How to do a ping test??? Here are ways to check your ping quickly

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Along with download speed and upload speed, ping time or latency is also an important spec used to measure how good the internet connectivity is. So, what exactly is ping time (latency)? How to do a ping test

Following will be short explanations about ping, how it works, and how it affects your internet experiences. In addition, there will also be a list of some common factors impacting your ping. Keep reading on to find out now!

Ping speed

Ping speed

What is ping?

Ping time, ping rate, or latency is measured in ms - milliseconds (1 second = 1000 milliseconds). It refers to the time it takes for the signal to be sent from a transmitter (your PC, for example) to a receiver (a server, for example), which in turn sends back a response. 

Lower pings mean that it takes less time for the communication between the transmitter and receiver or fewer delays between the request and response. In other words, the lower the ping, the better the connection. 

Ping is important, particularly for activities requiring fast reaction time like gaming. 

Online gaming

Online gaming

How to test my ping?

Right below here are 02 ways that you can use to check your internet ping; let’s see.

Check ping using the ping command in Windows 

It’s quite simple to do a ping test on a Windows PC. Here’s how to do ping test on Windows 10. 

  • Go to Search in your taskbar and type CMD, then click Open to open the Command Prompt. 

  • In the black window, type ping followed by a space and a domain name or an IP address that you would like to ping. 

  • Hit Enter on the keyboard.

  • Wait a few seconds for the ping results to display on the screen.

That’s what you need to do to check ping using CMD on Windows. Upcoming is another way to see your ping.

Ping command window

Ping command window

Check ping using an online speed test tool

As you probably know, countless online speed test tools are available on the internet these days. In addition to determining how fast your download and upload speeds are, these tools also measure ping latency, just like a ping tester online tool.

Well, it’s super simple to do an online ping test using these tools. All you need to do is to visit the speed test sites that you would like to use, follow their instructions (normally click or tap on a big “GO” or “START” button) to start the test, and wait for some seconds for your internet speed test results to show up. The results typically include 03 metrics of ping (latency), download speed, and upload speed. 

For accurate results, you should choose to conduct the test on reliable websites, in which by Ookla, by Netflix,, … are the most popular options. 

Internet speed test

Internet speed test

Factors that affect ping

High ping latency can greatly affect your internet experiences. And do you know that various things can directly impact your ping time, causing it to be high? Below are some common factors that are likely to make your ping increase.

  • Multiple devices using the internet network at the same time

  • Inadequate bandwidth

  • Slow internet connection speeds

  • Background apps and programs running on your devices

  • Far geographical distance to the server

  • Weak WiFi signals

  • Firewall configuration

  • Poor internet service quality

  • ...

Ending thoughts

Recently, MySpeed gave you some quick explanations on what ping latency is. Along with these are two easy ways to check your internet ping. Well, they are all simple, aren't they? And that’s all for today’s blog post; hope you found all the information above informative and helpful.

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