New Instagram Lite available for Android devices in 170 countries

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The New Instagram Lite takes up just 2MB, a lot smaller than the regular Instagram app with 30 MB. Read along for more details.

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New Instagram Lite available for Android devices in 170 countries

Instagram released its Lite app in 2018 and pulled it from the Play Store in May last year. Recently, the Facebook-owned platform announced its relaunch of the new Instagram Lite with new features and a bit larger file size compared to its predecessor. 

Require only 2MB

The latest version of the Lite app has a package size of just 2MB. It’s designed with a focus on users lacking processing power, storage capacity, and superfast data connections. 

Though this new Instagram Lite is not as small as the original one (with just 573 KB), it’s still significantly smaller than the regular Instagram app with 30MB. 

To reach that size, the app just focuses on images, video, and messaging, removing certain features like AR filters, animations, some transitions, IG Live, or Shopping. This ensures the app can run well on very basic hardware and without stable network connections. 

Messaging, profiles, Stories, photo filters, and even video messaging are still available in the new Lite app. Though it doesn’t offer AR face filters, less-data-intensive creation tools like GIFs, stickers, and text remain part of the app. 

The app now is available on Google Play in more than 170 countries all around the world. You can grab it from the Google Play Store right now. Note that the new Instagram Lite is Android only for now. 

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Rating:4.6 - 50Votes



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