What is a good upload speed for streaming live video on LinkedIn?

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With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, LinkedIn is nothing but one of the world’s most popular social networks. Well, do you know that LinkedIn also allows users to broadcast live videos on its platform? 

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live

Yep, LinkedIn users can stream their live videos using LinkedIn Live. This feature was launched in February 2019. According to hootsuite.com, LinkedIn Live streams increased by 437 percent in 2020. What an incredible number!

Have you ever broadcasted a live video on LinkedIn? What is a good upload speed for streaming live content on this platform? What upload speed do I need to stream real-time video? 

Keep reading on till the end of this blog post, then you will find out the answer to this question. But first, let’s see why upload speed matters when it comes to live streaming.

Live streaming on LinkedIn

Live streaming on LinkedIn

Live streaming: Why do upload speeds matter?

Without a good internet speed for uploading, your real-time video can’t be streamed properly. 

What is upload speed?

Measured in Mbps (megabits per second, not megabytes per second), upload speed refers to how fast digital data travels from your PC, smartphone, or other devices to the internet. 

Faster upload speeds mean you can send files, share photos, upload videos, etc quicker. 

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Do upload speeds matter?

For any activities requiring uploading data, upload speeds are so essential. From gaming, video calling, to things like posting photos or videos on social media sites, they all use upload bandwidth.

In many cases, upload speeds are considered much more crucial than download speeds. Well, whenever you perform activities that need to upload large amounts of data, good internet speeds for uploading are extremely important. In which, live streaming, uploading large files, and more mainly involve uploading data. 

Good upload speed for live streaming

Good upload speed for live streaming

Why is good upload speed important for live streaming?

Live video streaming requires a steady and secure internet connection. For broadcasters, good upload speeds are what you should pay attention to.

It’s true that this activity heavily depends on the upload bandwidth. You need to upload the data to the internet continually from the beginning to the end of your live stream. Upload speed directly affects your live video’s quality and how your viewers see and hear you. 

Without a good enough upload speed, dropped frames or other issues in the live video are likely to occur. Conversely, fast speeds will enable you to smoothly deliver your real-time content at a good quality, making your stream appealing to the viewers. 

Fast internet speeds

Fast internet speeds

What is a good upload speed Mbps for LinkedIn Live?

So, what is a good mbps upload speed for broadcasting live content on LinkedIn?

According to the platform, approved LinkedIn Live Video broadcasters need to opt for a reliable streaming quality based on their internet connection. 

LinkedIn recommends that broadcasters conduct internet upload speed test prior to streaming to ensure the upload speed is at least 10 Mbps.

For details about LinkedIn Live Video encoder settings, you can visit LinkedIn’s website to find out. 



Bottom line

For broadcasting live video content via LinkedIn Live or any other platforms (such as YouTube, Facebook Live, and more), good upload speeds significantly matter. Insufficient speeds are very likely to result in big issues affecting the quality of your live video. Now, you know “what is the recommended upload speed for streaming 

live video on LinkedIn Live”, right? So, before streaming, make sure that your internet connection is fast enough to deliver real-time video content smoothly. And that’s all for this post; hope you found it informative and helpful. Next post will be about “what is the average upload and download speed”, check it out if you find the topic interesting.




Rating:4.6 - 50Votes



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