage area.

It's important to note that MoCA adapters can be used to obtain wired and wireless Internet connections.

Use numerous MoCA adapters or MoCA wireless extenders are your two flexible options for this stage.

The main distinction between these two alternatives is that MoCA extenders are entirely wireless whereas MoCA adapters require a coaxial cable.

To connect your MoCA adapters to your Xfinity router, follow these instructions:

  • Purchase an Xfinity router, coaxial cable, and a MoCA adapter.

  • Coaxial cable should have one end connected to your MoCA adapter.

  • Add a second end of the coaxial wire to the cable TV line.

  • To cover a larger area, use more MoCA adapters.

You can use this device as a wireless router once your Xfinity router has activated your MoCA adapter.

You'll need an ethernet cable, though, in order to use a wired Internet connection. 

To use a wired Internet connection, connect your ethernet cable's other end to your MoCA adapter and one end to your computer.

This step will only function if you have an Xfinity router that is MoCA-enabled and can serve as a MoCA adaptor.

Connect MoCA Adapter

Connect MoCA Adapter

Connect MoCA adapters without MoCA-enabled

What if the "MoCA Enable" option is missing from your Xfinity router?

You can still use MoCA adapters to have a steadfast, lightning-fast Internet connection, so you don't have to give up.

You'll require some extra tools for this phase, including several MoCA adapters (conditional), coaxial cable, a modem, an Xfinity router, and an Ethernet cable (for wired Internet connection)

A detailed step-by-step tutorial for utilizing MoCA adapters without the MoCA-enabled feature can be found here:

  • Coaxial cable should be used to connect one MoCA adaptor to your cable TV line.

  • To connect your adapter to a Xfinity modem MoCA, use a different coaxial wire.

  • To connect that specific modem to the Xfinity router, get an Ethernet wire.

  • Reconnect the cable TV line with a different MoCA adapter.

MoCA adapter

MoCA adapter

You'll be able to use a steady Internet connection after your first MoCA adapter recognizes the second one.

After that, you can either have a wired Internet connection using an Ethernet cable or a quick and dependable wireless connection.

Note: All Internet users who have access to cable television Internet can use this technique.

Additionally, you can connect as many MoCA adapters as you need using this way.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How do I know if my router has MoCA?

You can tell if your router is MoCA-ready by looking for a symbol and the phrase MoCA certified.

This means that you don't need two adapters, just one.

Is MoCA secure?

Xfinity MoCA is a secure technology, and using MoCA adapters is safe even though it is unable to address Wi-Fi security problems. 

Because a MoCA adaptor is a wired device, this is the case. 

In contrast to a wireless network device, there is nothing to hack into with a straight cable connection.

Does MoCA interfere with WiFi?
No, Xfinity MoCA doesn't obstruct Wi-Fi. Simply put, it is how the Internet gets to your house.
Is MoCA good for gaming?
Yes, MoCA provides a low-lag Internet connection, which improves the smoothness of online gaming.


MoCA provides a more dependable and swifter Internet connection. Additionally, this technology lessens lag and latency when watching or playing video online. The "MoCA Enable" feature that is integrated into Xfinity routers makes them one of the best devices available. The actual query, though, is “should I enable MoCA Xfinity?” Yes is the clear-cut response. Hope you like our post and share it with others!

Rating:4.8 - 51Votes
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