Myths about online gaming & required internet speed, check them now!

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It’s quite necessary to perform internet speed checks before online gameplay. Well, that will help ensure smooth gaming experiences for us. But does online gaming always require high internet speed? Here are myths about online gaming & required internet speed, check them now to know the answer.

Running internet speed checks before gaming is good practice that gamers should perform to ensure smooth gaming experiences. Of course, gaming is always one of the interesting online activities that a lot of us love to enjoy. 


It’s quite necessary to perform internet speed checks before online gameplay

Without sufficient internet bandwidth and speed, it’s so hard for us to enjoy the gameplay smoothly and properly. But does online gaming always require super fast speed? Not really! That’s just one of the popular myths about broadband connection for online gaming. Read on to learn more about this topic so that you will understand more about how much internet speed and bandwidth required for online gaming. Here we go!

Myth 1: Gaming requires a super-high-speed internet connection.

Many of us think that playing online games requires very high speed and bandwidth but it’s not true. Speed connection is important in gaming and fast internet is a good thing for your gameplay. That’s why we should run an internet speed check before the game.

However, speed and bandwidth are not everything. Along with these, other factors are also affecting online gameplays. In fact, for a lot of games these days, the speeds of 10 – 20 Mbps is ideal. It’s considered an average speed range, not a high internet connection speed.


For a lot of games these days, the speeds of 10 – 20 Mbps is considered ideal

Not only is the speed, the numbers of devices connected to the network at a time, online activities that these devices are performing, and the ping or latency when connecting to game servers all directly affect your gaming experience.

That means what’s important here is the stability and speed of your internet to the game server, not how quickly it can download data. Instead of gaming, streaming is the activity that needs a higher speed connection.

Myth 2: Internet speed check: Online gaming consumes lots of data.

Playing online games doesn’t consume much data at all. In fact, it just requires very little data during the gameplay. That’s also the reason why you don’t need a very high connection speed for gaming like mentioned above.

Downloading new games, updating game patches use a lot of more data than just gaming. If you are not careful, downloading new games or patches can eat through your data, especially when it comes to heavy games or large game patches.

internet speed check

Playing online games doesn’t consume much data

If you are getting new games frequently, you may want high data capacities or high internet bandwidth. You might also want to run internet speed checks before downloading to make sure the speed connection is sufficient for downloading.

Myth 3: You can do nothing to fix lags or glitches.

There are various reasons for in-game lags that might be software and hardware issues, problems with the internet connection, and more. In which, the route your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is taking to the game server is also the popular cause for lagging.

The less optimal the route, the slower the game response and the more lagging in-game. And of course, your gaming experience will be much smoother with the optimal route.


Your gaming experience will be much smoother with the optimal route

However, most of the internet connections are not just for gaming, so most ISPs tend to take longer routes. That means the connection might encounter congestion along the way, leading to lags in games.

If that’s the main reason for lags or glitches in your gameplay, you can fix this issue by finding a more optimal router that can better handle more congestion. Better broadband can help you resolve this problem.

Similarly, if the reason for causing lags is due to your hardware or software, you also need to fix it by doing some upgrades, for example. As long as you find the actual causes of lagging, you will know to troubleshoot the problems.

Myth 4: Wireless connections aren’t okay for online gaming

We all know that wired connections are faster and more stable than wireless connections. While the wireless signal travels through the air that can be interfered with and get weakened by different factors, the wired one offers higher and stable speeds with no interference.

In other words, wireless connections seem not reliable for online gaming due to disrupted and congested airwaves. So, if you can eliminate or minimize internal and external factors affecting your wireless signal strength, it’s okay to play games via wireless connections.


A lot of gamers these days play online games with Wi-Fi connections, especially when it comes to mobile games and everything seems so okay with that. As long as you ensure the stability and speed of your internet connection, your gaming experience will be good no matter whether it’s the wired or wireless connections.

For example, you should play games at off-peak hours or at the time when no devices are connected to your network. You also need to get nearer to your router to get a better internet signal, …

These solutions can help you reduce the effects that weaken your wireless connection signal. You can run internet speed checks to know if your current wireless speed and the ping is okay for the game or not.

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Well, super high-speed internet is not really necessary for online gaming and online gaming doesn’t consume as much data as we thought. They are two facts about broadband connections for online gaming that we recently introduced to you in today’s article. Do they surprise you? We hope that all of the myths and information listed above are all interesting and useful to you! Don’t forget to run internet speed checks before gaming to make sure your connection is good enough for your gameplay.