Users of iPhones Will Soon Need To Adapt To This Minor But Important Change

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Prepare for next month. 

Your muscle memory may be affected by a slight adjustment Apple (AAPL) is making to the iPhone's software: The large red "end call" button has started to move.

With iOS 17, a number of modifications will be made to the phone app on iPhones.

The hangup button is now located in the lower right corner of the screen, close to other operations, thanks to the revised design. 

The button is presently located independently in the center of the phone app's bottom row, next to the mute, keypad access, and add call buttons.

The new call screen, which is now accessible for developers to download in a beta form, drew some passionate responses from iOS users on social media.

iPhone users will soon have to adjust to this small but significant change

iPhone users will soon have to adjust to this small but significant change

One user wrote, "iOS 17 has the FaceTime button where the end call button used to be." 

"Muscle memory should be disregarded."

The change is anticipated to simplify the phone app's appearance and consolidate all of its features in one location. 

However, a request for comment from Apple was ignored.

The company showcased a number of new capabilities that would be included in iOS 17 at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in May, making calling and texting people more individualized and personalized. 

In the meanwhile, a brand-new function called Live Voicemail will instantly transcribe a caller's message.

By holding two iPhones together while using NameDrop, users may exchange their contact information and choose whether or not to answer the call. 

When a user is unavailable to talk, FaceTime will now enable the option to leave video messages.

Other updates to iOS 17 include enhanced dictation in iMessage, a more accurate autocorrect, and a more responsive Siri. 

Following its yearly iPhone event, Apple normally releases its most recent mobile operating system in September.

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Rating:4.8 - 50Votes



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