MySpeed google: 3 good tips should be done when broken submarine cable

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MySpeed Google is a useful tool to measure internet performance. It is used when a slow internet speed situation occurs because all people understand the important role of the internet as well as the role of marine optical cables. Whenever the message “broken optical cable" appears, internet access will become difficult, affecting the online activities of many users. So what are submarine cables? What you should do when broken marine cables? Today, the article will share useful information about this cable. 

MySpeed google

MySpeed Google is a useful tool to measure internet performance

What are submarine optical cables?

Submarine optical cables refer to telecommunication cables with a core of fiberglass or plastic and uses light for signal transmission (fiber optic cable) placed undersea. Normally, modern cables are typically about 25 millimeters (0.98 in) in diameter and weigh around 1.4 tonnes per kilometer for the deep-sea sections. For marine areas that have a particular geographical position, the structure will have some changes to adapt to the external conditions.

MySpeed google

MySpeed google: 3 good tips should be done when a broken submarine cable

Up to the present time, the submarine optical cable system is considered to provide the fastest internet speed, show good MySpeed google results. It is chosen by many countries, especially Asian countries such as Vietnam, Japan, China, or Singapore. Also, it is a telecommunications bridge, creating an internet connection network connecting all continents of the world (except Antarctica). 

Although fiber optic cables can withstand in environments with high salt concentrations, it can not operate at -80 degrees C, that is the reason that there is no optical cable connecting the Antarctic area.

Conduct MySpeed google shows the flicker, slow speed, what factors can impact marine cables?

Factors that can impact marine cables are various, not only sharks. Let’s find other factors making cables damage which leads to MySpeed google result not good due to flicker speed. 

MySpeed google

The anchor of a cargo ship of several tens of thousands of tons can damage the cables easily

Basically, with a length of tens of thousands of kilometers, to save costs, marine optical cables all have a common design principle: reinforced near the shore and very fragile offshore. Closer to shore, submarine fiber optic cables must be reinforced with braided steel and other reinforcement layers because of the closer to shore, the shallower the water level and the denser the marine activity. Although it looks dense with reinforced steel, if it is hooked and dragged away by the anchor of a cargo ship of several tens of thousands of tons, that cable is no different than a thread. And this is also the cause of up to 70% of optical cable breaks in the sea.

30% can come from other factors such as human and nature. According to experts' analysis, even when lying on the seafloor, fiber optic cables can still be completely damaged by natural disasters such as earthquakes, underground volcanoes, or thunderstorms (in shallow water areas). 

MySpeed google

When getting poor MySpeed google result and hearing broken cable, all we think it is due to sharks first

In addition, the most popular reason we heard the reason for broken marine cables is that sharks bite them. When getting poor MySpeed google result and hearing broken cable, all we think it is due to sharks first. That is true but this phenomenon is not too often. In fact, some people said sharks bite the cables because electricity flows in the fiber optic core that stimulates the shark's appetite. Others said sharks can bite the cable out of curiosity. It's a very natural and instinctive act like a cat or a dog playing around with objects around them.

With MySpeed google find the best ways to use the Internet when the broken cable

Broken cables seem familiar with almost all internet users because it occurs too frequently. So, what should we do if there are broken cables? Let’s apply the 3 tips below which focus on helping mobile users improve Internet speed while waiting for fiber optic cable to be repaired.

1- Change DNS

The purpose of DNS change is to redirect domain name resolution servers to increase Internet access bandwidth. This method is both fast, compact, and effective immediately, most people think and implement first. Run the MySpeed google, you will see some improvement after changing DNS.

MySpeed google

Run the MySpeed google, you will see some positive improvement after changing DNS.

To change DNS on Windows 10, you follow these below steps:

  • Tap Start => Setting and then click on the Control Panel.

  • Click on Network and Internet => Change Adapter Settings.

  • Right-click on the Wi-Fi network you are connected to, then click Properties.

  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 => tap Properties => write down any existing DNS server entries for future reference.

  • Click-use the following DNS server addresses, and replace those addresses with the DNS addresses: For IPv4: and; and For IPv6: 2606:4700:4700: 1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001

  • Click OK => Close, and then restart your browser

To change DNS on Mac PC, you follow these steps: 

  • Open System Preferences.

  • Type DNS Servers and click it.

  • Click the “+” button to add a DNS Server and enter and (for redundancy).

  • Click Ok and then Apply.

To change DNS on Android devices, you follow:

  • Connect to your preferred Wi-Fi network.

  • Enter your gateway IP address of the router in your browser. Fill in your username and password (if asked).

  • On the configuration page, move to the DNS server settings, and enter the existing DNS server.

  • Replace those addresses with the DNS addresses: For IPv4: and, and For IPv6: 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001

  • Save your settings, then restart your browser.

To change DNS on the IOS system, you follow:

  • From your iPhone's home screen, open Settings.

  • Open Wifi you are connecting to

  • Tap Configure DNS, and then click on Manual.

  • Now, add and (as alternate DNS servers for redundancy) to the DNS address.

  • Now, tap the Save button on the top right.

2- Use VPN virtual network on the Chrome browser

MySpeed google

Another tip to get good MySpeed google results when broken marine cables are using VPN. VPN is a system that creates a virtual private network, helping computer devices, your phone, after connecting to the VPN server, is recognized as the client of the local network system that the VPN server is the door of connection.

When using a VPN, the provider creates a virtual private link from the user's device to the server in a country of your choice. From here, packets from your device begin to travel to other service providers

Using a VPN is quite simple. You just search VPN for Chrome, you will see some VPN extensions to install. Open it to use, do you feel faster internet speed?

3- Use 3G / 4G instead of Wifi

Nowadays, telecommunication has been developed a lot, 3G, 4G even 5G technologies are used commonly. These cellular network connections provide fast stable internet speed. The download speed is also good and gets positive reviews from users. Although MySpeed google measures speed of 3G/4G is not as good as that of Wireless connection, only you use this connection, it still gives perfect experience.

MySpeed google

Although MySpeed google measures speed of 3G/4G is not as good as that of Wireless connection, only you use this connection, it still gives the perfect experience

Currently, the 3G / 4G network is not much affected by the breakdown of the AAG undersea cable, so smartphone users can choose to register 3G / 4G packages from carriers to have more stable internet access during waiting for the repair of the cable system.


The article eliminates the misunderstanding news of sharks biting submarine cables somewhat. Besides, with the help of the MySpeed google tool to measure internet speed, 3 good tips are suggested to you to get a good experience. Read more useful articles on the website

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