How to use speed check of internet

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There are nearly 300 thousands searching for speed check of internet everyday, especially during a serious Covid pandemic. Social distancing order is promulgated which makes online life become popular. Working and studying remotely, online shopping increases sharply. Therefore, the demand of internet use and speed check online also raises. People use speed test wifi to make sure whether they get the promised internet speed or not. Finding causes to address is also their purpose. It is easy to use the speed test website. Let’s find out.

How important the speed check of internet is

Speed check of internet is a hand-held tool that accompanies you in the process of measuring and troubleshooting network speed. An internet speed test can tell you exactly what network speed you have at a particular time, will be the first step toward what problems are affecting your Internet connection.


Speed check of internet is a hand-held tool that accompanies you in the process of measuring and troubleshooting network speed

First of all, it’s time to make sure you’re actually getting the sort of speeds that your provider promises. The money paid for the internet connection monthly is not small. Therefore, you will need to know if your ISP (internet service provider) provides exact internet speed as signed contract or not. For instance, if you’re paying $80 a month for a plan that promises up to 250 Mbps, but the speed test results show that you’re actually only getting 50 Mbps (a plan that might normally cost $40 a month). Then you should call your cable internet provider and ask for a discount or to upgrade your connection speed. Often, they can resync with your cable modem to make sure the speeds are faster. Speed check online means that you do not lose money stupidly or waste money. 

Besides, running a speed check of internet  also helps you ensure your internet connection is fast enough for based -internet activities. Both working and studying you will need high internet speed to have effective consequences. Working remotely means online conferences, office applications like Bitrix24, Chatbox, Skype, Zoom, etc occur frequently. Therefore, if the internet connection is not good, often laggy or congested, this will impact on work performance a lot. It is supposed that you will have an online presentation tomorrow, but your internet performance is so poor, your presentation will be influenced and watchers feel uncomfortable although your presentation is the best. Running the speed check network connection , you will know if your internet is fast for online presentation or not. If not you can prepare a backup plan like going to stronger wifi, changing your internet network, kicking kids off the internet at the time you have an online presentation. 


Running the speed check network connection to assure to have stable internet speed for working applications

Online studying is also like that. There are a lot of complaints about bandwidth, transferring when students study at home. They can not hear fluent lessons or see the writing report of their teacher on the board. Speed check google helps you find the cause, from that you can improve the internet speed to have a better working / study process. 

From the speed check of internet, you have got the results of 3 parameters: download, upload and ping speed and then found the cause of slow speed. Even many speed check website suggest positive solutions to tackle the problems.  

How to use speed check of internet

Are you watching the 40 Days and 40 Nights movie or The Roommate movie on Netflix? The movie is interesting but it is often interrupted due to weak internet transfer. That will be such a bad, even annoyed experience. You want to know your current internet situation but do not know how to do. Here  are what you should do.

Firstly, there are a lot of speed check of internet versions on google both free and paid - money. You can enter “ internet speed test” or “speed check of internet” on search bar of Google. Then Google will return a lot of searching results.

Some reputable speed websites you can try such as Speedtest by Ookla, Myspeed, FAST. These are free websites with convenient features helping users a lot. You should use these sites to avoid losing private information if you click a fake, strange website.

Open the speed check of internet homepage to run the test. Taking Myspeed as an example. Touching the “go” button to start. 


Open the speed check of internet homepage to run the test

After a few seconds, you will get the results of 3 dimensions of internet speed : download, upload and ping. To be simple, download speed refers to how many megabits of data per second it takes to download data from a server in the form of images, videos, text, files and audio. Otherwise, Upload speed refers to how many megabits of data per second information from your computer to another device or server on the internet is transferred. In terms of ping, it measures the round-trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination computer that are echoed back to the source. Based on these parameters, the whole picture of internet performance will be shown clearly. However, to have the most accurate results, you need to do multiple tests to see what your connection speed averages out to.

It is so easy to check internet speed. When the test has finished, you can compare your internet speed to standard speed to make sure the internet network is fast enough for you to watch movies, play online games or not. If not, you can switch to other online activities like surfing facebook, reading ebooks and watching movies later when your wifi is strong enough. 


To sum up, Speed test is a really useful tool helping users a lot address internet issues. Besides, it is easy to run an internet speed test to check with just simple steps. It is such a worthy tool to try. Hope with the above information, you know how to use speed check of internet. 

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