Instagram rolls out “Professional dashboard” for businesses

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The Instagram Professional Dashboard will be a central and single destination for businesses and creators to track the performance of the posts and access professional tools. 

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The Facebook-owned platform has recently introduced a new professional dashboard

Instagram is increasing its efforts to make the platform more appealing to business owners and individuals who look to monetize their social media activities. Recently, the Facebook-owned platform has introduced a new professional dashboard that brings all the app’s business-centric tools into one central destination. 

The first time all Instagram’s business tools put together into a place

This new dashboard is meant for any Instagram users who use the platform professionally. It’s available to creator and business accounts. 

The new dashboard will host shortcuts account analytics, branded content partnerships, ad-tracking features, and links to tutorials to help business owners, influencers, and creators to manage their accounts more efficiently and easily. 

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Instagram’s new Professional Dashboard (Image source:

These features are not entirely new to the app; however, it’s the very first time Instagram has centralized all its business-centric tools into one destination. The update also highlights the increasing importance of this platform to businesses and influencers alike. The app now has over one billion monthly active users, which, of course, represent a potentially very large audience for brands. 

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Rating:4.8 - 50Votes



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