Kentucky's Expanded Internet Access Will Be Funded With A $386 Million Investment

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Gov. Andy Beshear said on Tuesday that $386 million would be invested to provide broadband connectivity in 46 counties. 

According to Beshear, the funds will support initiatives that will grant high-speed internet access to more than 42,600 homes and businesses for the first time.

"High-speed internet is no longer a luxury. 

Every Kentuckian deserves access because it's essential for school, work, health care, and more, Beshear said. 

The largest investment in our history was made during the first round of governmental funding.

And now, in keeping with our pledge to provide every household and company in the Commonwealth with cheap, dependable high-speed internet, we are breaking our record with another historic accomplishment.

Gov. Beshear announces $386 million investment to expand internet access

Gov. Beshear announces $386 million investment to expand internet access

The Kentucky Broadband Deployment Fund distributed 56 grants worth more than $196 million. 

According to the Governor's Office, internet service providers who won grant money will also provide more than $190 million in matching payments.

Leaders of rural communities claim that this will aid in advancing their regions.

"This is a big deal for our rural communities - our farmers, our farm families, and our students are going to be connected to the internet," said Woodford County Judge Executive James Kay. 

And the internet will be of high quality and reliability.

This funding announcement, according to House Speaker David Osborne, "is further proof that the legislature's goal of expanding broadband access is within reach."

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