Why is my download speed so slow on PC? Go over these easy ways

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The slow download speed on PC has always been a common issue with many internet users. If you are confused about why is my download speed so slow on PC, don’t skip this article because the various causes as well as provide some simple but effective will be mentioned in this article. 

What is download speed?

The download speed is the rate at which you get information from the internet. The majority of internet activity consists of downloading, as well as perusing websites, streaming videos and gaming.

Download speed is the rate at which you get information from the internet

The speed with which you can download data is influenced in part by your bandwidth, or how much information you may potentially receive per second. Bandwidth is measured in megabits per second (Mbps) and is determined by the internet plan you have with your internet service provider (ISP). In general, the more bandwidth you have, the faster your downloading will be.

Why is my download speed so slow on PC?

In many cases, users pick a suitable internet speed plan, yet the download procedure is slow on PC. In Tom’s HARDWARE forum, the users complained about the PC download speed.  specifically, “My internet connection is 100 MBs fibre wired, but my download rates often run between 250kbps and 1mb/s”. 

So what is the main cause of this problem? Here, we will show you some detailed answers about it: 

Older PC system

Older computer systems may be hampered by issues such as an overworked CPU, insufficient RAM, a bad hard drive, or incompatible internet protocols. As consequence, the downloading process is affected and slows down. 

Older computer systems may cause slow download speed

#1. The overworked CPU

The central processing unit, or CPU, is the computer's brain. The CPU converts computer code into practical functions. The tasks that go through the CPU might overload an older CPU with slower clock speeds. This causes slower download times since the download must wait its turn to communicate with the CPU.

#2. RAM is insufficient

RAM, or random access memory, is the memory pool that all computer applications use. An older computer with less RAM may be overburdened, causing the computer to download slowly.

#3. A faulty hard drive

The computer's permanent memory

The hard drive is the computer's permanent memory, and it is in charge of the boot-up process and program opening.

A full or sluggish hard drive may be unable to manage the download, resulting in slower downloads.

#4. Internet protocols that are incompatible

Internet connectivity can be wireless (through a wireless access card) or hardwired (through a network interface card). For internet connectivity, either technique relies on pre-programmed protocols. Older computers may have internet connection protocols that are incompatible with the internet connection protocol to which it is trying to connect.

Outdated operating system

The operating system, or OS, is the program that determines how a computer's many components will function together. Consider the operating system as a piece of a computer that may be outdated and out of date.

Operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 10

As newer operating system versions are introduced, previous versions may no longer be capable of managing the data operations required for quick downloads. For example, the computer you're using has Windows 7 installed, but the data you're attempting to download is designed for Windows 10. As a result, Windows 7 will undoubtedly be slower.

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Virus or malware on the PC

Malware or spyware may make a computer sick. Malware is a harmful piece of code that is meant to change the way a computer operates. This contains, among other things, viruses, rootkits and Trojan horses.

Malware or spyware may make a computer sick

Malware, such as a virus, attaches itself to data such as a file or picture and spreads once installed on the target system. A virus can use bandwidth by running applications in the background causing download rates to drop.

Programs in the PC Background

When a computer has too many apps running at the same time, download speed suffers. Some apps are intended to run automatically upon boot-up, which might result in high bandwidth utilization. The more apps that use the available bandwidth, the slower the downloads will be.

A very busy website

The website itself may be overburdened and unable to manage the amounts of data being transmitted in a timely manner. For example, suppose your favourite streaming provider releases a highly anticipated film on a specified day and time. 

Millions of users from all around the world are attempting to see the film at the same time. This additional demand will result in slower download times regardless of your bandwidth or computer speed.

Problems with ISP

Slow download speeds might be caused by the ISP

Slow download speeds might be caused by the ISP. Different distribution mechanisms provide varying bandwidths, so choosing a higher-bandwidth ISP will result in speedier downloads. Some ISPs may provide considerable bandwidth while providing sluggish download rates. This might be due to the ISP's settings in the region.

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Ending words

We hope this article may help you to better understand the reason why is my download speed so slow on PC and have a better download experience when using the options provided above. If you have any questions concerning the download speed, please leave a comment.