Top 5 useful speed website test 2020 needed to know

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Speed can make or break your website. That’s why web developers, marketers, and IT departments alike spend much attention on website tests online ( Maybe you don’t know that fast webpage loading speed can make a dramatic effect on the overall success of your site.

Page speed influences a lot from user experience to SEO ( search engine optimization). In fact, if  website opening time takes more than 4 seconds, users often feel uncomfortable and move on another website. And there’s no getting around the fact that a faster website is going to perform better. 

So, how to know if your website speed is good enough or not? Sit by your computer with a stopwatch to calculate the loading time? It is not an effective way. Seize that opportunity, the website tests are developed and most developers and marketers take advantage of a wide variety of website test speed. 

These tools are always changing and always updating. Here are the top 5 favorite website tests 2020 you should know. 

1. GTmetrix

Top favorite website tests 2020 must be commented on GTmetrix.  This tester is incredibly straightforward. You just copy, paste link URL of your website and click “test your site”. 

website test 2020

GTmetrix is one of the most favorite website tests 2020 you should know

GTmetrix has become a favorite website test 2020 due to its strengths include:

  • Overall, GTmetrix has a friendly display which is incredibly easy to use. The display is designed as an UX design, therefore, it is easy to navigate and elicits trust.

  • Scores are divided into more than 20 small elements. This is useful for newbies who are not overly familiar with web development, you can still determine whether issues are primarily coming from your CSS, Javascript or server environment, for example.

  • This favorite website test 2020 also supports location-based testing, which means you can simulate your site’s performance based on various Internet connections around the world. With this feature, you can make sure that someone in São Paulo can have the same experience on your website as someone in Dallas.

2. WebPageTest


WebPageTest is also a favorite website test 2020

Another favorite website test 2020 is WebPageTest. It is one of the more reliable and trusted website speed testing tools available to users today. People prefer WebPageTest due to of these strong points below:

  • Users can set up custom for each run of WebPageTest they initiate such as test location and browser with a lot of choices. This allows us to check and compare website performance on Google Chrome and FireFox or other browsers. It’s possible your website might be slow on Google Chrome but lighting quick on Firefox, and if that’s the case, WebPageTest will let you know.

  • Users can also order WebPageTest to perform multiple runs. This allows you to follow the website performance schedule and check whether your website’s page speed is performing consistently or not.

  • Becoming a favorite website test 2020 not because it is flashy as well as the results are very user-friendly. However, WebPageTest can give you a wealth of information to consider if you know and understand those numbers. 

  • The results tell us a lot about diagnostics such as resource loading waterfall charts, Page Speed optimization checks and suggestions for improvements.

3. Myspeed

website test

Myspeed becomes one of the most favorite website test 2020

Compared to the other entries on the top 5 website test 2020, MySpeed is a new player joining this website test free market but it still attracts many users. There are some reasons why it’s worth checking out this website test speed and Myspeed becomes one of the most favorite website test 2020: 

  • This tool is also incredibly easy to use. Just type your web address in, wait a few seconds, and you’ll see results from both mobile and desktop versions of your website. 

  • With this tool you will be able to see the size, resources and load times of the web. It also gives you recommendations for how you can make the web better.

  • Diagnostic results are  divided into nearly 10 elements helping you have an overall summary of website performance. Besides, there are 3 colors to mark different levels the website has: green color presents perfect number, yellow color is neutral and red is bad rate. 

4. Pingdom

website check online

As the favorite website test 2020, Pingdom offers many benefits

As the favorite website test 2020, Pingdom offers the following benefits:

  • You can test web page from any of 4 different locations. It means you can choose the testing location closest to your website’s geographic user base and compare it. 

  • This website test 2020 is favored due to nice - design display and results are incredibly easy to read, with letter grade breakdown of performance insight This also provides a specific list of issues to address problems.

  • When something happens, you will immediately be alerted. You can be announced when things break, on error messages, HTTP status, content changes, and lots more. 

5. Website Speed Test (Image Analysis Tool)


Be different from the others listed on the top 5 website test 2020, Image Analysis Tool is still confirmed

This tool entirely focuses on image which is really different from the other website tests listed, however, it still has strength to become one of the 5 favorite website test 2020. Image Analysis Tool is used a lot by SEO, marketer, developers due to: 

  • It gives you a read out of each and every image on the analyzed page. This readout tells you how large the image is and how much space you could save by compressing it a different way. The results will help you in optimizationing, visualizing your web page. 

  • Each image tested will get a mini report from dimensions to optimally compressed file size you could have delivered. Besides, this favorite website test 2020 also provides suggestions on ways to further compress your images without sacrificing image quality.

  • You can use the tool in two ways: Run the test in WebPageTest and in the results page, click the Image Analysis tab. Another way is to go directly to the Website Speed Test ( Image Analysis Tool) and enter the URL for the web page you want to analyze.


With any one of the top 5 favorite website test 2020 above, it will help you a lot improve website quality and take a chance to win the race.

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