Waze Encounters a Speed Hurdle on Android Auto

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Waze is typically a fantastic option for navigating since it uses user-submitted real-time traffic data to suggest the best path to your current location. 

When used in conjunction with Android Auto, this may provide current traffic information on your car's huge navigational display.

Unluckily, Waze has been a bit of a rough ride for certain BMW drivers, since a bug now prevents the use of the app's navigation feature.

On some BMW vehicles, the standard Waze heads-up display is no longer functional. 

When using Android Auto (via 9to5Google), affected users report seeing a "calculating route" notification that never updates to the real path. 

According to the comments, it appears that no particular BMW model is affected.

It's because customers have also reported this problem with the 2020 BMW 4 series, BMW 2022 G21, and BMW 118, among other models. 

Waze hits a speed bump on Android Auto

Waze hits a speed bump on Android Auto

With at least two cases involving a Mercedes-AMG GT43 and a Ford Mustang Mach-E, this appears to be impacting a smaller range of other automobile brands as well.

Community Specialists have been reacting to the concerns, seeking bug reports for the development team and bug screenshots, as well as more information on specifics like the phone make/model, car make/model, Android Auto version, and anything else that would help pinpoint the issue.

This has been noted as a trending topic, and it appears that many individuals are affected by it, judging by the comments. 

Fortunately, one reader noted that their other navigation system functions; only the Waze app does not on their HUD.

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