10 Tricks to Reduce High Ping in Pubg Mobile

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PUBG mobile has certainly made a great impact on the gaming landscape with a huge number of players worldwide. However frequent lag issues make players annoying and dissatisfied. So to resolve this issue, we have rounded up 12 different tricks that can considerably reduce high ping in PUBG mobile. 

 high ping in Pubg Mobile

Solve High Ping in Pubg Mobile with Easy Steps

How to check the ping in PUBG Mobile?

Well, it’s easy to check your PUBG Mobile ping in the bottom left corner of the screen during a match. You won’t need to use any special tools. The Ping should be ideally below 100ms.

How to reduce ping in PUBG Mobile?

First of all, you need to run a speed test to see the ping number. You can use tools like gospeedcheck.com.

If your ping is higher in this test, then there may be problems with your wifi router or the network itself. If your Ping is lower,  then you try the following methods:

#1: Game Boosters

One of the best ways to fix high ping in Pubg mobile is using game boosters. Most of the smartphones are designed with inbuilt game boosters that allow gamers to stop background activities. They bring down latency and prioritize the bandwidth for the current game, thus optimizing the performance of the device. 

By using these native boosters, you can stop background apps from using the network, and crucial resources while playing games. As a result, the background syncing will be controlled and you will have a lower ping on PUBG Mobile.

 high ping in Pubg Mobile

How to Fix High Ping in Pubg Mobile

#2: Stop Background Syncing and Auto Updates

Background Syncing:

Another solution for high ping in pubg is to disable background syncing of apps manually. Simply open the 'Settings' and go to 'Apps'. Here you’ll see a list of apps. Select the suspicious one and tap on 'Restrict data usage'. Next, uncheck both the options 'WLAN \ WiFi' and 'Mobile data'. Moreover, you can also restrict background activity in your mobile by configuring the 'Battery Saver' settings.

Auto Update:

Disabling the 'Auto Update' option from the Google Play Store also helps reduce Ping. Here’s how to do:

  1. Open Google Play Store

  2. Settings

  3. Disable Auto-Update apps

#3: Test your connection

If you experience high ping in Pubg mobile, spend time running a speed test on your mobile device by visiting gospeedcheck.com to check the download, upload speed, and ping. The site will give you an overview of how good your connection is. If the results are out of your satisfaction, consider moving closer to the router to get a better signal, or connect to another WiFi network, or switch to mobile data.

#4: Use VPN

Sometimes the game servers are not capable of handling multiple requests, which leads to higher ping rates. To avoid this, you can simply switch to the other server in PUBG Mobile and see if the ping reduces below 100. Another effective solution for high ping in Pubg mobile is using a VPN that will connect you to a different server. There are multiple VPN apps available in the App store. You can install any one of them for free.

 high ping in Pubg Mobile

10 Tricks to Reduce High Ping in Pubg Mobile

#5. Control  wifi setting

If you are playing PUBG on a good wifi connection, but ping rates are abnormally high then you may need to configure the WiFi settings manually. Open the “Settings” page and go to WiFi. Navigate to “Advanced” or “Additional Settings”. You’ll see the “Traffic mode” and change it to “Extreme Mode”. It will re-route all network resources to the current application and lower ping. 

#6: Close Background Applications

To reduce the ping in the game, you should close all other apps before playing the Pubg Mobile game. Apps running in the background usually consume your bandwidth. Consider removing all non-essential applications as this helps you to fix high ping in Pubg mobile.

#7: Change server

Sometimes PUBG servers can’t handle multiple requests, leading to higher ping rates. So, you can simply change the server in PUBG Mobile and see if the ping is dropping below 100. Another way to fix ping issues in Pubg mobile is use a VPN, which allows you to connect to a different server with a quicker response time. Thus, install the VPN and set the location of your country, and try playing PUBG. A lower ping this time should be expected.

 high ping in Pubg Mobile

Ways to Reduce High Ping in Pubg Mobile

#8. Manage Space

In order to enable smooth gameplay, you are advised to clear up your device’s storage. There are many apps that take up space in cache memory even if they are not in use. Hence, go to “Settings” and choose “Apps”, and then clean the cache memory of non-essential apps. This is a great solution for high ping in pubg. 

#9: Repair the PUBG game

Sometimes the game may also crash. Try log out from your PUBG Account and there you will see a log-in screen. Tap on the "Repair" option on the right side of the app screen. This can help reduce high ping in Pubg mobile.

#10. Get a 5GHz WiFi Router

Now you have a good internet connection, but the ping is still not below 100 ms, then it’s time to look at your router. If you are using a 2.4GHz wifi router, consider switching to a 5GHz one. Why? Many smart devices operate in the same 2.4GHz, which makes the 2.4GHz frequency range extremely congested. Even If other users are hogging on your router, the latency becomes worse. So, using a 5GHz router will connect you with a much faster server and PUBG lag-free with zero latency.

 high ping in Pubg Mobile

Have You Ever Experienced High Ping in Pubg Mobile?

#11. Use lower screen resolution

If you encounter lag while playing the game, try to see if you can lower the screen resolution. As not all phones support multiple screen resolutions, it’s crucial to know your device and see if using a lower setting can be the solution for high ping in Pubg.

#12. Use 4G LTE Only Mode

If you allow your phone to select network mode automatically, it will jump from one frequency to another. So, you should set 4G as the default for a lower ping.

Disadvantages of High Ping in PUBG?

High ping or latency in PUBG mobile has the following drawbacks:

  • It takes your shot more time to get registered.

  • Your response times will be late in the game.

  • You will experience lag. 

  • You will definitely die in close combat.

Reasons for high ping in Pubg

There are various reasons for high ping in Pubg mobile. Let’s check out.

Hardware limitation

The first reason why you experience lag while playing PUBG is that your device doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of the game system. Make sure to check the specifications before playing.

 high ping in Pubg Mobile

Best Solutions for High Ping in Pubg Mobile

Slow internet connection

An intermittent internet connection can be another reason why this game lags. If your device is fast enough but PUBG Mobile is still lagging, chances are you have issues with your network. Know what is good internet speed for gaming and run a speed test before playing a game to make sure if the connection is fast enough for smooth gameplay.

Server issues

Gaming issues can be caused by things out of the player’s control, like server problems. You probably experience outages or server glitches from time to time. Make sure to check for possible server problems and figure out the reasons.

Third-party app interference

In some cases, high ping in Pubg mobile may be also affected by another app. If PUBG started lagging after you’ve installed a new app, don’t hesitate to remove that app to see if it can solve the problem. 

 high ping in Pubg Mobile

Fix High Ping in Pubg Mobile in Minutes

Phone optimization or battery-saving features.

Another possible reason for high ping in pubg is battery optimization or power-saving features. These features are incorporated into some devices to help conserve power. If your device has this feature, disable it to see if that will lower ping.


So that was our easy way to fix high ping in pubg mobile. Hope these can help reduce considerably the ping below 100 so that you can have smooth gaming. If this article helped you fix the ping issue, then let us know by commenting below/ Good luck!