How to Analyze Results of web speed check?

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Every business wants their websites to perform well, but how can they know that? Running a web speed check is one quick and simple way to give them an insight into how fast their sites are performing and what to do to improve the website’s overall performance. In this article, we’ll discuss the different metrics analyzed by the MySpeed Website Speed Test and what the results tell you about your website. We’ll also discuss best practices for improving load times and other useful strategies

web speed check

How to Analyze Results of web speed check

With more and more people buying products and services online, a faster website is truly important. Many studies have shown the association between a slower website with a lower conversion rate and smaller revenue.

An introduction to MySpeed web speed check

The MySpeed tool will test your website’s speed from any device and give a comprehensive report on how it performs. 

The tool enables you to test your website from multiple locations across the globe, which gives you an in-depth insight into how different your website’s performance is, depending on user location. 

If your target audience is based in a specific geographical area, it’s always best to analyze the data from the server closest to their location, as this will give you the most accurate analysis of their user experience.

The MySpeed Test is easy to use but provides useful in-depth results. These results show you not only how quickly your site is loading but why your site may be underperforming, enabling you to make strategic improvements.

web speed check

Running Web speed check is the best way to know how fast your site is loading

Now, we’ll discuss some of the metrics analyzed by the MySpeed Website Speed Test and what these results can tell you about your website’s performance.

MySpeed web speed check is one of our most popular tools that provide thousands of users worldwide with the knowledge of how their websites are performing and what they can do to improve their site speed. The Website Speed Test can test websites from locations around the globe, and it produces many key results to give you an in-depth insight into how quickly your webpages are loading. It is simple and easy to use. 

How to Analyze Results of web speed check?

Below are some of the metrics analyzed by the MySpeed and what they can tell you about your website’s performance. 

Load Time

The MySpeed Website Speed Test will tell you exactly how fast your page loads as well as your page size and the number of HTTP requests made. It’ll also give you a performance grade and a list of recommendations to improve your site’s speed.

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How to read Results of web speed check

According to Google, the best load speed for a webpage is under three seconds. If after running a web speed check and you find that your site is taking more than three seconds to load, consider these ways:

  • Caching: This is a technique aimed to reduce the number of server requests. Caching on your website allows static copies of your webpages to be stored as HTML files and served to your users instead of dynamic webpages, which can lead to faster load times.

  • Use a CDN: Using a content delivery network (CDN) means that copies of your website’s files will be delivered to data centers across the world. So, when one visits your website, they’ll quickly get files from the closet center. This reduces the distance files must travel and bandwidth-related speed issues.

  • Upgrade Hosting: Your server resources may be inadequate for your website size or the amount of traffic. Thus, you should call your hosting provider to check if it may be time to upgrade your plan.

Implementing these strategies is easy and can bring immediate improvements to your load times. However, it should be noted that there also other factors that cause your website to run slowly.

Page Size

Another metric you can get from MySpeed web speed check is the size of the page you test. Google recommends all webpages should be no larger than 500KB. If your page is any larger, you know what happens?

Yes, your site load times will definitely be affected. 

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Web speed check on MySpeed

Plus, MySpeed also shows a breakdown of content size and lists each page element, and gives you exact details on the size of each one. This can help you see which components are causing your page to load slowly. 

The large images on your webpages could be the reason for slow loading times. According to Google, compressing images and text could save 25% of webpages 250KB. Also, you need to minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files using gzip compression for a faster page. 

HTTP Requests

With MySpeed, you can also get detailed information on HTTP requests when running a web speed check on MySpeed. Specifically, the number of requests made by a page and the number of requests different page elements make.

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Performing a web speed check to get detailed information on HTTP requests

According to Google, each page should load less than 50 HTTP requests. So, to make your site load faster, you should reduce the number of components on a page. This will contribute to a decrease in the number of HTTP requests required.

Here are some effective methods you can take to reduce the number of page elements:

Eliminate non-essential files and images: Keep your media library by deleting any files (plug-ins, modules, or extensions) or images you aren’t using. 

Creating a CSS Image Sprite: Putting all your images into one CSS file is a great way to reduce page elements. This way, only one request is made for images instead of one for every image on the page.

Implementing Lazy Loading: This means only when the user scrolls down the page, the requests for images will be sent. As a result, unnecessary requests for images will be reduced.

Why should we need to run a web speed check regularly? 

Website speed is undoubtedly an important factor in Google’s algorithm. A lightning-quick website can expect to rank higher in the SERPs and to have a high conversion rate. In fact, 

web speed check

Reasons to run a web speed check regularly

You might not put much focus on running a website test until there is a problem with your site. The main benefits of a web speed check include: 

  • Give a clear picture of how your site is performing

  • Reveal reasons for a slow website

  • Recommendations for better website speed

Final Thoughts

MySpeed web speed check is a thorough tool that gives you a comprehensive report of how your website is performing. By analyzing the data and understanding the process your webpages are going through each time they load, you can make decisions about which strategies you should do to improve your website load times.

Have you tried MySpeed yet? If you have any questions about the results your site receives, free contact us for better understanding.


Rating:4.8 - 50Votes



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