What makes the ping rate in your speed check results so high?

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Running some speed checks then you find that your ping rate is so high … Well, it must be so frustrating if you are going to take part in a fast-paced online game or any other online activities that require fast responsiveness of the network connection. Let’s see what makes the ping rate in your speed check results so high right below here!

Ping or also referred to as latency is one of the primary measurements in speed test results, along with download and upload speeds. Measured in millisecond (ms), ping rate, or ping time reflects how fast your internet connection responds to a request. 


Low ping is so important for online activities where timing is everything

Low ping is extremely important for online activities where timing is everything like gaming, for example. And of course, high ping may cause a lot of trouble for us as when using the internet. Now, it’s time for us to find out what makes the ping rate in your speed check results so high. But first, we need to understand how much ping is considered high and how much is low ping.

How much ping is considered high for online gaming?

Perhaps, there’s not a firm answer to the question of “How much ping is considered high?” because it depends on the online activities you are engaging in or your internet usage. Normally, the rates of 100 ms and less are the average ping level for most broadband connections. 

In online gaming, any ping amounts less than 20 ms are considered low ping, while the amounts of 50-100 ms range from very good ping to average ping and it’s considered high ping if the rates are about 150 ms approximately.


In online gaming, any ping amounts less than 20 ms are considered low ping

Of course, the smaller amounts of ms in your speed check results, the lower your ping rate, and the better the connection. In online gaming, low ping means smooth gameplay, especially when it comes to racing games, real-time strategy games, FPS games, or multiplayer games. But with high ping, players will likely experience delays or lags during the game that might worsen your gaming experiences a lot. 

What makes the ping rate in your speed check results so high?

After running enough speed checks the right way that ensures the speed results’ accuracy, well, it’s time for you to find out the reasons for the high ping. In fact, various factors can cause high ping. 

Right below here, we are about to learn about common reasons for high ping. Knowing them might help you determine which factors make your ping rate get high. In that way, you will be able to find a way to fix the problem.

Slow internet speed

Slow internet speed will take you more time to send and receive data, thus increasing your ping rate that makes lags in online gaming. 

Your internet speed is fast or slow depending on a wide range of factors, including your internet plan, the type of connection (satellite, cable, or fiber connection), the numbers of users and devices connected to your network, the wired or wireless network, and more. 


Slow internet speed can make ping rate in your speed check results high

For example, you likely experience some lags during peak usage times of the day or when there are numbers of devices using the network at once. Lags might also happen if you are using a Wi-Fi connection instead of the wired one.

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Configuration of firewalls

Most of the packets of data that your computer sends and receives are checked by the firewalls. This process takes time. Even though that time is measured in milliseconds which sound seemingly inconsequential, it still can slow down your internet speeds, resulting in high latency. 

Disabling firewalls will help lower your ping, however, please keep in mind that this action might expose your system to risks. So, you could consider it carefully.

Geographical location

In many games, your current ping is displayed right on the game’s screen. That means you can always know your real-time ping rates without having to run speed checks to measure the ping or latency. 

If you see a high ping in your game’s screen, well, the reason for that might be the distance between your computer and the server. The farther the distance, the higher the ping rate. So, if you want to lower the ping rate, consider choosing a server that is geographically nearer to you.


If you want to lower the ping rate, consider choosing a game server that is geographically nearer to you

Besides, the distance between you and your router also does matter if you access the internet over a wireless connection. The far distance and physical obstacles like walls, closets, … can weaken your Wi-Fi signal strength, leading to higher ping.

Wireless interference

In general, wireless internet connections seem susceptible to signal interference.  Wireless interference happens when something weakens or even disrupts the Wi-Fi signal coming from the wireless router. 

It causes the network data to be corrupted when transmitting, leading to lags from re-transmission delays. Though wireless interference may not be as common as the reasons mentioned previously, it also causes high ping or latency.

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Wireless interference

The quality of Internet Service Provider (ISP)

There’s also a chance that the high ping could be a problem at your ISP’s end.  Calling your ISP to report the problem and asking them to help lower your ping is what you should do in case you don’t know how to fix the issue yourself.

In addition to the above reasons, there are other factors causing high pings such as the old router, old computers or devices, simultaneous downloads, and more. Of course, finding the right reasons for your high ping rate is the best way to lower its number so that you can better engage in online activities, especially online gaming.


Recently, we explored what makes the ping rate in your speed check results high. There are also some suggestions on how to lower ping that we mentioned in this writing as well. We really hope that all of the information in today’s article was all useful to you!