How to Get The Charter Internet Speed Increase? 6 Tips You Should Know

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Experiencing slow charter internet speed?

Don't worry!

This article will walk you through 6 amazing tips for a charter internet speed increase.

1. Put the WiFi transmitter in a suitable location

It is very important to place the WiFi transmitter in the right location. Walls, doors, floors, ceilings and other obstructions can affect WiFi speed. The ideal location of the WiFi transmitter is as close to the center of the house as possible and in an open area without too many electronic devices around. 

Place a wifi transmitter in a proper position

Place a wifi transmitter in a proper position 

To maximize WiFi coverage and charter increase internet speed, you should place the WiFi router in a higher position instead of on the floor.

2. Reduce interference from other electronic devices

The fact that less interference means better WiFi connection performance. Stay away from sources of interference and jamming devices including microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, baby monitors and even decorative flashing lights, etc. This will help internet speed increase on your home WiFi.

3. Restart the router and modem often

Your router and modem need to rest after a long time of work. Restarting them might be the easiest way to fix internet connection problems like slow Wi-Fi speed, pages not loading, videos/movies that hang midway, and music that stops playing. 

Restart your router, modem to increase the internet speed

Restart your router, modem to increase the internet speed

Restarting frees up the router/modem memory and allows the device to run smoother. According to Consumer feedback, the WiFi connection will become slower if the router is not resting regularly.

4. Limit unnecessary connections

When you are making video calls, playing online games and watching movies online, you might find the connection speed slow because these connected devices all take up a lot of bandwidth. How to increase my internet upload speed?

You need to prioritize your connections by limiting device usage and optimizing settings. Modern WiFi routers support Quality of Service (QoS) settings, allowing you to prioritize essential apps over others, while also limiting the amount of bandwidth that apps take use. With QoS, you won't be interrupted when downloading large files while playing online games.

5. Set up wireless network security

Setting up a password for your home WiFi is essential, both to protect yourself from hackers and to prevent your neighbors from connecting to your network and downloading large files or viewing films online. If you desire for a Charter internet speed increase or Xfinity internet speed increase, you should always install the Wifi password for your home device

Set a strong password for your Wifi connection

Set a strong password for your Wifi connection

6. Install a wireless extender (WiFi Repeater)

Sometimes you still get very slow WiFi signals even if you put the router perfectly in the center of the house, especially when in a large multi-storey house. Here, you need range extenders to further increase WiFi coverage. This device enhances the Speed and Range Of the Router in your home by receiving the wireless signal from the original WiFi router and playing it back, further extending WiFi coverage. 

For a better signal, you should place the range extender between your WiFi router, modem or access point and your device. However, some extenders can slow down the main transmitter WiFi speed and be difficult to configure.

Ending words 

Having only the best router is not sufficient to make your internet perform well. For Charter internet speed increase, there are numerous ways you can do. Improving speed and range makes your connection fast, thus giving you a smooth online experience. Despite the range being limited to a certain circumference, you can extend it using the external device as well.

Rating:4.6 - 50Votes
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