MySpeed – Ideal speed test solution and website test tool

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Are you looking for a great internet speed test solution and website test tool in one place? If that’s the case, MySpeed is something you need to try right now. Developed by ToHsoft, MySpeed provides users with the quality internet speed test and website testing tool. It’s convenient, free, and easy to use.

MySpeed – An amazing speed test solution

Checking your internet speed is easier than ever with MySpeed. Do you want to learn more about this tool? Here are some major features about MySpeed as a speed test internet solution. 

First of all, it’s so simple and easy to use MySpeed for speed checking. Everything you need to do is to visit our website at, click the big “GO” button on the homepage, then wait a few seconds for MySpeed to give you back the speed test results.

The tool specifically measures your speed based on 3 different metrics, including ping, download speed, and upload speed. Also, as a speed test website, MySpeed is optimized as simple and focused as possible so that it won’t cause any impact on your testing results.

MySpeed also offers a wide server range, so the results that it produces are not skewed by region. As a result, MySpeed will measure your internet speed in a more accurate way.

Our test tool also allows you to check internet connection speed anytime, anywhere with any devices connected to the internet.

You can test the speed without an application download. Well, you can also use MySpeed in any language that you prefer..

MySpeed – An advanced website test tool

Along with the speed check solution, MySpeed also provides you with an easy-to-use website test tool. Similar to the speed test, this tool is convenient, free, and so easy to use.

Well, to run a website test with MySpeed, you just need to get to, click “ Website test” in the top menu, then enter your website URL on the white box, and press the “Analyze” button.

After a few seconds, the full results will be displayed right on your screen. Perhaps, it’s not exaggerated to say that there’s no other website testing tool that is quicker and simpler than MySpeed’s.

MySpeed’s web test tool analyzes how your site performs on both mobile and desktop. It identifies performance issues, makes diagnostics, reveals why the site is slow, and gives you recommendations on how to fix them. After finishing the test, MySpeed will immediately display a round diagram representing how good your website is performing. Right below the diagram is detailed measurements. Just a quick look at the report given by MySpeed, you will know how your page loads on different devices and more further information on how it works. Our web test tool allows you to check your site performance anytime, anywhere as long as you have devices connected to the internet. You can perform the test online or with the app installed. `

What makes MySpeed worth trying?

No matter whether you are looking for a good internet speed solution or a quality website test tool, or even both of them, MySpeed must be something that you don’t want to miss out. Why??? 

What makes MySpeed worth trying?

1. Ease of use

MySpeed is the simplest way to perform the tests. It’s so easy that anyone can successfully run the test for the first try.

What makes MySpeed worth trying?

2. Convenience

You can run a test whenever and wherever you are as long as your devices have an internet connection.

What makes MySpeed worth trying?

3. Specification 

MySpeed provides specific measurements that help you know how your internet is working or how your site is performing.

What makes MySpeed worth trying?

4. User-friendly

MySpeed’s test results come with detailed information, visual illustration that are easy to understand. You can use it in the language you want.

What makes MySpeed worth trying?

5. Free of charge

MySpeed’s tests cost no fee. You can perform as many speed tests and web tests as you want.

About ToHsoft

MySpeed is developed by ToHsoft. ToHsoft is a creative and dynamic IT enterprise which makes and provides a wide range of products and services. From game, mobile applications, enterprise software, to outsourcing services, ToHsoft is working in all these fields and showing our competency through high-quality products.

Being ToHsoft’s newest product, MySpeed is designed to become one of the top speed test tools. It’s created to provide the users with an effective and useful speed test solution and website test tool in one place. Hopefully, MySpeed will be loved and trusted by the users all around the world.

MySpeed is definitely a user-friendly and convenient solution for checking your internet connection speed and your website performance. With MySpeed, it’s never been so easy and simple to run a speed test or a website test. If you want to experience MySpeed and see how advanced it is, check out or install MySpeed application right now!