Google ‘My Activity’ launches web dark theme on mobile and desktop

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Google ‘My Activity’ launches web dark theme on mobile and desktop

While prolific among first-party Android and iOS apps, night modes on Google websites are still rare. Therefore, the Google My Activity page is outstanding due to the latest dark theme feature.

Google granularly records the ways you interact with its apps and services to improve its performance. Released in 2016, Google “My Activity” allows you to track and delete your online activity through the controls set on this page.

This activity is really helpful and you will realize Google services assist you a lot, for example, opening “My Activity” you are able to rediscover the things you have searched for, read, and watched.

Developers designed this extension as a reverse-chronological timeline in either “Bundle” or “Item view,” a very long list is shown to you that is somewhat mitigated by date/product filters. In addition, My Activity has offered a search capability, you just tap an entry that provides even more detail about an interaction. At the very top of this page, Google lists three settings to turn on/off with each featuring additional options: Web & App Activity, Location, and YouTube History.

online website testing

Because designed as a long list and visitors need to spend some time scrolling through, the page is an ideal candidate to set a dark theme. That is also one of the advantages making it have a good point of online website testing results.  You can conduct an online iPhone website testing or Android to check site performance. 

My Activity leverages Google’s typical dark gray background with graphics and logos adjusted accordingly. This night mode gets applied automatically and follows your system setting on both Android and iOS, as well as desktop platforms, like macOS and Windows. It was launched in recent weeks. However, to My Activity take effect, users are required to refresh a page.

Google has yet to update the My Account page, which serves a similar purpose and is visually identical. This dark theme joins one for Google Keep, Support. It is also available in Gmail and Chrome’s New Tab Page to a limited extend. Meanwhile, desktop Google Search has been A/B testing since late last year.

Night mode adoption is commented much better over at YouTube with the main site, Music (by default), and TV featuring such options.

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Rating:5.0 - 50Votes



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