Website test internet speed: Top 10 best Wifi extenders

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Term of Wifi extender must be too strange for all internet users today. It is advised to install if the result of website test internet speed is not good and in order to speed up the network. What is it? Why is it so magical? Let’s find the top 10 best Wifi extenders to get the amazing benefits they bring. 

 website test internet speed

Website test internet speed: Top 10 best Wifi extender

What should I do if getting poor Website test internet speed results?

What should I do if getting poor Website test internet speed results? This question must be familiar to many people using the internet. Slow speed seems normal because there are a lot of factors that impact it. Advice, suggestions are recommended a lot as well, and installing a Wifi extender is one of them.

So, what is it? The wifi extender is also called a Wifi Repeater that amplifies Wifi waves. This device is responsible for transmitting the Wifi signal to the dead-zone in your house where your router can not broadcast the signal. It facilitates you to use the internet smoothly a long distance from the main wifi source.

How does a Wifi extender work?

This device is responsible for receiving Wifi waves at the original Wifi source as at the modern, then transmitting that Wifi wave over a longer range. 

For large houses, bars, cafes, and restaurants that have multiple seating areas/floors, there must be some locations Wifi signals can be transmitted or very weak signals. Conducting the website test internet speed you will see alert numbers or even not get the results due to disconnection. 

The wifi extender will be ideal for these places. As they effectively ‘boost’ the signal, Wifi extenders are also commonly referred to as boosters. 

Do WiFi extenders work? Absolutely, they’re particularly useful if there are connectivity dead zones or problematic areas, often caused by stairs, corners, electrical appliances, and various WiFi repelling building materials. 

With Website test internet speed to find the top 10 Wifi extenders

Wifi extenders are really helpful for internet users. Let’s with website test internet speed to check the effectiveness of the top 10 Wifi extenders. From that, you can buy one yourself.

  1. Totolink EX200 300Mbps Extender 

The Toto link EX200 300Mbps Extender has extremely strong Wifi coverage ability. It can boost signals in dead corners such as diagonal corners in the house, wall corners, or places with many obstructions such as bathrooms, bathrooms, etc.

This device is designed with two 4dBi antennas combined with a standard speed of 300Mbps for perfect Wifi amplification. Compact size does not take up much space when used. Simple operation with the start button designed in the middle of the device, just pressing the button is usable.

 website test internet speed


- Strong Wifi transmit ability

- Ensuring stable transmission 

- High security

- Compact and delicate design.

- Affordable price of 195.000 VND


- Not perfect for those who like simple designs or have to carry around because the antenna design is quite complicated

  1. TP-Link TL-WA850RE 300Mbps Wifi Range Extender

This amplifier integrates an Ethernet port on TL-WA850RE to change the device to act as a wireless converter to catch the frequency of the original Wifi source and share it with other devices. The product has the function of remembering information, it can store the address of wireless networks that have been connected. So you do not need to restore the factory settings when changing the Route.

You can hang it on the wall when in use because its size is quite compact. Suitable for people who often travel, requiring high mobility.

 website test internet speed


- No have a complex antenna

- High information storage capacity

- Quick access device security settings

- Affordable price of 257.000 VND


- Not suitable for multi-story buildings or large offices.

  1. Wireless Repeater 300Mbps Tenda A9

Tenda A9 is also equipped with two 3dBi antennas capable of expanding the coverage area up to 200㎡. This device ensures a strong transmission with tight corners in the house. At the same time, it is also compatible with standard 820.11n, wireless route, and even Wifi DSL.

Signal Strength LED is equipped on the A9 to help choose the optimal broadcast position to generate the best power possible. This LED system also helps you to easily control the operation of the device.

 website test internet speed


- Stable Wifi signal

- Powerful transmission

- Nice modern design

- Affordable price of 250.000VND


- Poor mobility due to the antenna's antennae, making it difficult to move.

  1. Xiaomi GEN 2 Wifi extender

This device has sped up to 300Mbps, which is equivalent to the performance of a router. The Xiaomi Gen 2 range extender will help you solve the problem of "flicker" signals when the Wifi wave does not cross the road of thick walls or corners.

Besides, Xiaomi Gen 2 allows 16 devices to connect at the same time which solves the problem of disconnection when too many people are using a network.

 website test internet speed


- Compact and luxurious design

- Compatible with many types of devices

- Easy to use

- Affordable price of 170.000 VND


- Security is not yet optimal

- Low warranty policy

- Not very effective at multi-story structures.

  1. Mercury MW300RE 2 Antenna Wifi extender

Thanks to two antennas with Mimo technology, the device allows you to surf the Internet, watch stream videos on Youtube, Netflix as well as conduct multiple heavy tasks smoothly without lag, interruption.  


- Collect and broadcast in a stable way

- Compact, do not take up much space

- Easy operation

- High flexibility

- Price: 218.000 VND

 website test internet speed


- Security is not high.

- The antenna design is not suitable for movement

  1. Xiaomi Repeater Pro Wifi range extender

Xiaomi Repeater Pro can increase the Wifi coverage by up to 40 meters, amplifying wifi throughout every corner of the house. Website test internet speed result of 300 Mbps speed is very good and this device can be. It is equipped with an antenna with 300Mbps bandwidth to reinforce the access line. 

In addition, it supports up to 64 connected devices at the same time. The modern, compact appearance attracts many people especially mystery black color 


- Flexible power jack

- Supports multiple devices: 40 devices at the same time

- High security

- Affordable price: 240.000 VND


- The antenna design is not suitable for carrying around

 website test internet speed

  1. Linksys Re3000 Wifi range extender

Linksys Re3000w Wifi range extender is equipped with an underground antenna to increase broadcast capabilities and increase signal. Wireless connection with N standard, speed of 300Mbps and 2.4GHz band allows Wifi amplification through obstacles, extending the range up to 200m.


- Multi-layer security encryption mechanism, integrated firewall and encryption WEP, WPA and WPA2 128bits 

- High compatibility

- Collect and broadcast at high speed 300 Mbps

- Simple and luxurious design

 website test internet speed


- The product cost is high of 819.000 VND

- There are currently no negative reviews on product features

  1. D-Link Dap-1325 Wifi range extender

The website test internet speed result of this device is up to 300 Mbps which allows users to have stable speed. Moreover, many people accessing the same Wifi network still have a good experience. 


- Compact design, simple design

- Stable transmit up to 300 Mbps, allow many users access at the same time

- Signal status recognition thanks to LED line

- Affordable price: 319.000 VND

 website test internet speed


- The antenna design is not suitable for carrying around

  1. Mercury MW310RE 3 Antenna Wifi Range Extender

This is an ideal product for High-rise buildings, companies or hotels because it can broadcast signals up to 300m with the help of 3 antennas. 


- Compact size

- High security

- Stable transmission at 300 Mbps

- Ability to broadcast on a large range up to 300m

 website test internet speed


- Product cost is quite high: 419.000 VND

- Antenna attached design makes it difficult to transport

  1. Repeater Wifi extender device AC1200 D-Link DAP-1620

The website test internet speed of this device is the best. Because AC1200 repeater is equipped with dual-band with the broadcast speed of over 1200Mps, providing a powerful source of wifi for users.


- Compatibility with a variety of connected devices

- Easy connection 

- High speed up to 1200 Mbps

- High security with WEP/WPS/WPA/WPA2

- Broad coverage.

 website test internet speed


- Product cost is expensive 1.279.000 VND

- There are currently no negative reviews about the product's features.


So, when you often experience bad website test internet speed results, slow network suddenly frequently, you can think about installing a Wifi extender. Top 10 best Wifi extenders above will be helpful for you to choose a suitable one.

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