Average download and upload speed in US & 6 optimizing tips [REVEALED]

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What are average download and upload speeds? 

Do you know which rate the average download and upload speed in US is? 

Keep reading this article and find some effective tips to optimize your Internet speed if your average download and upload speed is not good at all.

Let’s go!

Average download and upload speed in US

Average download and upload speed in US

What is the minimum download and upload speed?

As stated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an Internet speed with 25 Mbps download speed, and 3 Mbps upload speed is considered good. 

This speed allows Internet users to make the minimum basic online demands without interruptions. 

In detail, the FCC recommends the minimum download speed for some everyday online activities: 


Minimum Download Speed (Mbps)

General Usage


General Browsing and Email


Streaming Online Radio

Less than 0.5

VoIP Calls

Less than 0.5


5 - 25


5 - 25

File Downloading


Social Media


Watching Video


Streaming Standard Definition Video

3 - 4

Streaming High Definition (HD) Video

5 - 8

Streaming Ultra HD 4K Video


Video Conferencing


Standard Personal Video Call (e.g., Skype)


HD Personal Video Call (e.g., Skype)


HD Video Teleconferencing




Game Console Connecting to the Internet


Online Multiplayer


Source from fcc.gov

From the rough guideline of the FCC, you can give your best judgment as well as choosing a suitable broadband service. 

However, if you live in the US, is your Internet service quality good enough? 

Is it possible to switch to an upper Internet plan? 

Move to the next part to find the answer! 

The average Internet speed in US in 2022

The amount of data and information that may be carried over the Internet on a single connection is referred to as Internet speed. 

Internet speed is crucial because it impacts what people can and cannot do on the Internet. 

The US experiences considerable increases in average Internet speed each year as US telecommunications companies work tirelessly to create better networks. 

Rural states, on average, have slower Internet speeds, but more densely populated regions have better Internet connections.

Internet speed in the US has been increasing

Internet speed in the US has been increasing

Many studies show that there is a big improvement in Internet service in the US.

In 2022, the US gained an average Internet speed of 119.03 Mbps which increased by 19.86% compared to the last year, which is only 99.3 Mbps. 

Moreover, the US Internet service also has been growing for the last 4 years.

This trend reflects an increase in demand for high speeds as Americans spend more time online for work, education, healthcare, and other purposes.

The upload and download speeds by states in US states

Now, let’s see what the upload and download speeds in different US states are.

States with the fastest Internet speed

Here are the top 5 fastest Internet-speed states: 

Fastest states

Average Internet speed


65.02 Mbps

New Jersey

59.58 Mbps


59.08 Mbps

Rhode Island

56.77 Mbps


55.98 Mbps




As you can see, Maryland is the state with the fastest average Internet speed with 65.02 Mbps. 

Its high Internet speeds make it perfect for tech companies, multi-person streaming, and gaming.

New Jersey (59.58 Mbps), Delaware (59.08 Mbps), Rhode Island (56.77 Mbps), and Virginia are the next four quickest states (55.98 Mbps).

The East Coast is home to these five fastest average Internet speeds. 

These states may provide better start-up conditions for businesses than Silicon Valley due to lower living costs and faster Internet speeds.

 Maryland is the fastest-Internet speed state

States with the slowest Internet speed

In contrast to the states with the fastest Internet speed, here are the top 5 slowest Internet-speed states:

Slowest states

Average Internet speed


17.03 Mbps


24.77 Mbps


25.30 Mbps


25.70 Mbps


26.05 Mbps




The average Internet speed in Alaska is 17.03 Mbps. 

Speeds less than 20 Mbps need longer download times and are only suitable for single-user streaming. 

Mississippi (24.77 Mbps), Idaho (25.30), Montana (25.70), and Maine follow Alaska as the states with the slowest Internet speeds in the US (26.05). 

Alaska has the lowest average Internet speed in the US

Alaska has the lowest average Internet speed in the US

These states are fine for a few people to keep connected, but they are not suitable for businesses or professional players.

The states with the slowest speeds are generally rural with low population density, highlighting US's digital divide in the most distant portions. 

Optimize your Internet speed with some tips below

What is a good download speed? 

It depends on which type of your online activities as well as the number of gadgets connecting to your network, along with many other factors. 

However, it’s still lucky because your average download and upload speed satisfy the minimum Internet speed defined by the FCC.

Normally, if upload speed is faster than download or you realize your Internet network is slow suddenly, there may be something wrong with your network. 

Try out some tips to optimize your connection as fast as possible:

  • Restart a router/modem

A hard reset allows your modem and router to temporarily resolve any issues that are causing them to slow down.

Restart your router

Restart your router

  • A data cap

Check to see if your service provider has a data cap. 

If this is the case, your ISP may have slowed your connection to compensate for it.

  • Updates are required: A software update may be required for your equipment. 

In most situations, all you need to do is connect your router to a computer via Ethernet and visit the manufacturer's website to install updates.

  • Turn off unused devices

When you don’t use these devices, they still work and consume your bandwidth slowing down your Internet speed. 

Thus, kick off everything, and change to a strong WiFi password to get faster speed. 

Turn off unnecessary devices

Turn off unnecessary devices

  • Clear cache

Data accumulation might be a dead weight for your connection to pull. 

Clear the browser history and cache on computers that connect to your WiFi if you haven't done so in a while.

  • Call your ISP if the necessary

Sometimes slow Internet speed is just slow Internet speed.

So, call your ISP and upgrade your Internet plan. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Which country has the fastest Internet in 2022?

The top speed is 238.06 Mbps in the United Arab Emirates, followed by 202.61 Mbps in South Korea and 177.72 Mbps in Norway.

Notably, the US, with 119.03 Mbps, is not among the top ten countries in terms of fast Internet speed.

2. What is the fastest network in the US?

Google Fiber is the fastest Internet provider in the United States, consistently providing the fastest average speeds to its subscribers. 

The fiber provider has an integrated speed score (ISS) of 185.2.

It has maximum advertised speeds of up to 2,000 Mbps and 12-month average download rates of 167.1 Mbps.

3. Why is the US Internet so slow?

People in America are more than irritated by America's slow and pricey Internet.

The reason the United States lags behind many other countries in terms of both speed and affordability has nothing to do with technology. 

Instead, it is an issue of economic policy – a lack of competition in the broadband market.

Wrapping up

Are you satisfied with the information provided about the average download and upload speed in US? If yes, comment below to let us know. Also, follow MySpeed for more interesting articles!





Rating:4.6 - 53Votes


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    What is the average download and upload speed when I have subscribed for the speed of 4 mbps?

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    1. MySpeed

      This will depend heavily on the type of service you have, and how close you are to the main equipment. It will also depend heavily on how your home is setup

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  2. Kamini Khalsa

    I am using a broadband internet connection in India with a download speed of 50 Mbps and Upload speed of 10 Mbps. Is it average or good by international standards?

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    1. MySpeed

      50/10 Mbps is definitely decent. It is higher than the recommended speed by FCC

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