Does Wifi Extender Slow Internet Speed? How does a wifi extender work?

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As you may know, the further the distance between your device and your router, the weaker the Wifi signal strength.

This time, using a wifi extender can solve this issue.

However, does Wifi Extender Slow Internet Speed? Is it as good as a rumor? If you are going to buy a Wifi extender, this article is for you.

Let’s find out.

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Speed check internet google: Is Wifi repeater really good as rumor

What is a Wifi extender?

Wifi range extender, also known as a Wifi extender or Wifi repeater, is a device helping you use a stable Internet speed even far from your router.

Does faster internet speed increase wifi range? No, it doesn’t but Extender can. 

It collects Wifi at the original Wifi source, then playback it at a longer distance.

At the same time, it also makes speed Wifi waves always stable and less troublesome during use.

Everyone knows how long do routers last when you connect to the network at a corner in your house or a place that is far from your router.

That time the speed check internet google result will be very bad. Nevertheless, a Wifi repeater is a good solution to deal with this problem.

Wifi range extenders are also known as wifi amplifiers that allow you to catch Wifi waves at a very far distance compared to before using it.

When you only have a router or modem that can only deliver Wifi coverage at a certain point (100m).

However, with the help of the Wifi range extender, the coverage is possible up to several kilometers.

What is the difference between wifi and high speed internet? Anything above 25 Mbps is considered high-speed internet.

Thus, if your wifi speed can not reach 25 Mbps at some places, your network connection will be faster with a wifi repeater. 


speed check internet google

Does wifi extender slow internet speed?

It's like if you don't use an extender, you can only use Wifi on a certain floor of a tall building.

However, with the help of a range extender, you standing on the 3rd or lower floors still get a good speed. 

Moreover, you can also receive Wifi waves without having to pull the wires to install router devices.

This is one of the great advantages that this device brings to serve the essential needs in human life.

That's an advertisement for a Wifi repeater. It is often advised to install a Wifi repeater to improve the network speed, to see some positive changes of wifi internet speed test result.

How can it do that? Let’s discover its operation.

How does Wifi extender work?

Does wifi extender slow internet speed? Let’s see how it works.

A wifi repeater that works effectively includes two wireless routing devices that are similar to wireless routers, but with broader coverage and diffusion than the router. 

They receive the Wifi signal then transmit the signal to other wireless routers, the transmission of this signal is stronger than the old points.

speed check internet google

Speed check internet google: How does the Wifi repeater work?

In principle, the Wifi range extender will spread signals in all directions at the same time. However, not all directions are of the best quality.

In fact, If during the broadcast, there are obstacles on the road such as concrete walls, glass, metal ..., it will cause interference and reduce the signal of the Wifi network.

Therefore, the signals will offset and support each other to ensure stability.


speed check internet google

Wifi range extender spreads signals in all directions at the same time

Advantages of the Wifi repeater: 

  • Collect and broadcast, switch more stable and stronger Wifi signals.

  • Keep Wifi speed stable in any location.

  • Increase Wifi coverage on a large area and far from the center point.

  • No need to pull cables to install more routers, therefore you can save money to have higher signal transmission in all cases.

That’s so great! So, does a wifi extender slow down internet speed? 

In fact, according to technology experts, this device is not as effective as many people think, there are even many limitations to consider when using it.

Some users also do not see the positive sign of speed check internet google even worse results. 

Weakness of a Wifi extender

Some weaknesses of Wifi repeater you can consider before purchasing it to install.

Do those weaknesses come from itself or due to our wrong way of use? 

Wifi interference

To Wifi signals, distance and obstacles are two big enemies of it.

While using the internet connection, you should stand as close to the router as possible because this is an area having the strongest signals. 

Stay far from the router, you can get weaker Wifi signals or even no signal. Obstacles are too.

You need to avoid placing Wifi repeaters near some interfering factors such as mental, concrete, microwave ovens, etc to see good speed check internet google results. 

When using the Wifi extender, the network quality is also proportional to the location of the device.

speed check internet google

You need to avoid placing Wifi repeaters near Wifi interference

Suppose, when placing the repeater in the place where the main Wifi modem has poor coverage, the signal is weak, the extended network will also flicker and become unstable. 

Therefore, do not place the Wifi extender too far away from the coverage area of the Wifi router/modem.

The location recommended by experts is within 7-10 meters from the modem, or where the phone can stably catch 3 Wifi waves.

Often disconnected

Channel overlap can often occur especially in public places, dense population areas.

Typically, the channel of the wireless plug-in depends on the channel on the original Wifi modem to receive and transmit data back and forth. 

When the Wifi modem changes channels, the Wifi range extender needs to change the channel to continue working.

If this process does not take place, the extended wifi coverage area will not be available, the Internet connection disconnection will occur. 

speed check internet google

Speed check internet google: Weakness of Wifi repeater

Users can fix this by turning the Wifi transmitter on / off again, or by switching to using a fixed channel for the main Wifi modem.

Selecting the channels with the least interference will improve the network loss on the repeater.

Easy to be interfered 

The Wifi range extender connects wirelessly to a Wifi network, similar to how a smartphone or laptop Wifi connects.

As a result, the device may be disturbed by indoor appliances using the 2.4 GHz frequency such as cordless phones, microwaves, and Bluetooth speakers. 

When interference occurs, the wireless range extender's transceiver capability will also deteriorate and become unstable.

Therefore, users should not leave the repeater device or the main modem near the aforementioned appliances.

speed check internet google

Users should not leave the repeater device indoor appliances

Reduce bandwidth

One big weakness, even the biggest weakness of Wifi repeater is reducing bandwidth.

The range extender uses the same channel to transmit and receive data from the main modem.

Therefore, devices used to connect to the extended network from the repeater will only receive up to half of the available bandwidth. 

speed check internet google

A weakness of the Wifi extender is reducing bandwidth

When the bandwidth is low, the speed check internet google shows the connection speed is also slower, everything you do with the Internet from the Wifi repeater will be very bad.

If you want to improve, users are forced to increase bandwidth in the main modem, which means increasing packages and monthly costs.

Some ending words

So, the article shares some useful information about Wifi extenders.

It can be seen that Wifi repeaters are still good but there are some weaknesses.

You also can find ways to overcome them to let the device work effectively. 


Rating:4.7 - 50Votes



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