The Fastest Mobile Internet Speeds in the World Are in the Red Sea Destination

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A recent analysis verified that the Red Sea location has an average internet speed that is 86% quicker than the world's top-ranked city for December 2023. 

The average connectivity speed at the Red Sea destination, run by Red Sea Global, reached 696.37 megabits per second in the second half of 2023, stated by Ookla, a US-based business that specializes in internet reliance testing and analysis.

According to Ahmed Al-Sohaily, group head of technology at Red Sea Global, the availability of a strong digital infrastructure has a direct influence on the standard of living for both locals and tourists, as Arab News reported. 

Red Sea destination provides the fastest mobile internet speeds

Red Sea destination provides the fastest mobile internet speeds

Al-Sohaily declared: "Whether at our resorts, our airport or when visitors are out and about experiencing the location, our gigabit 5G network enhances our ability to provide seamless experiences.”

According to test findings in December, the Red Sea location outperformed Dubai, which is renowned for having the best mobile phone speeds globally, by 86 percent.

The Six Senses Southern Dunes resort in the Red Sea destination has the fastest median 5G download speed ever recorded by Ookla, measuring 1,446.04 Mbps, according to speed tests done at key locations.

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Rating:4.9 - 50Votes
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