Valentine’s Day 2021: Virtual date, why not? Here’re ideas to consider

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According to Bumble, 90 percent of its daters were uncertain about what to do for this Valentine's Day. One of the greatest solutions is, guess what, ... virtual date! Read along to explore cute and practical virtual Valentine's Day ideas!

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During the pandemic, it's crucial to keep yourself safe and protected from the virus

Valentine's Day 2021 is just around the corner, ... and the coronavirus is continuing to spread across many countries worldwide. During the pandemic, it's crucial to keep yourself safe and protected from the virus. But, it's Valentine's Day, how can you celebrate the day safely and memorably amid the Covid-19 pandemic? Here are five virtual Valentine’s Day ideas for you and your special someone to consider trying this Season of Romance.

1. Take a museum tour

Museum dates are common. But instead of going to one in real life, you and your partner can find a lot of tours of museums worldwide on YouTube. Google Arts and Culture also provides virtual tours from famous museums. For your virtual date, it's a good idea to synchronize or screen-share, so you two will be looking at the same art simultaneously. 

2. Watch a concert recording 

Again, you and your partner can turn to YouTube (or any platforms offering music) to enjoy full-length concerts from various bands and artists. Watch together while chatting away via smartphone or video call to better enjoy your virtual date.

fast internet connection speed

It’s also great to stage a virtual dinner or drinks date

3. Share a virtual dinner or drinks

Another lovely virtual Valentine's Day idea is to stage a virtual dinner or drinks date. Put on some decent clothes, enjoy foods that you have ordered or cooked, and engage in the usual over-dinner banter like you might have at a bar or restaurant with your partner. You can also order food for your partner using food delivery services like Uber Eats and then share the meal online together. 

4. Stream a movie or TV show at the same time

It's not a bad idea to simultaneously stream and enjoy a movie or TV show while you and your significant other are not together. You can easily maintain communication through text chatting or video call and even eat the same snacks so that it will feel like you are physically together. 

Netflix's Party feature is something you can try as it lets viewers watch with someone at the same time without having to sync up together manually. Other options that you can consider, according to CNET, are services like Telepathy, Discord, ... which lets users sync up streaming service viewing and chat on the side and even talk on the phone as well. 

5. Play a game online together

There are countless choices for games to play and enjoy together online, especially if one or two of you play video games already. Animal Crossing, Tabletopia, Table Top Simulator, and more, might be good options to try, according to CNET. 

But what if these games are not something you want to play? If so, classic and simple games and puzzles are better options. Remember playing Battership when you were a child? Why don't you try an online version of this game this Valentine's Day?

These are five virtual Valentine’s Day ideas and activities that we want to share with you via this article. It’s great to celebrate this Valentine’s Day safely and uniquely amid the Covid-19 pandemic taking the advantage of technology and the fast internet connection speed, right?


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Rating:4.9 - 50Votes



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