You will regret not knowing 5 easy tips to fix phone runs slow on wifi

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Connecting to WiFi will help you access the Internet, easy to use utilities. But your phone runs slow on wifi or even it cannot connect to WiFi. That reduces your performance.

The following article will give the cause and guide you 5 tips to fix the phone's this error effectively. Follow along!

Why does my phone run slow on wifi?

Phone slow on wifi will make users feel extremely uncomfortable. Some reasons to answer the question of why is my wifi slow on my phone may be due to:

  • The wifi on my phone is slow because many people access it at the same time and use the same network.

  • The wifi location is not reasonable. Maybe the location of the router/modem in the house is too far away and doesn't cover the required connection range. Placing the router/modem in a closed room with thick walls and many objects also interferes with the WiFi signal with the phone and make wifi slow on phone.

  • The settings on your phone are not suitable.

  • Damaged wifi chip.

  • Why is the wifi on my phone so slow? It can be due to performing bandwidth-intensive activities such as downloading HD videos or games. The higher the capacity, the more bandwidth will become heavy, leading to the problem of slow wifi on phone. 

  • Old hardware/drivers. In general, old or damaged router/modem devices will cause the wifi suddenly slow on phone.

My phone runs slow on wifi

My phone runs slow on wifi

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5 tips to improve wifi speed on the phone

If your phone running slow on wifi continuously, it will cause a lot of trouble to the process of using your phone. 

Therefore, it is necessary to find a way to fix wifi is slow on phone, to bring the device back to normal operation and connection.

Some methods to fix phone wifi is slow that you can refer to are:

Turn off the wifi transmitter and turn it back on

This method applies to the cause originating from the wifi transmitter. You can turn off the wifi router and turn it back on after 2 to 3 minutes.

This way will help you to quickly fix errors caused by wifi transmitters that make my phone is slow on wifi. 

Turn off the wifi transmitter

Turn off the wifi transmitter

Try changing location

Why is my phone wifi slow? If you are in a remote place, surrounded by mountains, or even when standing in the middle of a crowded urban area with surrounding buildings, the signal will be much weaker. 

To fix that, you should take the trouble to change to another location, maybe the network signal will be much improved! 

Change location 

Change location 

Turn off PIN saving mode

PIN saving mode will help you to save the amount of PIN consumed on your device. However, it also makes wifi slow on android phone and iPhone because the PIN saving mode will misunderstand whether the device has fallen into a sleep state or not, to disconnect.

And to fix this error, you can turn off PIN saving mode. This way is completely useful to fix the iPhone and android phone slow on wifi error.

Check and turn off PIN saving mode

Check and turn off PIN saving mode

Disable the app's permission to use mobile data

Apps that you don't use all take up a small amount of your background data. 

So, if you wonder why is my phone slow on wifi, consider disabling the app's permission to use mobile data. Don't forget to use this method to fix wifi slow on iPhone 11.

Disable the app's permission to use mobile data

Disable the app's permission to use mobile data

Support from the repair center

Why is wifi slow on my phone but not others? The answer may be your phone itself. 

If you have tried all of the above methods and the phone still has slow WiFi speeds, the cause may be hardware damage. 

A damaged wifi chip or antenna will interrupt the wifi connection process on mobile devices. It is also the answer to the question of why is my iPhone slow on wifi. And now,  you need to bring your phone to the repair center to fix it.

Asking the support from the repair center

Asking the support from the repair center

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Surely the above solutions will help you get rid of the annoyance when the phone runs slow on wifi. So keep them in mind for a great phone experience.

Rating:4.8 - 51Votes



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