Best Tools for Website Performance Test Free

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Speed can make or break your website. So, web developers and marketers are looking into website performance improvement. This can have a significant impact on the overall success of your site. 

Page speed affects user experience and search engine optimization. If a site takes forever to load, chances are website users will move on to something else.

So how to determine whether your website is fast enough?  That’s why most developers and marketers will take advantage of a wide variety of free website speed test tools. Here are 10 Best Tools for Website Performance Test Free

Website Performance Test Free

 Website performance test free you should try

Best tools for website test performance


Uptrends is a free website testing tool that allows you to see what slows down your website and how your desktop or mobile users experience your webpage.  

This helps you make wise performance-related decisions about your website and its content. Using this tool, you can also see how your website performs across different devices and networks from different locations all over the world. 

Uptrends analyzes every single element on your website, from the number of your page elements, the allocation of images, script files, to CSS files.

Website Performance Test Free

Best Tools for Website Performance Test Free

Its report reveals slow-loading elements, failed elements, and bottlenecks within your page, so you can know where to put resources for website performance improvement.


The free website speed check lets you choose from 10 worldwide locations ( sign up and get access to 225 checkpoints ). We locate our checkpoints on the ground in or near the cities where your users live, so you get performance data that mirrors your users' experiences. You can spot latency problems affecting your users and fix them.

This website performance test free gives you detailed information about your web page speed such as average load time, total page weight, and the number of page objects. Pinging your web page from four different regions, the tool lets you know a global view of your website’s performance.

Page Speed Online

Page Speed uses Google’s web performance best practices to analyze your website’s performance. This handy web tool provides you with lots of information related to page speed time, or even mobile device best practices for optimal performance.

Website Performance Test Free

MySpeed: Website performance test free 


This online tool tests your website rendering speed in different browsers and allows you to conduct the test from many locations across the world. With the advanced feature of simulating common Internet connection speeds and ad-blocking, the tool makes it easier for you to see the performance overhead of running ads on your site.

Web Page Analyzer

This website performance test free is probably one of the oldest tools available on the market. However, it does a great job of giving you lots of information about your web page’s size, assets, and load time. Besides, it also provides you with recommendations for better web performance. 

Google PageSpeed Insights

If you want to get an insight into your website’s speed, then Google PageSpeed Insights is definitely a cool option. This free tool not only tells you about the performance issues found on your site but also marks your site’s performance grade.


This free speed test tool provides an insight into how well your site loads and recommendations on how to improve it. GTmetrix allows testing daily, weekly, or monthly page loading from different regions around the world. If you want to test your page load hourly, consider updating to the Premium plan.

Website Performance Test Free

How to website performance test free


At first glance, Dareboost looks like all the other tools. It's easy to set up your web address and choose a test site and start your testing.

But Dareboost is a little bit difficult too. If you have used the service once, you will need to sign up for a free account to continue using the service. It is often worth it; But don't be shocked if you go back to Dareboost and have to create an account. That said, Dareboost certainly offers some interesting features:

  • The data is displayed in visual representations, making it easy to read the result.

  • Video analysis of your web loading progress, helpful to see what your users are seeing when loading your website. 


Pingdom is a website performance test free that provides users with a number of options. In the current configuration, Pingdom allows users to test their website speed at four different locations. In general, you will want to choose the test location that is closest to your website's host location as well as the user's target location.

The results are easy to read as the generated data is well organized with a level analysis of performance insights and providing a specific list of problems to address.

Website Performance Test Free

Easy ways for website performance test free

Why website speed testing matters?

Check the website speed is the quickest and simplest way to know if a website is fast or slow. In 2009, Forrester Research Institute published the following survey results from Internet users: The ideal average time to load a web page is 2 seconds, which corresponds to about 40% of users quit. If the website takes more than 3 seconds to load completely, it will lose a lot of customers and finally hurts your bottom line. 

For a website to be successful, it must first work on many different types of devices. The most important thing is that when measuring the website speed, you can see how fast it loads on all devices including the user's connection.

Websites that load quickly will create a better experience for every user. The performance of the website is also the criterion and Google has included it in the ranking algorithm of user websites. Furthermore, a faster loading website will also appeal to search engines as well as a wide variety of customers.

Website Performance Test Free

Website performance test free

How to Improve a Website Performance?

Page load speed is one of the factors that directly affect your SEO results. You can hardly achieve your keyword goals if the page load speed is too slow, taking a lot of user time. So how can this situation be improved quickly and effectively? Here, HOSTVN would like to give you 6 ways to fix website loading speed problems you can refer to.

Here is how to improve a website performance:

  • Remove unnecessary plugins and add-ons

  • Enable caching

  • Optimize and reduce the size of your images

  • Use CDN


The tools on this list can help you get your bearings, track your success, and prove your worth. And they can do all of that for free. The best way to honor that kind of bargain is simply to start testing your website today.

Rating:4.6 - 50Votes



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