How Fast Is 12 Mbps Internet? Is It Good Enough for Online Gaming?

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How fast is 12 Mbps internet?”

That question looks straightforward, but it’s not! People do not only want to measure their internet speed, but they also want to know about the capability of that speed.

This article will give you the best answer to the question mentioned above.

Is 12 Mbps a good internet speed?

It depends on your need. However, 12 Mbps is on the lighter side if it comes to bandwidth. The internet is getting faster and faster by the day, and 200 Mbps is now standard in developed countries.

12 Mbps is not an exceptional speed. Although, it is good enough if you only need to surf the web or send text messages to your friend. In addition to that, you can also stream HD movies on Netflix with 12 Mbps internet speed.

Is 12 Mbps good internet speed to download large files?

If you want to download large files over the internet, 12 Mbps is not the best choice. It can save you some bucks, but it will take forever to download your files.

To give you a more intuitive understanding, we will tell you how much time a 12 Mbps internet will cost you to download an average 4K movie.

It takes forever to download large files with a 12 Mbps connection

It takes forever to download large files with a 12 Mbps connection

An internet connection with 12 Mbps speed can have a maximum download speed of 12 Megabits per second. As we know, 8 bits (b) equal 1 byte (B), so you can download 1.5 MB each second with that speed. 

An average 4K movie takes up 100 GB (100,000 MB) of storage, so it takes about 19 hours to download one. Another thing to remember is if you use the internet for other tasks during the download time, you will have to wait for more.

Is 12 Mbps internet fast enough to play online games?

12 Mbps may not be a good choice when you constantly need to download large files. But, on the other hand, it is suitable for most online games. To have the best gaming experience, you do not need a high download speed but a stable one.

For online gaming, you need to pay more attention to your PING. If your ping is lower than 30 ms, you can play online games without delay, even if your download speed is 5 Mbps.

12 Mbps is fine for League of Legends

12 Mbps is fine for League of Legends

I played League of Legends with 10 Mbps before. I am playing League of Legends with 80 Mbps at the moment. While my computer is the only device connected to the network, I see no difference.

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Of course, a higher download speed may lead to a lower ping because it has more resources to spend. If you want to be multitasking over the internet, consider calling your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for a higher plan.

How much is 12 Mbps of internet?

That is an odd question! ISPs do not put a price tag on each Mbps you are using. Instead, they have several plans for you to choose from. You have to pay differently for each package. The higher the speed, the higher the price.

12 Mbps internet price

12 Mbps internet price

The price also varies on the ISP. If they are deploying a promotion campaign, the price may be lower. At the moment, you have to pay $50 per month if you sign up for EarthLink’s 12 Mbps plan.

The speed is also not a fixed number. Some ISPs have 11 Mbps plans instead of 12 Mbps. Is 11 Mbps a good internet speed? It is just as good as 12 Mbps. You will not see any difference between those speeds.

Should I upgrade my internet plan?

If your internet speed is slow, you must figure out the reason why before looking for an upgrade. On some occasions, the problems lie in your modem or router, not your internet speed.

You need to conduct a test speed internet to measure your network’s current status. Nowadays, you can do it easily via many websites. MySpeed is one of the best tools for measuring your internet speed. You can go to to start using our service.

If the download speed in the result is close to 12 Mbps, you have what you paid for. In that case, you should consider upgrading your internet speed. 15 Mbps is a good start. It will not cost you a fortune but will give you a nice boost in speed.

15 Mbps is a good start if you want to watch Netflix

15 Mbps is a good start if you want to watch Netflix

How fast is 15 Mbps internet?

With 15 Mbps, you can stream HD movies on Netflix. Of course, you have to make sure that no other device is transferring data over the network. 15 Mbps is also the minimum requirement to stream 4K movies on Netflix, but you will encounter buffering a lot.


How fast is 12 Mbps internet?” After this article, you should be able to answer this question. To sum up, 12 Mbps is not the fastest option for you, but it is good enough if you only want to surf the web before going to bed. If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends. And also, give up some reviews about our service!

Rating:4.7 - 51Votes
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