Basic things to know about the internet speed test

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Performing the internet speed test is common and also necessary these days. It helps us know the internet connection to our devices is slow or fast, and if it is good enough for you and other people to work and entertain. Have you ever run an internet speed test? Do you want to learn about this type of test? If that’s so, please read on as right below here we are going to introduce basic but important things about the internet speed test. Here we go!!!


Performing the internet speed test is common these days

What is the test?

An internet speed test is a quick test that measures the speed between the device you are using and a test server, using your device’s internet connection. The test will give us an estimate of our current Internet speed with 3 different parameters of ping (latency), upload speed, and download speed. 

What does an internet speed test result tell you?

The result of an internet speed test tells you 3 things or even more. These 3 things include.

  • Ping: It is a measure of latency, or how long it takes for the data to travel from a device on one network to another device on another network. Ping is measured in milliseconds.

  • Download speed: It is a measure of how quickly content or data can be transferred to the device over the network. It is measured in Mbps (megabits per second).

  • Upload speed: It is a measure of how quickly the device you are using can upload content or data over the network. Also measured in Mbps.

Well, the faster your download and upload speeds are, the more enjoyable your internet experience will be. That is because the things we love doing on the internet such as play games, streaming movies, music, or TV shows, always require a lot of data to move quickly from the server to our devices. So the more Mbps you see in your internet speed test results, the stronger your internet connection is.

About the ping rate, sometimes, it is referred to as latency. The high ping rate means that it takes longer for the date to be sent from one to another device. That is the reason why online gamers are always keen to see a low ping rate. This will ensure their gaming experience is fast and smooth, and they can keep up with other online gamers on fast broadband connections.


The internet speed test results let us know how strong the connection is 

About the accuracy of the test

The speed test ( results show the estimated speed of your internet connection at a current point of time. In fact, there are different factors that may affect the result of an internet speed test. If you test your speed on an older PC or mobile device, it may not be capable of downloading and uploading at today’s internet speed. Other factors such as the router, site traffic, the number of devices on your network, … can also affect the internet speed result.

So, to get more accurate results of your internet speed test, the best way is to run multiple tests. You should perform the test on different devices at different hours of the day that help you learn about the differences between off-peak and peak hours. Also, make sure that there are no devices using the internet for high-bandwidth activities like playing online games or video streaming. Restarting the router before performing a speed test is also advisable as it might help you get more accurate results.

Ways to perform an internet speed test

Now, it’s a piece of cake to test your internet speed. You can perform the test with a speed test software or app. You can also use a free online internet speed test to do this. There are many online tests offered online out there and the majority of them are compatible with all kinds of devices we have. Just simply find them on the internet and then follow the instructions to start the test and get the result.


It’s a piece of cake to run an internet speed test

Where and how to perform the test?

Once again, we all know that there are so many internet speed test tools and solutions out there. However, we recommend you to use the tests from popular and reliable providers. No matter whether you run the test online or use a speed test software or a speed test app, you should always choose the service from high-rated speed test providers.

You can easily find them on Google with some quick search. If you want our suggestion, here are some truthful speed test providers for you to take into consideration, including,,,, etc. Many of them also offer both online test and speed test app, so you can either run an online test or install the app or software to perform it.

How often should you run the speed test?

Well, it’s no firm answer to the question of "how often should you run a speed test". It depends on you, your using demands, and the condition of your network as well. In fact, some people perform the test on a daily basis, some people perform it weekly, or even monthly. Well, there are also internet users checking the speed only when they find something unusual happening on your connection.

However, it’s better to check your internet speed periodically if you find it unnecessary to run the test often. That will help you acknowledge potential problems that might appear on your network then find the solution for dealing with them.


In today’s article, we recently introduced you to very basic things about the internet speed test, from what it is, how it works, the meaning of test results, to how to run a test. Together with these are some tips on how to get more accurate speed test results. Well, they are just basic things and we are going to introduce you to more specific details related to the internet speed test in our next articles. So let’s wait to see them. In the end, we hope that this article gave you useful information about the internet speed test!

Rating:5.0 - 51Votes



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