What is broadband? What is a good broadband speed test Google?

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Have you ever misunderstood the term broadband? Are you getting the broadband speed promised by your internet provider? Use our good broadband speed test Google to investigate. With just some simple steps, you can measure the current internet speed. Besides, this article will help you understand more about broadband, types of broadband. 

broadband speed test google

What is broadband? What is a good broadband speed test google?

What is broadband? Types of broadband connections

What is broadband? 

Commonly, broadband refers to high-speed internet access that allows you to enjoy everything the internet has to offer. It is always on and faster than the traditional dial-up access.

In detail, before broadband is developed, internet access was achieved with ‘narrowband’ dial-up connections through conventional telephone lines. Therefore, the dial-up connection is unstable and slow. In contrast, broadband was born later but it is much quicker and allows users to do more at a stable level on the internet.

broadband speed test google

Broadband internet connection speed

Types of broadband connections

Broadband can be delivered by cable, satellite, mobile, fiber optics, and ADSL (the most popular way).

  • ADSL broadband is a modem or router, and microfilters to remove the hiss of broadband from your telephone line. This unrivaled digital subscriber line allows you to access the Internet with high speed, stable level.

  • Cable is an internet connection via their existing wiring as well as carrying their TV programs. The speeds are comparable to ADSL, however, this type is not widely available.

  • Satellite is internet access provided through communication satellites. For isolated rural areas, satellite internet can be the best broadband choice but severe weather conditions can impact the service signal a lot.

  • Mobile is the newest form of broadband. A small USB device with the name ‘dongle’ or a data card helps you access the internet wherever through a mobile phone signal.

Note: Many people misunderstand the term of Wifi and Mobile broadband connection. WiFi providers high-speed internet along with enables you to connect multiple devices stably and freely. In contrast, Broadband is a wired connection that means your system must be physically connected with the broadband cable. 

  • Fiber optics are tiny wires that transmit signals at light speed. Therefore, this type is much faster than ADSL up to five times. Broadband speed test google result of this type of broadband is better than the rest. 

broadband speed test google

Broadband speed tests google result

What broadband speed do I need?

Broadband Speed Test is essential for you to know what speed you are using the internet at, whether you are getting the connection speed as promised or not. So, what broadband test speed do I need?

Doing anything online from surfing Facebook, streaming HD videos, playing online games, or downloading large files digest the most bandwidth. Therefore, if you want to experience a virtually seamless online process with less lag, whatever types of broadband you choose, broadband speed test google should be at least 100 Mbps, the higher speed, the better online experience.

broadband speed test google

Broadband speed test google should be at least 100 Mbps

Basically, for all the above online activities like streaming, surfing, and video calling, an internet speed of above 25 Mbps could be enough for only you. However, that is in an ideal condition. In fact, it all depends on your patience when waiting for loading as well as slightly slower speeds when others are also try to take bandwidth at the same time. 

Each online entertainment requires internet speed at different levels. For example, online books and online music can perform well at just 4 Mbps. If in your house, someone is trying to watch a hot film on Netflix, so what Mbps do you need? He/she will need at least 10 - 15 Mbps speed to be able to watch video full HD smoothly without a lag. You can find more detailed information in the previous article about a good network speed to see your internet connection good enough for online entertainment.

Do you know how fast your broadband is? Use our broadband speed test google to see whether your current provider does as promised or not.

broadband speed test google

Broadband speed test google to see whether

Good broadband speed test Google

Today, we want to recommend to you a good broadband speed test Google - MySpeed is created to have high value, measure, and manage your bandwidth performance. It is certainly a speed check broadband you are finding. 

broadband speed test google

MySpeed is created to have high value, measure and manage your bandwidth performance

First of all, to know whether your network is fast enough or not, you will need to measure how quickly and slowly your connection is. It is so simple and quick. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Visit the website gospeedcheck.com

Open your browser, you search the homepage of MySpeed on Google to use this tool. When visiting its homepage, you will see the main interface at a glance. 

Step 2: Click the “Go’’ button

In the main interface, there is a circle with the word “Go” inside. You click in this circle to start the broadband Speed Test.

Step 3: Wait for the test process

After you click the “Go” button, a speed clock will appear to show the process of the test. MySpeed conducts broadband Speed Tests through 3 metrics: ping, upload speed, and download speed.

  • Ping measures the time it takes data to be sent from the local host to a destination computer and back. The measurement unit of it is milliseconds (ms).

  • Upload speed measures the time your network connection allows data to be sent from your devices to the internet.

  • Download speed is in converse. It measures the time you can pull data from the server to your device.

broadband speed test google

After you click the “Go” button, a speed clock will appear to show the process of the test

Step 4: Get the speed test result

It takes about some seconds up to a minute depending on your network connection. From the results of the 3 parameters ( ping, download speed, and upload speed), you will have a complete picture of the broadband you are using. Is it fast enough for your internet demand or not. 

Commonly, the download speed of the cable and DSL broadband is always much faster than the upload speed. That time, you can compare your current internet speed to the speed your ISP (internet service provider) promised. 

broadband speed test google

 From the results of 3 parameters ( ping, download speed, and upload speed), you will have a complete picture of your internet 

Quick, Accurate, and Convenient. Those are things MySpeed brings to its customers. With just a couple of seconds and one tap, you can get the result of your connection performance. Millions of people trusted and used this tool at any time they got trouble with their connection or simply they wanted to measure their current internet speed. All is due to its accuracy, its advantages. 

An attractive dark blue theme is also one plus for this website. White words, icons, everything is displayed on a dark background which helps users easy to see at a glance as well as preventing eye strain. 

Besides, there are some notices when you use this good broadband speed test Google. To build an accurate picture of your speed, it is advised that you should turn off or disconnect all other unnecessary devices which connect to the router with a network cable or other type of broadband. 

broadband speed test google

Broadband speed test Google such as turning off unnecessary devices connecting to your connection

Moreover, to make sure, if you are using a Wi-Fi connection, let’s conduct broadband test speed next to the router where your Wi-Fi signal is the strongest. Also, you should run a number of tests at different times of the day throughout the week to have the average score of the home Internet. VPN is advantageous, however, during the speed check online, the VPN should be switched off to ensure the most exact result.

Choosing a good broadband provider

Having a good broadband speed test Google is not enough, you still need to choose a good broadband provider yourself. 

Digital technology and Tech Communication service have been developing, whether you live in the city or suburbs, there are still multiple broadband internet providers for you to choose such as fiber optics, cable, and DSL.

Among tons of attractive broadband deals out there, how to choose the best one? How to find the perfect deal for you a doddle. We are going to share some suggestions with you to look out for as you compare deals...

  • Price: 

The first criteria you should consider is the price of the network connection you are going to register. The service price should consist of a one-off installation fee although broadband providers often offer deals with free setups are available. 

Of course, it also should be followed by a monthly charge. Moreover, there are some incentives such as free a month if you pay for whole years at once or a discount monthly fee when registering at a special time.

  • Speed: 

The next factor that needed to be compared when selecting a good broadband provider is speed. Whichever type of broadband connection you choose, the speed must be fast enough for your online purpose. Generally speaking, the speed goes up, so does the price.

Nowadays, almost everyone often chooses to install ADSL and Fiber-optic broadband. They are considered to have fast speed as well as a proper price. A standard ADSL broadband should be measured at around 10Mb on average by a speed check broadband. 

broadband speed test google

Broadband connection you choose, the speed must be fast enough for your online purpose

However, this speed is quite slow and suitable for just only one user. At that time, Fiber optic broadband is a better choice. Because the broadband speed test Google of ADSL at just 10 Mbps is quite slow compared to modern standards, and some sort of fiber optic broadband also can offer significantly quicker speeds.

  • Data limit: 

In general, internet service providers offer their customers the cheapest Wi-Fi broadband, truly unlimited internet, and many other incentives. However, there are some tricks when signing contracts, maybe they are promised but they do not conduct. Another case is that it will just be free for a month and count the fee for the next month. If you do not notice carefully, you will pay more money. 

  • Extras: 

When wondering about choosing a good broadband provider, you also need to compare the extras ISP promise to provide. Those extras can be free routers and anti-virus software, or free gifts like shopping vouchers or other gadgets. Sometimes these are essential, or even some people choose a broadband provider due to a nice little bonus for a deal.

  • Broadband bundles: 

Be aware of different broadband bundles. Many cable companies recommend you to choose bundles with different combinations of a phone, internet, and television service. This activity is done with the purpose of upselling and locking in customers with more services.

broadband speed test google

Which bsnl broadband plan is the best

Let’s ask yourself. Do you really need additional service? Can you watch stream films from your new internet service, instead of a whole cable package? In some situations, bundling services might be beneficial to you, but definitely, the cost will be higher.  

You should weigh the cost and value before deciding. At the same time, make sure you know exactly what you want, research carefully before reaching a bundle. 


Testing your network connection with our good broadband speed test Google - MySpeed, you will receive a lot of benefits. However, having a good speed check broadband is not enough, you also need to choose a broadband provider with a “delicious” deal. Above is the suggestion you should consider before registering a contract. Read more useful information at the website https://gospeedcheck.com/ .

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