Speed check google: troubleshooting internet speed problems

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Speed check google is a good tool to assist you to find internet issues. You are using an internet connection, Wifi at home or cafes, offices, ... But suddenly you cannot connect to the internet, whether it is wired or wifi, the network still is slow lag and every flicker. Don't know what is the cause of slow loss and how to fix it? Today, MySpeed will help you solve the problem by synthesizing the cause and effective solutions.


Speed check google

Speed check google is a good tool to assist you to solve the SLOW network

Speed check google: troubleshooting internet speed problems

Reasons for slow, lag, flicker network

Using the network connection, users often have problems with slow, lag, or flicker internet. Each reason will have a different solution, therefore, troubleshooting internet speed issues is necessary for you to find the exact reason for your internet error to fix it clearly. Here are some popular reasons.

Submarine cable broken

Reason: 70% is due to maritime activities in areas such as Southeast Asia when the anchor of a cargo ship of several tens of thousands of tons hook and drag the cable which harms it, break it down. 30% is due to humans, weather, or sharks. In fact, most people are familiar with the news of sharks biting submarine cables but it is not the truth. 

Speed check google

Sharks attack internet cables but it is not the truth

Solution: For this reason, you conduct the speed check on google just to know the flicker internet. However, you just know the reason but can not fix yourself. To solve this, you just can wait for the internet service provider to come and reconnect the undersea optical cable. In the meantime, you can do some tips to improve speed such as changing DNS, using 3G / 4G mobile network to temporarily replace, ...

Virus-infected device

When you run the speed check google, the result is normal but you feel every online activity is slow. Troubleshooting internet speed issues can be due to Virus-infected devices. 

Reason: Your computers, devices will intend to be infected with viruses easily when you frequently plug in a USB flash drive without having virus scanning software. Or you access virus-infected sites, strange links containing viruses. The sign to help you recognize that your computer has been infected with a virus is that the boot time or running applications on the computer takes place longer than usual. In the process of using the machine also often hangs and does not work.

Speed check google

Multi-device antivirus

Solution: To protect your device from malicious viruses, you need to install the best antivirus software for your computer, you should use fully licensed software. high new anti-virus results. Some effective antivirus software is BKAV, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, etc. Besides, you also should not click strange links, websites to avoid infection.

Too many wifi devices

Turning off unnecessary devices to conduct speed check google and you get a poor result. Maybe there are too many external people connected to your Wi-Fi without your permission. 

Speed check google

Can too many devices slow down wifi

Reason: Each internet package has a limit of users to work effectively, however, if the number of users exceeds the allowed limit or someone knows, hacks your wifi password without your permission, it will slow down the internet, especially during peak hours. 

Solution: To avoid this situation, you should change the password regularly or upgrade your internet package to have higher broadband.


Reason: To stimulate a higher package to get more profit, some bad ISPs can do a few tricks making your network slow and then they advise you to pick a higher internet plan to have a better experience. However, even though you register a package with more broadband, the real speed you get is not too different. It makes you waste your money.

Speed check google

Solution: Contact Customer care of your ISP: First, you should call the Support number to ask your carrier to fix slow, lag, and flicker network problems for you. If your network operator cannot fix your network problem, do not try to hold on to do anything, go ahead and find another service provider to use.

Cause of disconnection

Disconnection is also a popular problem of network connection when troubleshooting internet speed problems. With this problem, conducting the speed check google is not too worthy. To tackle some reasons for this problem, you will need to do it by hand.

Lan network cable unplugged

Reason: The popular reason for disconnection is that the LAN cable connected from the modem device to the computer is broken or loose, leading to a network signal not being transmitted from the modem to the computer. If there is a "red x" or "yellow exclamation" network icon in the lower right corner of the screen, it is due to the LAN cable.

Speed check google

Lan cable is unplugged

Solution: Check that the two LAN wire connections of both the modem and the computer are loose or not. If loose, plug it back in securely and check if it's connected. If not, check if the line is broken or not? In case the wire is broken, you can buy a new wire yourself to replace it. 

Broken glass fiber of the optical cable

Reason: the reasons for breaking down could be caused by an electricity worker cutting the wrong cable, or being bitten by a mouse or someone accidentally / intentionally cut your cable. It was also possible that the storm caused the trees to fall, leading to the disconnection of the cable outside the signal pop box. To find out if this is the cause or not, check the signal light on the modem. If the light on the word “optical” is not on, then the fiber-optic signal to the modem is lost.

Speed check google

Breaking fiber optic cable

Solution: For this reason, only the ISP can fix your network. Therefore, you need to call the support center of your ISP to complain and require technical staff to support at home in the shortest time.

Several other causes of slow network

Not popular reasons but these things below also can make your network connection slow, affect the online experience. Using the speed check google,  you will see the slow significantly in your network result. 

Wifi waves of the neighbors

Reason: Almost all families have their own router, a separate wifi internet to use. However, there are too many wifi networks next to each other, causing channel overlap, especially in apartment buildings where many households live together. The channel overlap occurs with the routers working on the 2.4 GHz band. In the same band, there are too many routers working. 

Speed check google

Using a 2.4 and 5 GHz dual-band router can improve your speed check Google  result a lot

Solution: you should select a channel to avoid interference during router installation such as a 5 GHz router or automatic channel router. Today routers are all built to have automatic channel selection, but sometimes you should actively find the best channel to tune in. In addition, buying a dual-band router is also a viable solution. The simultaneous operation on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands will help you no longer have to worry about interference during wifi usage. This improves your speed test results a lot. 

Modem location

Reason: The router/ modem is not placed in a suitable location which can weaken the ability of signal transmission. This is also a popular mistake when troubleshooting internet speed problems. If the modem is placed on the ground or behind other objects in the house, the network speed will drop significantly. Conversely, if the modem is placed in a high position, the broadcast range will be extended. The transmission line is also more stable.

In addition, concrete and metal objects also have the ability to block wireless transmission. So do not place the modem in areas surrounded by concrete or near metal objects in the house.

Speed check google

Modem location in house

Solution: distance is also a decisive factor to the connection speed, the further away the modem is, the weaker the signal. Therefore, you should leave the modem in the main areas, the center of your house where the internet is used a lot. In case the area for the modem is too large, you can overcome it by using a wifi extender or Wifi Repeater because these devices have the ability to diffuse the wifi signal further.

You can run the speed check google at many locations in your house after hanging the router in a higher place to check this solution. It is very effective, right?

Download large files

Reason: Do you know your speed check for internet results will be so bad if you are downloading a large file? When downloading large files from the internet to your computer, your connection will probably slow down significantly until the download is completed. This is unavoidable when updating the operating system. Downloading a large file will require a huge amount of internet data to finish it, therefore, you will have enough broadband to do other online activities well. 

Speed check google

Can't download large files

Solution: This can not make a big influence on your network but if there is only you using the internet. In fact, in your house, a lot of people have the demand for online. While you download files, others can watch movies on Netflix, read online newspapers, etc. Therefore, if not necessary you should download it at a time when fewer people use it to bring a good experience to every family member.


With the help of the Speed check google, the article synthesized some popular reasons and solutions to popular network problems. Hope you find useful information to improve your network connection performance or can be confident to find a way to solve your trouble. Read the more informative article on the website https://gospeedcheck.com/en/cat-article/blog-13 


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