Optimum Troubleshooting: Get a Faster Online With 9 Easy Tips

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The modem allows you to connect to the Internet.

That will be so frustrating if your Optimum modem is not working.

If you’re finding effective Optimum troubleshooting tips, this article is for you.

In this post, we will tell you how to know your Optimum not working, find reasons as well as solutions to this problem.

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How to solve the Optimum modem issues?

How to know whether my Optimum is not working?

Before going into how to troubleshoot Optimum WiFi issue, you should determine the main cause of this situation.

Maybe your modem is not the one at fault.

Other things you need to consider such as your power, database, etc.

There are 3 key things to check if your modem isn’t working or still works well:

  • The modem light

  • The modem hardware

  • Self-installation is successful or not

Check the lights

The light on the modem is a good sign to notify us of all the information about the device.

In general, modems from different Internet service providers have the same operation and lights.

The light color on different modems can be diverse, however, there are still a couple of things that always need to show:

  • Power

  • Wireless Capability

  • Internet

  • Ethernet

  • WPS

Modem icons

Here are some common modem light colors and their meaning, take a look and check your device:

Modem light color



Modem power, an active status of the Internet connection, a strong WiFi strength signal.


A firmware update is occurring, the modem is connecting to another for pairing, the Internet connection has started, and a phone call is in use.


A good connection, phone service is not connected, and the pairing process has started.


An overheated device, a service error, a weak Internet connection or even no Internet, PPP authentication failed, and phone service is not connected.


The power, the modem is detecting and connecting to the Internet, and a firmware upgrade is in progress.

If your Optimum modem light is not as usual, there’s a problem. 

When this occurs, it means that your modem is totally innocent, and all you need to do is relate to your network.

Check the modem hardware

Secondly, do you check your modem hardware? How about your Internet cable?

Make sure they are still intact without any cracks, bulges, or splits.

Obviously, damaged cables lead to weak signal transmission, thus, no one wants to this happen. 

It is prudent to have your hardware thoroughly inspected. 

Even if it is brand new, the delivery process may have resulted in some parts being damaged.

As a result, it is cautious to inspect your modem for any broken components.

Check your modem cables

Check if the self-installation was successful

When you first take your Optimum modem, you will need to self-install it.

Of course, a technician still comes and helps you to install it. Check if your new Optimum modem is working or not.

Make sure it was activated successfully by looking at the modem lights.

Make sure your Optimum modem is activated successfully

In this case, your modem is activated successfully but you still can not access the Internet.

Don’t call your ISP for help yet.

Try these Optimum WiFi troubleshooting tips below that have saved thousands of Optimum subscribers from this disturbance.

Optimum troubleshooting: A full guide

Internet seems all needed things in this modern life. Therefore, it’s so frustrating if you can not connect to the wireless network.

If you’re finding Optimum router troubleshooting, follow this guide.

They include 10 steps that you must do!

Check for Optimum Internet Outages

Your Optimum connection is drop that can be due to an outage.

Thus, check for an Optimum Internet outage.

When your network is in the repair and maintenance process, obviously, you get poor Internet performance, WiFi speed test result is so bad.

To check this, you can:

  • Contact Optimum at 866-209-1099 to ask

  • Visit the website and check the Optimum outage map yourself

  • Chat box online: Optimum.com to ask

  • Follow Optimum’s social media to get the recent updates which include outages information of this service: Twitter, facebook, …

If there is an outage, you already know that your modem is not the main problem.

You will not do anything without except for the Optimum notification of the finished outages.

Check the Optimum outage map

Check the hardware

A faulty component in your modem can cause the entire device to fail. As a result, examine the entire device for any broken or damaged components. 

Examine the wires and cables for any tears, as well as any broken or missing chips. 

This is also the time to ensure that the coax cable is tightened and secure.

You can go ahead and disconnect and reconnect the coaxial cable to ensure that it is properly connected.

Check all your cable hardware

Power cycle or restart

Another Optimum Internet troubleshooting is to perform a power cycle, which seems a magic thing to deal a lot of wonders in the technological world.

In this case, the effectiveness of the power cycle or restart will be presented again.

To power cycle, you follow the guide below:

  • Turn off the modem 

  • Unplug the modem from the main power source. You can do this by unplugging the power cord at the back of the modem or take it out from the wall outlet

  • After 15-20 seconds, you plug it back

  • Check its performance with a WiFi speed test

Power cycle the modem

Check for Wi-Fi Signal Blockage

Wifi signals are transmitted from one device to others via wireless technology. 

For faster connection, it requires that there is no hindrances between the start point and the end point.

These radio waves can be damaged by 2 factors:

  • Physical blockages: wall, glass, wood cabinet,...

  • Electromagnetic  waves: Bluetooth, radio,..

Make sure you place your router as high as possible.

Especially, your Optimum router needs to be far from the interferences.

Things can block your Wifi signal

Reset your modem

For Optimum troubleshooting Internet, you also need to reset it.

Fortunately, it’s so easy to do that.

  • Step 1: Determine the Optimum modem’s reset button.

  • Step 2: Use a tiny pointy object such as a needle or toothpick to press and hold the button for 30 seconds.

  • Step 3: After that, unplug the modem from the power source for about 30 seconds.

  • Step 4: Reconnect the modem. This time, your previous settings can be deleted, you need to look for the defaulted user login and password to connect it.

It's always a good idea to look at the modem settings and make a note of them. 

Login to your modem using any browser before proceeding with the reset steps. 

However, if you require assistance during the Re-login process or modem setup, you can always contact Optimum support.

Hidden Network

Like many other people, if you are connecting to a hidden network with the help of a 3rd party such as VPN, that may be the reason why your Wifi is not working.

Surprisingly, hidden networks actually are not totally safer than the normal networks broadcasting their SSID.

Because if someone searches for a hidden network, they will almost certainly find it.

If you're working on a hidden network and want to get rid of it, just follow these simple steps for Optimum WiFi troubleshooting.

  • Log into the admin panel of your router

  • Choose Wifi settings

  • Click Hidden networks

  • Choose Disable

Note that you need to restart your router after enabling these changes.

Disable hidden networks

Look for Damaged/Loose Cables

Check out your cables and power cords connecting to your modem, and power source. 

As the years go by, they can wear and tear, causing many issues such as why is my spectrum router blinking red.

Routinely inspect the cables that run behind your electrical devices, in this case, your router.

These cables are not only the cause of your Optimum Wi-Fi not working, but they are also a major safety hazard.

So, check for Optimum cable troubleshooting below:

  • Ruined cables, internal wires are exposed: Replace your cables with new ones.

  • Cables are light wear and tear: fix them with electrical grade tapes.

Replace your cables with new ones if necessary

Upgrade Your Equipment

Like many other electrical devices, your Optimum Wifi modem also needs to be upgraded from time to time.

If your modem is too old to keep up with the latest technology, you should get a new modem and router yourself.

  • When shopping for a new modem, remember that it must support DOCSIS 3.1. You will have the best chance of receiving high-speed and streamlined Internet in the future.

  • If this fails, try switching the Internet network band from 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz. You can do this through the Optimum website or directly from your browser:

Step 1: Enter your router’s IP address in the address bar. Log into it to access the credentials.

Step 2: Choose Wireless settings → Channels → Change your Wi-Fi channel (2.4 GHz to 5 GHz)→ Save.

Switch Wifi channels

If, on the other hand, your equipment is relatively new, ensure that you have the necessary upstream and downstream levels.

If you discover that these levels are not adequate, it is possible that your equipment is undergoing a software update and is perfectly fine.

Contact Optimum Support

Did you follow these tips carefully but there is no result? Now, you have the only option left to troubleshoot Optimum WiFi. 

That is to contact Optimum support.

The technician support will help you to deal with the issue and tell you how to make WiFi faster.

You can contact Optimum through:

  • Support phone number:


Phone number

Nassau - Suffolk Counties, NY


Bronx - Brooklyn - Westchester, NY


New Jersey - Pennsylvania




Hendersonville - West Jefferson, NC




  • Social media: twitter, facebook, forum…

  • Live chatbox: https://www.Optimum.net/support/contact-us

Contact them and tell your current situation. That’s the time they will send in technicians to repair your modem.

How to make the modem work again?

To make the modem work again, you just do 3 steps easily: check hardware and restart the devices.

For detailed information, keep reading.

Restart the modem

  • Unplug your Optimum modem from the power source.

  • Wait for about 1 minute

  • Plug it back 

Restart the router/modem combo

Follow these steps to reset the Optimum router: 

  • Hold down the reset button on your router or modem combo.

  • Unplug the modem's power cord. 

  • Wait 30 seconds. 

  • Connect the power cable to the modem first, then to the router, and then wait until the lights on the modem illuminate.

  • Wait until the lights on the router turn on before releasing the reset button.

Check all hardware for errors

Open the device manager and then click on each of your hardware devices to see if any of them have a 'X' next to them, indicating that there is a problem with that specific piece of hardware.

Check all hardwares

After you've double-checked all of your hardware, restart the computer.

If your issue has not been resolved, please contact Optimum support and request a dedicated wireless router.

Read also: How to hook up Arris modem to wireless router?

Bottom line

Is troubleshooting Optimum easy? If you’re getting the Wifi issue, let’s restart all devices first. If the issue still happens, try out other tips to fix it. Hope this Optimum troubleshooting article helps you to solve the problem easily. 

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