How to make Centurylink WiFi faster: Tips on boosting internet speeds

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You find that your internet WiFi speed is slower than it should be??? Is there any way to quickly improve your WiFi performance? Yep, of course. There are quite various simple ways that let you speed up your WiFi download and upload speeds. Check out this post to learn how to make WiFi faster!

WiFi connection

WiFi connection

Before jumping into the top easy solutions for making your WiFi faster, it’s worth noting that there are many possible reasons behind a slow internet connection. And, of course, the best fixes depend on the source of the problem. So, as long as you identify what makes your internet slow, you will know how to speed it up. Following are just some suggestions for easy fixes; hope they may help you.

Restart the router

If it’s been a while that you haven’t restarted your router, it’s time to give it a short break. You should first unplug the device and leave it disconnected for at least 60 seconds. After that, plug the router back in to reconnect with the internet connection. 

Change the router’s position

As being transmitted via the air, WiFi signal strength is affected by different factors, including wireless interference, physical obstructions, and of course, the distance to the router. 

It’s essential to note that the further the distance between the router and your device, the weaker the signals and the poorer the speeds.

So, to improve your WiFi speeds, try moving closer to the router or, if possible, try repositioning it to a more optimal spot so that the WiFi signals can spread more equally around your house. 

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Fast WiFi speeds

Fast WiFi speeds

Stop background activities

Background activities, device updates, software downloads, as well as apps and programs running on the background of your device also consume bandwidth, even high bandwidth. 

So, make sure that you close unnecessary programs running on your devices. This way, you’ll have more bandwidth to use. Your connection, due to that, will be likely faster.

If possible, reduce the number of devices using your connection

As you probably know, the more devices connected to the same network at once, the more bandwidth is required. That means if multiple devices use your WiFi simultaneously and require the bandwidth that your connection can’t handle, then slow speeds can be expected for all. 

If that’s the case, consider removing other devices from your network (if possible).

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Multiple devices using WiFi

Multiple devices using WiFi


Along with the aforementioned ways to fix slow WiFi, there are, of course, other tips on how to make Centurylink WiFi faster, too. Following are some more suggestions:

  • Use the internet during off-peak hours

  • Stop bandwidth-heavy activities such as video streaming, downloading/uploading large files, etc.

  • Consider upgrading your internet plan if you find the current one inadequate for your internet needs.

  • ...

Wrapping up

These are some easy ways to increase your WiFi connection speeds. As you can see, they are all simple to try, right? And that’s all for this post: How to make Centurylink WiFi faster: Tips on boosting internet speed; hope you found it helpful. The upcoming articles will be about “how to amplify optimum WiFi signal” and “how to make your WiFi faster on PS4;” let’s check out now!

Rating:4.7 - 50Votes



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