Why is my Blizzard download speed so SLOW? 2 secret causes

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Blizzard is one of the top gaming systems available.

However, you still can experience lagging or slow speed when playing it. 

That’s frustrating!

Why is my Blizzard download speed so slow? How can you fix it?

Read this article for further details. 

Blizzard download speed is so slow

Blizzard download speed is so slow

Why Is My Blizzard Download Speed So Slow?

Various reasons make your Blizzard download speed slower. Below are the common reasons:

Poor Internet Connection 

Your download speed will be slower if you use a shared network connection.

Many people connect to the internet via shared networks as family members can slow down when they use the network simultaneously.

Thus, if you're attempting to download blizzard while someone else in your house is using another device, you can face a slow speed. 

The poor internet connection can slow down your blizzard speed

The poor internet connection can slow down your blizzard speed

Poor Hardware

It's critical to consider the devices you use to connect to the internet.

Similar to “Why is my browser download speed so slow?”, the hardware you use to access the internet significantly impacts speed. 

A good modem and router with at least 802.11G capability will help you get the speed you pay for. 

The blizzard download speed slows down due to poor hardware

The blizzard download speed slows down due to poor hardware

Your network adapter card, which allows your computer to connect to the internet through wireless, will also affect connection speed, including blizzard download speed. 

Because of the inefficiency of your device, you can get slow downloads. 

Ensure the hardware you buy has an adequate wireless range to meet your demands.

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Outdated Window OS

If your devices are running on an older version of an operating system, they may not be compatible with the current hardware or software.

As consequence, your computer performs slowly even leading to crashes. 

Slow Blizzard downloads are understandable.

Make sure that you're running the most recent version of your operating system and any applications you frequently use. 

Many software companies release updates to their products on a regular basis, so checking for updates can help keep your computer running smoothly.

Outdated windows OS

Outdated windows OS

Downloading games during peak hours

Unspoken truth is that the more devices/users connect to the same network, the slower the connection speed is.

When you download games during peak hours, your device needs to compete with many other devices to get bandwidth and finish the downloading process.

Your device can not be strong to take enough bandwidth for the downloading.

Or the bandwidth is insufficient for all devices.

To sum up, your Blizzard downloading is also affected and even failed.

Slow Blizzard downloads due to insufficient bandwidth

Slow Blizzard downloads due to insufficient bandwidth

Old network adapter driver

Network adapters, also known as Network Interface Cards (NICs), are devices that connect your computer to the internet or other computers and devices.

If your network adapter ( both wired and wireless) doesn’t support your internet speed or is outdated, you will have to face with slow download speed issue.

Slow Blizzard download speed can be caused by this. 

Outdated network adapter driver

Outdated network adapter driver

What To Do If My Blizzard Download Is Slow?

The slow download speed has a bad impact on your online gaming experience. 

Thus, follow the simple methods below to boost your blizzard download speed. 

Check The Limiter

The limiter can influence how fast your game is downloaded. 

A speed limiter is in place that prevents download speeds from exceeding 0.1 Mbps, so you can not reach the maximum speed on this game. 

To boost download speed, remove the restriction or change the maximum limit.

How to speed up blizzard downloads with this tip? 

Follow these simple steps: 

  • Step 1. Open the blizzard client and click the symbol in the top left corner of the screen. This will bring up a menu for you.

  • Step 2. Choose "Settings" and go to the download settings. Scroll down to find the network bandwidth limiter. 

You may either uncheck the box next to the option to entirely deactivate it or alter the values next to the limiter to define how much download speed you need for the game.

How to increase download speed on Blizzard?

How to increase download speed on Blizzard?

Check the Internet Connection

If you use a wireless connection, connect your PC directly to the router with a wire. 

Before connecting the PC, reboot the router once to avoid the risk of minor network difficulties. 

Run a speed test in your browser to see how fast your network is. 

Contact your service provider if the speed test also reveals that your network has insufficient bandwidth.

Check the internet connection

Check the internet connection

Disable The Background Programs

Another program running in the background, such as an emulator, torrent, or another platform, can consume all of the bandwidth that allows you to download the game. 

How to increase download speed during the blizzard playing? 

You should halt the download or entirely exit out of apps or programs running in the background.

How to fix the slow blizzard download speed?

How to fix the slow blizzard download speed?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Why does Blizzard take so long to start?

Examine your network configuration for problems with your firewall, router, or port settings.

To resolve permissions issues, try running the game as an administrator. 

Rare launcher issues may be resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the Battle.net desktop app.

How do I allow Blizzard through the firewall?

To enable the firewall, click Start. 

To customize the firewall configuration, click Firewall Options. 

Check the box that says "Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections." 

Select OK.

How do I fix the error code blzbntbgs7fffff01?

This usually happens after spending a long time in the game lobby. 

To resolve this issue, simply log out of the Battle.Net app and log back in before restarting the game.

Is Battle.net Blizzard?

In August 2017, Battle.net was officially renamed "Blizzard Battle.net," with the change being reversed in January 2021. 

In contrast to the external interfaces used by other online services at the time, Battle.net was the first to be integrated directly into the games that use it.

Why can’t I connect to Blizzard?

If you're using a wireless connection, optimize it to rule out a connection problem. 

To resolve any compatibility issues, update your drivers. 

To resolve any network conflicts, release and renew your IP address and flush your DNS. 

To resolve any software conflicts, try closing background applications.

Ending words

Knowing why is my blizzard download speed so slow, you also find the best solutions to fix this problem. These tips also help you boost the game download speed with a better experience. Follow MySpeed to get further interesting articles.




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