Resetting Frontier router: Things you should know for faster speed

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When dealing with common problems with Internet connectivity, resetting Frontier router is always the best course of action.

By far, this is the approach that industry professionals advocate using the most to address problems in general.

If you don’t know what to do first, read this post and discover how to accomplish this without making a mistake.

So let's get started learning the procedures.

 How to reset Frontier router?

How to reset Frontier router?

Is rebooting the same as resetting?

Not at all, no. 

Both are unique and carry out distinct tasks. 

All of your configurations are deleted and the factory default settings are restored when you perform a reset.

Rebooting your gadget entails doing so. 

The settings are unaltered, although this aids in fixing common problems.

Before performing the device reset, you should try rebooting it first.

Reboot vs Reset

When resetting your Frontier Router?

A router is an essential component of a broadband connection. 

You can have connectivity problems if the gadget has any problems.

Users typically reset their devices when they experience problems, which might range from poor speeds to no internet.

Learn about the situations in which you might need to push the router's "reset" button.

Can’t connect to the Internet

The majority of the time, even if your Wi-Fi's lights may be blinking, no Wi-Fi signals will be sent to your device.

Customers of Frontier frequently face connectivity issues.

It could be the result of service interruptions in your area, bad connection settings, defective equipment, etc.

However, check to see if there are any outages in your region before moving forward. 

You have two options for doing this: either check the business' website or ask your neighbor.

You can proceed to Frontier router reset if all of the other devices are operating normally except for yours.

Can’t connect to the Internet

Slow Internet speed 

Consider rebooting your router if you frequently have sluggish internet speeds before calling a repair.

In the event that you are not receiving the required speed, the business also suggests that you restart your router.

This is by far the best troubleshooting you can do before having a professional perform advanced troubleshooting.

Show Internet speed

Improve internet performance

Frontier reset router is sometimes done to enhance the speed of the broadband connection; it is not always necessary to do so in order to address any problems.

To keep your Wi-Fi connection stable and fast, Frontier advises that you reset your device at least once a month.

Reset your device at least once a month

What to do before resetting Frontier router?

You need to keep a few things in mind before moving forward with the reset. These are what they are: Erase settings and Check outage.

Erase settings

Your prior settings, including the username and passwords, will be deleted after a factory reset.

Therefore, it is wise to record the current settings in a journal before resetting the device.

In this manner, you can make the settings right away without having to read more or conduct more research.

Check outage

Check to see if there is a significant service outage in your area before you reset your device.

You can visit the Frontier website to see if your location is included in the list of affected areas. 

If so, refrain from performing any troubleshooting until the company has resolved the problem.

Check outage

How to reset Frontier router?

How do I reset my Frontier router? The resetting process can be carried out in one of two ways. 

One uses a full restart, while the other uses factory default settings.

Learn more about this in-depth and discover how to complete it quickly.

Soft restart 

Restarting or rebooting your modem or router is the best option to resolve your connectivity problem. 

The steps to take are as follows:

  • Remove the device's power cord from the outlet.

  • Give it two minutes.

  • Connect the power cord and turn the power on.

  • Start the gadget.

  • Now check your connection.

If you wonder how to restart Xfinity router, you can try these steps as well.

Restart your router

Note: Please wait 1-2 minutes before plugging in again, kindly take note. This step should not be rushed.

Factory reset

If rebooting the router didn't help, you might try resetting it. It can be reset to return the gadget to its default factory settings.

Follow these steps to factory reset Frontier router:

  • Verify that the power is "on."

  • Locate the reset button on the router's rear.

  • Activate the reset button for 15 seconds minimum.

  • After 15 seconds, click the reset button once more.

  • Hold off till the router restarts on its own.

  • The power light will turn on when finished.

  • After completing the settings, you are ready to go!

Factory reset

Note: You can press the "reset button" with a pencil or a paperclip. 

However, avoid using any sharp objects, as they can permanently damage the button.

How to Reconfigure your Frontier Router After Resetting It?

Restoring the router to its default settings is the next step after performing the reset.

You will need the username, password, etc. for that.

You simply input it back if you had previously written it down, as I suggested earlier.

How to Reconfigure your Frontier Router After Resetting It?

If you don't have it, you can use the system's default username and password, which changes from one system to another.

Connect your router to a PC to update the username and password.

Type the default username and password into the web browser after opening your router's IP address.

You'll be sent to the user interface right away, where you can modify your username and password.

However, many people encounter the issue of no internet after resetting modem. In that case, you should run a Wifi speed test to figure out the actual status.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What happens when the router is reset?

When you reset your router, connectivity problems are fixed, performance improves, and the settings are reset to default, which you can then modify as needed.

Can you replace your Frontier router?

Yes, you can swap out your Frontier router for another Frontier router. 

However, utilizing other routers won't be helpful because, according to the firm, they lack some of the capabilities only Frontier routers and services offer.

Should I press reset button on router?

Only use the reset button if you actively want to remove all configurations from your device, or if you've tried everything else but still can't log into your network (in the case of routers).


Are you clear about how to reset a Frontier router? You might think about doing a Frontier router reset or restart if your WiFi signal strength isn't that great or your connectivity isn't up to par. Hope you now have the knowledge for resetting Frontier router quickly. You can ask for assistance from the support staff if the problem hasn't been fixed.

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