How to increase my download speed? Apply these simple methods

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Your Internet download speeds have an impact on the overall network performance. Enabling speedier downloads improves your enjoyment of your internet experience. So how to increase my download speed? In this post, we will give you some simple methods to speed up download speed. 

Why is my download speed slow?

There are many factors causing slow download speed

The download speed is the number of megabits (Mbps) per second that your server takes to download data to your device. Downloading activites can include downloading files, videos, photographs and text from any platforms such as Spotify, Instagram, or YouTube to your devices.

Reasons why your Internet connection slow

There are several reasons why your Internet connection may appear to be slow. Here are the most common ones: 

  • Wi-Fi interference such as Bluetooth devices, 2.4 GHz devices, walls… 

  • You have slow or out-of-date equipment.

  • Your internet connection is being throttled by your service provider.

  • Virus on your computer.

  • There are too many running programs.

  • Too many files are downloading at the same time.

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So, how to increase download speed? Continue reading to learn about some strategies to boost your download speed. 

How to increase my download speed?

Restart your PC

Try a restart before moving on to additional options

Try a restart before moving on to additional options. You may have apps running on your computer that you were unaware were still in use, or you may have too many browsers open at the same time. Simply restart your computer and start the download by 3 easy steps below: 

  • Go to Start.

  • Choose the Power button.

  • Click Restart.

Check your internet connection speed

Running a speed test enhances your download speed

Running a speed test is the simplest and quickest approach to enhancing your download speed. This may be accomplished by

Upgrade the internet package

Check if there are any programs that can handle a bigger quantity of data

Your internet connection may be unable to handle huge downloads depending on your service provider. It may be beneficial to upgrade to a higher-speed plan, especially if your family has numerous people and devices. So let’s examine your choices and check if there are any programs that can handle a bigger quantity of data.

Disable any other router-connected devices

The larger the number of people and gadgets connected to your internet, the slower the connection might be. For the time being, disconnect any other devices, such as smart TVs, iPads, and phones, while downloading. This might greatly boost your internet and download speeds.

Disable unnecessary apps

Similarly, when downloading, you should turn off any programs on your device. The apps you have running on your system might consume a significant portion of your bandwidth and contribute to slower speeds. 

For example, video streaming services consume a significant amount of bandwidth. In this case, you can disable the applications for a while and see if it helps.

Turn off or delete unnecessary apps

Only one file should be downloaded at a time

It's usual for your download to fail when you're downloading many files at once because your gadget isn't designed to handle huge file downloads. To make the download faster, download one file at a time. 

Make use of an Ethernet wire

A wired connection is faster and more stable

Connecting to an Ethernet wire can significantly boost your download speed. Follow the construction below to accomplish this.

  • Locate your computer's or laptop's Ethernet port.

  • Insert one end of the network cable into the Ethernet port and apply gentle pressure until a click is heard.

  • Insert the opposite end of the network cable to one of the network router or hub's "LAN" or "Network" ports.

  • Examine the network connection status symbol in the taskbar of your computer. When your computer is linked to a wired network, it will instantly gain Internet access without further settings.

Delete your cache

The cache is where your internet data is saved in order for online browsers and apps to load faster. Your browser cache might grow full at times, causing download speeds to lag. While you may not want to entirely clean your cache, you may select which data to delete. You have the option of deleting your browser history, computer cookies, and Cached pictures and files.

  • Enter your browser's settings.

  • Check the boxes next to the data you want to delete.

  • Select "Clear data."

You may also use browser plugins to help you clean your cache on a daily basis.

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